How to Find the Meaning of Life?

For 40 years, I was sure that there is no god, that He doesn’t exist, and I am used to living with that knowledge. I didn’t ask myself how to find the meaning of life in God. As the Apostle Paul said, I once thought that I was obliged to oppose vehemently anyone who thought and spoke differently. But, by some miracle, one day, I realized that there is a God and that he is in heaven … I got used to living in accordance with that knowledge. Later they taught us that God is close, always next to us, as if holding our hand. , just as he took the Israelites by the hand and brought out the lands of Egypt … And just as I got used to thinking, believing and living like that, it was revealed to me that God lives in me, in us … And not only that, even more: That we breathe with it, live with it, move and exist … He walks with our feet, works with our hands, looks with our eyes, feels with our heart … Perfectly one in one body … The same God who dwells in inaccessible light and which none of the people saw, the god who lives in eternity beyond space and time, appeared in the physical-material reality in the human body. When Paul and Barnabas manifested God with his works, when as sons of God they witnessed the visible manifestation of God’s glory that raised man lame from birth, then the people shouted: “Gods in human form have come down to us” … God can no longer be hidden…

Not just me but all people sometimes wonder how to find the meaning of life. In doing so, we ask ourselves many questions as:

How to find the meaning of life?

How to explain the origin of God?

Is there a God?

What is God like?

How do we know that our faith is true faith?

Why are there religious wars?

Where do evil, suffering, and sin come from in this world?

Why do children starve and die?

Why is there death?

Is there a life afterlife?

How did the first life come about?

How did the first man come to be?

Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

How could humanity have come from Adam and Eve?

These are just some of the possible issues that would be worth considering. As is noticeable, many questions can be asked when considering faith. Faith is not something foreign to man, and it is neither alien nor alienating. Entering the mystery of faith, we enter the mystery – the mystery of life. If the answers do not appear when you are clicking on the questions, it does not mean that the answers do not exist. Many answers will soon be available on this site. So, there are more possibilities to look for answers. Yet one is decisive: Perseverance! A persistent man comes up with an answer. It is not important to know everything. It is important to want to ask, to want to seek. He who seeks is already on the path of faith, on the path of the meaning, spirit, and reason. For a reason, man is different from all other beings on earth. Let us not allow indifference to so many questions of life, questions of ourselves.

There are even more questions for intellectuals and seekers of truth and those who try to find the meaning of life:

Was the world created by evolution, or was it created by God?

Can the evolution hypothesis be linked to the seven-day creation report?

Is life the case or not? (Are we by chance in the world?)

Is there a destiny?

Is it a sin to believe horoscopes?

Does it matter what religion a person belongs to?

How to treat sects?

Is yoga acceptable to Christians?

Is reincarnation against the Christian faith?

Should I go to Mass?

Why celebrate Mass?

Is private prayer at home enough?


Words of Wisdom About Life in Books

Words of wisdom about life are written many times in books. Especially in good books. By clicking below, you come to a website with descriptions of the best books.

Click Here for the Descriptions of the Books

Reading is one of the favorite activities of all bookworms. Reading can be a pleasure, by reading we can learn a lot, reading takes us to other worlds, by reading we become better people. In short, reading can be a lot. We will now give the floor to well-known authors, critics, and musicians and see how books can be read, what a good reader is, what kind of readers they are afraid of, and finally how they experience reading in general.

It’s not a matter of how much the book costs. The thing is, how much does it cost you not to read it. – Jim Rohn

Don’t read books for three days, and your words will lose their beauty. – A Chinese proverb

I got ideas that changed my life by reading. – Bell Hooks

I have always imagined paradise as a kind of library. – Jorge Luis Borges

I don’t know of a single problem that an hour of reading didn’t alleviate. – Charles de Secondat

More valuable ideas can be found in the smallest bookstore than in the entire history of television. – Andrew Ross

Good friends, good books, and a clear conscience: that is the ideal life. – Mark Twain

There is no more charming furniture than books. – Sidney Smith

Making a library in the house means giving it a soul. – Cicero

The book is unique, transferable magic. – Stephen King

A good book makes a good reader. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is reading other than talking in silence? – Walter Savage Landor

The greater sin than burning books is not reading books. – Joseph Brodsky

Read to live – Gustave Flaubert

Libraries are not made; they grow. – Augustine Birrell

Choose a writer as you would choose a friend. – Wentworth Dillon

Just knowing that a good book is waiting for you at the end of the day makes the day happier. – Kathleen Norris

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