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How Was God Created If God Created Everything

If the universe created you, who made your creator – the universe? And on the other hand. If God created everything, how was God created – the creator of the universe and life?

So, if God Created Everything, How Was God Created?How Was God Created

Religious people ask this question to atheists, knowing that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed according to the existing natural laws. Atheists can’t answer how matter and energy that exploded in the Big Bang came into being. According to the law of conservation, matter and energy cannot arise from anything. However, atheists usually respond to this question with the counter-question: “Who created God?” At first glance, it seems that the result is unresolved, that in the stalemate, everyone keeps their previous position.

Before we give a logical answer to the question “How Was God Created?”, We will try to explain the most common prejudices that most people have about God’s concept. Because of the misconception about God, people ask such questions.

People Imagine God in the Human Body

People usually imagine God as a man with a long, gray beard and hair floating in the clouds surrounded by angels. So, people imagine God in the human body, limited by time and space, in our three dimensions. People look at God anthropocentrically because they attribute human characteristics and human limitations to him, so they think that everything impossible for man must be impossible for God. However, if God is a being from another dimension, if he lives outside of time and space, unlike us, if a man is a physical being and God is spiritual, then man would have a big problem. It is not easy to understand who God is, what he is, and what kind has properties.

When a Man From the Flat Earth Wonders, “How Was God Created?”

To understand how difficult it is for man to understand God, we will use a man’s story in an imaginary Flat Earth as an illustration. Imagine a man living in a world with two dimensions. His world is like a sheet of paper. It has only length and width. There is no height in his world. We, humans, live in a world with 3 dimensions. We have length, width, and height. Height is what distinguishes a 2-dimensional world from a 3-dimensional world. We cannot push a person from 3 dimensions into the world with two dimensions; we cannot put him on paper because the paper has no height. We can draw a man in two dimensions to draw a portrait or a profile, but the picture does not show a man in full in all 3 dimensions but shows only his two dimensions, only one part of that man. We can draw a person from the side, from the profile, or from the back or above. A man seen from above would look unrecognizable to a person from two dimensions since there is no height there, and they have never seen a man from above. So, no matter how we draw a man in two dimensions, we cannot show all the characteristics of that man, it is only a part of that man and a part of his characteristics, but that man is much more than that drawn two dimensions. To present a being with 3 dimensions in 2 dimensions is always incomplete. There is always a lot missing. That is why it would be tough for a being living in two dimensions to understand a being from 3 dimensions, just as it is difficult for people to understand God living in some higher dimensions than ours. A person who lives in two dimensions can only, to some extent, understand the characteristics of a three-dimensional being and only the characteristics that exist in his two dimensions. He would experience aspects of the third dimension as a miracle, as a violation of natural laws, and as something impossible to understand, just as humans perceive God as an impossible being because he violates the natural laws of our limited three-dimensional world.

Imagine Uncle Sam

To illustrate this, imagine Uncle Sam meeting a ball from two dimensions: meeting a ball that has 3 dimensions, as opposed to a circle with two dimensions. If a three-dimensional being entered a two-dimensional world, it would have to take a two-dimensional form that does not reflect all of its three-dimensional properties. Even then, the actions of three-dimensional beings would seem like a miracle to two-dimensional beings. Let’s explain that. The ball would turn into a circle, to be visible in a world with two dimensions. We would not see the ball’s height, and we would have a prejudice that the ball is limited to only two dimensions, like Uncle Sam. However, the ball has properties that a person from two dimensions can hardly imagine existing since his understanding is limited to length and width. He does not understand the third dimension.
It is also difficult for people to imagine God’s characteristics who live in dimensions that we are not even aware of and that are difficult for us to imagine that they exist. A big shock for a man from two dimensions would be if the ball from the world with 3 dimensions were beginning to enter his world with two dimensions. One would first see only one small dot, where the ball touched the paper on which the man of Flat Earth is. It’s like when you dip a ball in the paint and touch the paper; a circle would remain where the paint touched the paper. Man is astonished because a dot suddenly appeared in the world out of nothing with two dimensions and became matter.

Does He Violate Natural Laws?

It seems to him to violate natural laws, so a man from Flat Earth would think that he is hallucinating. He is having a hallucination because what he sees cannot arise spontaneously in a world with two dimensions.
If this ball enters the world with two dimensions deeper, its cross-section will become a small circle from one point, which will become bigger and bigger as the ball passes through the paper more and more.
Thus, the initial miracle becomes an ever-increasing miracle, which is more and more incomprehensible to a man from the Flat Earth. A man of two dimensions is made up of a series of points. And a circle is a curved line made up of connected points. However, a man from the flat earth is mistaken if he thinks that he fully understands the circle that appears in front of him.

He does not know that this circle is only a cross-section of the ball, that he can see only a circle in two dimensions, and that other properties of the ball are not even visible to a man from the Flat Earth. If God or an angel materialized in our dimension, we would see only one aspect of His being. In contrast, all other qualities of a spiritual being from another dimension would remain incomprehensible to man.

And the more the ball enters the two dimensions, the bigger the circle can be seen on the paper. And when it passes its equator, the circle becomes smaller and smaller until it becomes one point which then disappears. All this in a two-dimensional world seems as if a part of matter and energy was created and then destroyed, which is impossible according to the two-dimensional world’s natural laws.

