Could it be an Adam and Eve Bible story a little different as described in the Bible? The creation of man is surely one of the most intriguing topics for the thinking man. But there are too many ambiguities and holes in biblical interpretations for man to be content with. Among the first five most interesting questions for humanity are certainly these: How was Adam really created? What has Eve got to do with his rib? And who was the snake? Or the crowning question: what was the forbidden fruit that grew on the tree of knowledge?

Did the Adam and Eve Bible Story Start With Genetic Engineering?Adam and Eve Bible story

As discussed in the first two texts, the Sumerian tablets leave no doubt: “gods” or Nephilim needed a servant, a worker, and a slave to work in the gold mines. A creature had to be created to cope with this task. Adam’s creation was a genetic manipulation by which the man of that time obtained “God’s” genetics and identity. Since the crosses between animals and humans did not give useful results, only this combination made sense. It was impossible to tell a man such a story thousands of years ago. With today’s intellectual level of man, there are no problems with it.

Over the past decades, genetic research has advanced so much that it has been possible to analyze many Earthlings’ genetic records. And there have been some interesting discoveries. It has been found that all peoples are descended from one ancient Eve who lived in South Africa 180,000 to 300,000 years ago. Nobel laureates further wondered why only one type of genetic record is present in all living things: in just about every being on Earth, we find the same DNA made up of the same four nucleotides. And another question: why do certain chemical elements that are present in the environment only in insignificant amounts play a key role in the development of biological life forms, while elements like chromium or nickel, which are abundant, play a negligible role. Some researchers (Crick and Orgel) have upset the public by stating that the original organisms did not appear on the planet by chance but were brought to Earth on purpose. Intelligent beings from other planets have sown the “seeds of life” on Earth.

About Adam and the Creators

The Sumerians accurately described the creation of Adam. Large pieces of text were then also summarized by their imitators, the creators of the Bible.

The term Adam does not refer to one particular personality but indicates”earthly,” as “Adamah” indicates”earth.” On the other hand, the word “dam” indicates blood, so the name Adam, earthly from blood, is really a happily chosen word.

In the Bible, Elohim says, “Let us create man in our image.” Let’s create? In our opinion? To whom did God turn, if unique, alone? And who were the “they” by whose appearance and spirit man had to be created? How can God, who is supposed to have no physical body and no equal co-workers, declare such a thing? The genesis does not explain this, but in the Sumerian original, there is no doubt: the term God is to be understood as a group of Nephilim. That God cannot appear in the singular is also shown later when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. The Elohim warned some unnamed persons: “Look, man, has become like one of us and knows good and evil.” As mentioned in the first part, the Hebrew term Elohim, translated as “God,” must be understood to mean “divinity.

God Was Talking to People

You could see the god of the ancient Jews face to face. You could talk to him and hear him. He had a head, torso, arms, and legs like humans.

Sumerian documents are not the only writings in which we find information on genetic manipulations to prepare hybrids between man and the “gods.” According to some texts, which are not based on verifiable sources (History of the Galaxy), there were a dozen extraterrestrial races on Earth that sought such a result. Given the multitude of human races found on Earth – red, white, black, yellow – such claims are probably not unfounded. But here, we will limit ourselves to Sumerian sources.

Adam From a Test Tube

So let us return to the Sumerian records. To whom was the task of creating man entrusted? To no other than the Nephilim “god” Enki, who was the first scientist and researcher, and his sister and colleague, Ninhursag (Ninti).

It is clear from the Sumerian verses that by the time the plan was forwarded to him. Enki previously knew how to run the task. He said that the human being already lives; he only needs to “put the image of God” on it. And he gave exact guidance on where to look for it (near the then mines, in present-day Zimbabwe).

The process of genetic manipulation is nothing revolutionary today. They took the eggs of a female human and the genetic material (sperm and blood) of a male Anunnaki. With proper genetic manipulation, they carried out the process of preparing the egg (you could say that Adam was the first “man from a test tube”!), With divine blood also playing an important role, and the fertilized and genetically modified egg needed to achieve the right the result, implanted in the uterus “goddess of birth.” This one was none other than Ninti, the goddess of medicine, who thus became the first human mother.

Not Everything Went Smoothly

The development of a promising hybrid did not go smoothly; Ninti and Enki produced several defective, mutilated, sick, and affected specimens. By no means was Adam the only type of hybrid that would be of interest to the Nephilim as a suitable servant-worker. The field of genetic manipulation was exciting and diverse to the Nephilim, and they created a bunch of combinations. The series of experiments in crossing animals with humans was long and already had a gray beard; a whole bunch of chimeras was created, animals with human parts, from horses, bulls or lions with a human head (sphinx!), people with wings, multiple limbs, and so on. to other less fortunate combinations. The depictions of these strange creatures in ancient depictions are by no means just empty imagination but were concrete creatures from biological laboratories. Like all hybrids, all these exotic specimens had (thank God) the same flaw: they could not have offspring.

The new creature, named Enki by Adapa, was named Adam by the Bible, and Homo Sapiens by our scholars. It was already in appearance much more akin to gods than to monkeys and had a smooth hairless body, quite different from an overgrown ape-man.

Adam was not created from anything or. from dust, but it was only a genetic manipulation that caused a drastic leap (1-2 million years?) in the then man’s development. As with the development of the environment on Earth, evolution has gained momentum in man’s case.

Adam Was Used as a Genetic Model

When Adam turned out to be a suitable creature, he was used as a genetic model or “mold” to make duplicates (clones), and these duplicates were not just male, but male and female. According to Sumerian verses, seven male and seven female specimens were to be created in the first phase.

With the help of Sumerian texts, with a good knowledge of the Sumerian language, Sitchin also helps us unravel the biblical riddle about Eve’s creation from Adam’s rib. Several Sumerian words have different meanings, and so does the word TI, which means “rib,” as well as “life.” Thus, the name “NIN.TI” meant “mistress of life,” and in the case of “Adam’s rib,” it was in fact “Adam’s life” or some component of that. If we understand the thing in this meaning, it becomes quite logical: Eve’s genetic substance was built by transforming the genetic material of “Adam’s life.” Eve did not arise from Adam’s rib but from Adam’s life core.

A similar embarrassment as with Adam’s rib also arises in connection with the term “dust” or “clay” from which Adam is said to have originated. Sitchin explains that this is also a problem of translation, which occurs because the Sumerian word “bisa – bos – besa” has various meanings, namely “mud,” “clay,” and “egg.” In the trinity of these meanings, the only appropriate meaning is “egg” or. “Human egg.” The improved claim would be that Adam was created from an egg. Quite logical. But would the term human egg mean anything to an ignorant man 2,000 years ago?

Who Created the Soul?

Man is not simply a physical form but also a spiritual being that we understand with the soul. Therefore, the attentive reader is faced with a question that many overlook: Did the creators of Adam also create his soul?

The Hebrew term commonly translated as “soul” is “nephesh,” an elusive “spirit” that revives a living reality and departs the body at the time of death. The first five books of the Old Testament mention an admonition against the shedding of human blood and animal blood consumption, ‘for blood is nephesh.’ The biblical version of the creation of man thus equates nephesh (spirit, soul) and blood. This position does not seem appropriate. How the Sumerians viewed the soul is not explained in sufficient detail. But the Sumerians seem to have believed that they brought the divine soul into the new body with the blood present in the genetic process.

From the realization that life (as well as energy) cannot be created and that the soul chooses a suitable body for itself as the original being of life, it follows that the Nephilim could not create souls. Life is not an entity that could be made by even the most complex mechanical or genetic manipulation.

Even the notion that Adam’s body was created from nothing is not true. If we are precise, what we understand as the creation of Adam’s body is only a correction of a prehistoric man’s appearance or drastic improvement of its properties so that it became suitable even for “more demanding souls.”

The immaterial soul desires to experience bodily sensations in the material world to enter the physical body of its choice. More developed souls choose more perfect bodies.

Eve’s Riddle and the Forbidden Fruit

Eden’s biblical name is a word of Mesopotamian origin, derived from the Akkadian “Edinu,” meaning “valley.” The Sumerian name for the abode of the gods, E.DIN, meant “home of the righteous,” which seems quite an appropriate description.

It was only after the biblical God, like the gods in the Sumerian originals, a created man that he planted a garden and assigned man the role of his guardian. The Garden of Eden was a botanical garden and laboratory to cultivate plants and animals, which was intended to spread throughout the planet in the next phase.

Adam was not created alone. As with any serious experiment, several parallel specimens were created – presumably 7; both sexes were created. The same laws applied to each Adam and Eve as to all hybrids: they were infertile (perhaps even “functionally” asexual, albeit with sexual organs?). We know from the Bible that when they were still in paradise, they were without offspring. They differed from God in their level of intelligence and, above all, that they were not immortal. God placed only one restriction on them: He forbade them to eat from the “tree of knowledge.”

The “tree of knowledge” was a convoluted riddle in which the interpreters tirelessly break their teeth. Attention is drawn to the fact that they found out that they were naked and hid after eating the apple of knowledge. The cognition, therefore, caused them shame in showing their nudity, or more likely, showing off their genitals. That the word “know” in the Bible may be related to “sexual knowledge” is also sensed in the verses: “… and Adam knew Eve (who had been known to him for a long time) and bore him a son…

So What Really Happened?

The “knowledge” that Adam and Eve received through the “forbidden fruit” made it possible to obtain their own descendants – the lineage’s continuation. This, of course, required sexual differentiation (at least “in the head,” if not physiologically), which brought awareness of the differentness of one’s gender and, with this, the shame. However, at the genetic level, this brought about such harmonization of genetic factors that fertilization was possible and that the fetus could develop in Eve’s body; “Divine mothers” were no longer needed. With this, man has become an autonomous being, capable of a natural way of life, which includes the provision of his own descendants.

But not only that: with the “knowledge” that Eve received, she became more like the “divine mothers.” Man thus also became sexually compatible with the “gods”; they have since been able to take human wives for their bridesmaids and have children with them.

Old Facts on Adam and Eve Bible Story in a New Light

As we unravel the riddle of the Garden of Eden, the following biblical quotations appear in a whole new light:

– behind the temptation of Adam and Eve was immortality, not in the sense of living forever, but in the sense that she could have her own descendants (and live through them forever); until they ate the forbidden fruit, they were unable to conceive offspring. If she had not attained the said immortality by the said sin, it would have been a senseless act, for even after this, they remained mortal.

– in paradise, Eve and Adam were not shy; logically, only the “forbidden fruit” made it possible to be aware of one’s own sexual difference.

– Eve has since given birth to children in agony. We receive this statement differently if we know that she had not given birth at all until then because she had no “knowledge” for it;

– After his expulsion from paradise, Adam was supposed to grow his own bread in the sweat of his brow; if we think that it was not difficult to survive in a laboratory environment (paradise) after he was sent to the wide world and was completely dependent on his abilities, everything was different.

Eve Has Undergone Some Corrections

The creation of Eve (when the manipulation of the “rib” was performed) was not a complete preparation of a new being, but only the first correction of the existing Eve so that she could also become Adam’s companion. Eve also underwent another correction – after “eating the forbidden fruit.” Sitchin (v / 83 /) hints that it was probably the elimination of the immune response – the rejection of Adam’s sperm. With this, Eve gained the ability to conceive with Adam and give birth to children. This ability was, therefore, the biblical knowledge she received when she acquired “knowledge.” As Elohim put it, with this, Adam “became like one of us.” He gained the ability to give birth and reproduce independently, but he did not get something that many later human rulers aspired to the longevity of the Anunnaki. Nevertheless, Adam lived 930 years.

The Secret of the Snake in Adam and Eve Bible Story

Another question remains open: Who addressed Eve? Who was the snake that seduced Eve? It had to be someone with enough knowledge to be able to oppose the “gods”; could it be anyone other than one of them? Sitchin solves the riddle again: in Hebrew, the term for a snake, “Nahash,” also means “one who knows secrets.” And so perhaps the translators (most likely consciously) took the path of hiding the true sense of the word, which, however, was not hidden from those who understood the “key” (the true sense of the word).

The Snake Symbolizes Secret Knowledge

If we think about it: who but Enki would have a greater interest in making his supreme creation — man — so capable of natural reproduction that the suffering of the “goddesses of life” of the Anunnaki species needed to give birth to humans would be eliminated? Sitchin explains that the snake that seduced Eve represents none other than Enki; the snake is a symbol that symbolizes secret knowledge. All in all, it is a story that enabled the introduction of a new dramatic moment – the divine opposite (bad and good “god,” Satan and God), and collaboration with the “bad god” led to an extreme measure of removal from the paradise.

The symbol of intertwined snakes is reminiscent of DNA structure – and this is the thing that is fundamental in one of the most significant technologies of the Nephilim – genetic engineering. The reality that the snake has become a symbol of healing and medicine becomes obvious. Enki, as the leading engineer and scientist in the story of Adam, had hidden knowledge. No wonder he was also given a title that is otherwise very often used in ancient nations’ iconography. The serpent symbolizes secret knowledge in the hands of the rulers.

Great Flood Plays an Important Role in Adam and Eve Bible Story

Humans turned out to be very prolific creatures and multiplied rapidly to the point that they became dangerous to masters. It was also embarrassing that they did not behave exactly as the masters had imagined – their intimate attitudes were such that something had to be done. The Nephilim initially tried to solve the problems locally by destroying certain cities (such as Sodom and Gomorrah), but the problems did not end. They determined to allow the destruction of the whole people. This ungrateful work was done instead by nature itself – the re-arrival of the planet Nibiru caused real devastation on Earth. It triggered a giant tidal wave that flooded all the lower parts of the land and reshaped the Earth’s surface. An event that occurred approx. 13,500 years ago, it was recorded in the Bible as a “Great Flood.”

Enki Was Very Attached to Adam as His Creation

The Nephilim, as the Sumerian tablets say, have agreed not to save humanity from disaster nor to warn of it. The vow of silence also bound Adam’s “father,” Enki. So, he – apparently very attached to his creation, spoke “to himself” behind the screen and indirectly hinted to Noah what was preparing and how to solve and what to solve. Noah set sail to build a boat, which was most likely not an ordinary ship but a submarine. It is also questionable whether a couple of individual animals and plants really boarded the ship or whether it was just a seed and cell bank; in this case, completely different assistance from Enki was needed.

When the Nephilim spacecraft fleeing the catastrophe caused a crash on takeoff, it was a sign to Noah that he needed to close the door and prepare to sail. The Nephilim were also in great distress when they observed wild floodwaters rising from spacecraft for 150 days, rising and then descending for the same amount of time. The floods devastated tens of thousands of years of their performance., and unaware that Enki had acted contrary to instructions, they expected all the work to be done again. How happy they were to see that a handful of people and animals had landed on land after the water receded! They realized that Enki had acted wisely. Otherwise, their existence would have been endangered; the survivors provided them not only with the necessary labor but also with food.

Development of Human Societies

They have not wasted their time since. The higher-lying areas, where the water receded most rapidly, began intensive farming and animal husbandry and then gradually moved to the lowlands. They taught people everything necessary for the rapid development of society and handed them many advanced civilizational achievements. With the natural development cycle of society, it would take people tens of thousands of years to reach the level of civilization they started with. Thus the first cities grew overnight, and Babylon was one of the most advanced.

In all the cities, the leading positions were taken by the Nephilim, who were worshiped as local gods. Their exalted position, in view of their intelligence and ability, enabled them to hold all the levers of society, collect offerings to the gods, and tailor the life of society to their own measure. Knowledge was maintained in the circles of priests. In the time, leading positions were also admitted to mongrels (from the Nephilim’s alliances with earthly women), who were better received among the people.

A Hugely Important Role of Mixed Royal Families Throughout History

Such mixed royal families have played a hugely important role throughout history. Royal blood was only entitled to occupy the highest position in society. The inheritance of power through descendants was an established principle that was maintained for thousands of years or is still preserved in the kingdoms today. Where the tendency for royal blood to occupy the most important positions comes from is so understandable.

Human society has progressed over the millennia. The initially discovered governing methods have led to more and more conflicts with the subjects, so they have increasingly retreated into the background and used more and more sophisticated methods to pull strings out of the background. Such a policy, backed by the same elites, is present to this day.

Enormous efforts have been made to prevent people from realizing their true origins and potential, as the elites’ position in the background could seriously falter. In order to keep people ignorant and blinded, psychic tools have been developed – religions that mold a person’s mindset and prevent his intellectual and spiritual development. Anything that creates disputes between human societies is welcome, as the rule of “divide and rule” the masses is easiest to control. Intense indoctrination and instilling fear have taken on incredible proportions. Modern man is thus increasingly frightened, divided, and ignorant. But every song is finally sung.

Epilogue on Adam and Eve Bible Story

The story, drawn to us through Sumerian texts, is surprisingly solid, logical, and understandable. Many questions that science has (seemingly) broken its teeth are clarified on the fly, and details that otherwise seem unrelated and meaningless become clear. When we look at this story with today’s technological knowledge, we can see that it could be repeated soon, with the difference that we would appear as “gods” on some planet.

However, since the truth cannot be seen from only one point of view, the “Sumerian truth” should not be taken for dry gold. The view of the whole that is revealed to us with it is indeed much better than before, but it is still deficient in some places. To explain the remaining gray spots, we need further information that can be discovered by comparing different sources.

Many Open Questions Remain on This Adam and Eve Bible Story

Sitchin’s books’ attentive reader is left with some unanswered questions (the author of this text admits that he has not yet read all of his books). The question of other human races (red, black, and yellow races) remains open. Understandably, the Nephilim had no interest in incorporating information about competitors — other beings with whom they competed and fought for dominance — into the story. This gave the opinion that there was no rival(s) at all. But this is probably far from the truth. From other sources (History of the Galaxy, Osmanagič, Tsarion), we learn that about a dozen different species of extraterrestrial beings operated on Earth, with the Anunnaki being one of the most advanced branches of the reptilian race. In other parts of the world, parallel historical stories took place with other “gods,” with each other “walking in the cabbage.” In such internecine battles – wars – it is understandable that he briefly pulls paradise, which is necessary cannon fodder in battles for supremacy.

The Question of Satan Is Not Resolved

To the attentive reader, another question opens up which Sitchin, as far as I know, does not clear up sufficiently: the question of Satan. We saw that Enka soon appeared in the role of the snake that was supposed to seduce Eve, thus showing opposition to the will of most of the “gods.” It is transparent from the Sumerian documents that there were rivalries and antagonisms between the brothers Enki and Enlil, Anu’s firstborn, which continued among their descendants (Marduk, Enki’s son, last emerged victorious, allowing himself to falsify some historical records). There are hints that there has been polarization and division in the gods’ ranks into “liberal progressives” who have indulged in much freedom in expansionist politics and “cautious radicals” who have feared the dangers of the newly created race and its threats. Probably from the ranks of the latter came the initiative for the destruction of humanity during the flood and other “hard” initiatives that were unfavorable to humanity. Maybe”Satan” is the most important representative of this group.

Science Cannot Confirm This Changed Adam and Eve Bible Story

Understandably, science cannot confirm the truth of Sumerian claims. This would mean acknowledging that humans are hybrids, hybrids with highly intelligent aliens; the latter have shaped the history of humanity on the planet from the first moment onwards. Because science, like other levers of power, the media, education systems, and so on. in the hands of these (by choice of extraterrestrial) elites, this would mean their self-disclosure.

The various conspiracy stories, which have been propelled like mushrooms after rain lately, are wonderfully integrated into the emerging mosaic. Who else on Earth is supposed to have a greater interest in world domination than those who created man? Anunnaki, Nephilim, Elohim, Reptiles, and members of royal dynasties (mentioned, for example, by David Icke) These are various names of members of the same aristocracy(former gods) who are the world stage’s main actors. Their executive bodies are known today under names such as Freemasons, Jesuits, Masons, Illuminati, members of sects such as, e.g., Skul & Bones, Rothschilds, Bilderbergers, Committee of Three Hundred… If you have waved your hand at the mention of their names so far, think again.

The Ultimate Goal Is Complete Control of Humanity

Their policy behind the background of global events, followed by practically all governments, is clear: it is about keeping the crowds in fear, reducing the population, inhibiting human spiritual development, destroying the environment, and so on. Anything that brings hardship to humanity is welcome, as it must focus its efforts on its own survival. The busier they are by catching their own tail, the more secure the authorities are and the easier it is to carry out their plans. They are not afraid of the fate of the planet as they are safe. Their goal is written on a one-dollar bill: one world country, one world order, with complete control of humanity. By the same mechanisms, the story has been unfolding for millennia. It would continue to unfold as cosmic happenings do not approach the end of a cycle that brings with it unforeseen changes. However, those who know how to think with their head wake up…

Taken from the books of Z. Sitchin: The Twelfth Planet and others

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