Overlap of Two Different Dimensions

In reality, there was no creation and destruction of matter but an overlap of two different dimensions. Everything that the science of the two-dimensional world knows about reality is not enough to explain the three-dimensional ball. Thus, even our knowledge of our 3 dimensions is not enough to understand God’s nature if God has a multitude of dimensions that we do not know. God seems scientifically impossible to man, like a miracle, just because our knowledge of reality is limited to what we know about our world. No matter how much a man from two dimensions does not believe in miracles, a miracle happens before his eyes.
Imagine a ball filling the whole room while it is at the equator and speaking to a man from Flat Earth in a two-dimensional world.
One would hear a voice coming not from one direction but from all directions around him. The voice of a 3-dimensional being would be a shock to a two-dimensional being. This is how the apostle John describes God’s voice “as the sound of waters” Revelation 1:15, or as “a voice as great as the trumpets that sounded” Revelation 1:10. After a while, when the man from Flat Earth got used to the voice of the circle, imagine that the ball wants to present itself to a man from two dimensions and explain to him what it really looks like. That would be incomprehensible to a man from two dimensions. What to the mind of limited knowledge seems like a psychotic hallucination, in fact, has a rational explanation available to more intelligent beings.
What is in the mind of a man from Flat Earth when someone tells him the ball? People from 3 dimensions can easily illustrate a ball on paper with one circle and imagine a third dimension of the ball that we do not see. However, for a man from the world of 2 dimensions, the ball is an irrational object from the world of imagination. Something that no one in that world has seen and that one can only believe that such a thing exists. Still, he cannot see the ball in two dimensions in its fullness.

So Does the Ball Even Exist?

That is why Uncle Sam would think that the ball does not exist, but would think that one day he will find a scientific answer within his two-dimensional world to the question of why these points and lines look like a miracle in front of him when in fact they represent a circle that is an optical illusion for him. Imagine that you are in a world of two dimensions, in a plane and looking at the circle in front of you from a horizontal angle. From the horizontal, the circle looks like a straight line. If you looked at the circle on the right and the left, you would still see only one curved line. A man in two dimensions could not even see the real picture of the circle, which we see when we look at the paper from above, let alone imagine a ball coming out of his world. If one could see that the curved line ends where it began, one could imagine a circle’s appearance in one’s head.

However, suppose two dimensions experientially limit a person. In that case, he can never imagine an object with 3 dimensions, such as a ball, because it is beyond his ability to understand, something he has never seen, which he would think is a miracle. And only if he saw a cross-section of a complex being such as a 3D man, from that cross-section, a man from two dimensions could not have a correct idea of ​​the physical appearance of the whole being from a higher dimension. Let alone his intellectual processes and his spiritual world. For a man from two dimensions, it is impossible for a man from 3 dimensions to exist because he is not intellectually able to even imagine it. The only way for a man of two dimensions to imagine a ball is to imagine that a circle drawn on paper rotates very quickly vertically. However, he cannot even imagine that there is a third dimension – height.

A man in two dimensions would try to rotate the paper horizontally to the left or to the right, which would still only see a circle.
He would claim that the ball does not exist at all because there is no third dimension, that it has never been seen in nature, and that it is not scientifically possible or provable. Just as a man of two dimensions could not imagine a ball’s properties because of its experiential and intellectual limitations, just as humans cannot imagine a God who exists in dimensions unknown to us.

We Do Not Understand God’s Concept and Nature

In a two-dimensional world, believing that a ball would be a religion that believes in miracles is not an exact science.
The only argument that is acceptable to a man in two dimensions is an argument at his level of understanding, no matter how much truth existed above that understanding. A man from a world of two dimensions does not want to accept the possibility that the ball exists because it seems impossible to his mind. Even if the ball appears in front of him and explains to him the nature of the three-dimensional world within its two dimensions, one would remain a skeptic who does not accept being told that he is not the smartest being in the world. This story of two and three dimensions shows us how limited our understanding of the world around us is, especially how much we do not understand God’s concept and nature.

So, How Was God Created?

The question of “how was God created?” carries with it a basic misunderstanding of who God is. The question “who or how was God created” is irrational because the concept of God implies a Being outside of time and space, a Being who does not obey the laws to which people are subject, a Being who has always existed and who has no beginning or end of his existence, a Being who is present everywhere he knows everything. The Eternal Being cannot have a cause of existence. God is self-existent, He exists by Himself, and His existence does not depend on anything. People do not understand the idea that God does not need a cause of existence because man does not have that quality. God as a being is far more complicated than man, a being of other dimensions that we do not know and which is difficult for us to imagine. The question of “how was God created?” is asked by people who equate God with a man and think that God is also subject to the laws of nature to which we are subject.
People tend to limit God to only what we as humans can do. If people can’t do something, they often think that God can’t do it either. If the laws of nature limit us, people think that the laws of nature limit God as well. If we ask ourselves what the cause of the origin of matter, energy, and life is, it is clear to us that this cause is not in our three-dimensional world but outside it. We know some laws of the world of 3 dimensions. We know that matter, energy, and life do not arise spontaneously by themselves, so no one knows how matter and energy that allegedly exploded in the Big Bang and formed the universe came into being.
Even if time is the fourth dimension, with height, width, and length, it does not give us an answer to the question of the origin of matter and energy. Whatever the cause of time, height, latitude, and longitude, it must still be in a higher dimension, which is difficult for us to understand.
The World Cannot Create Itself

The world cannot create the world, it cannot create itself, but it needs someone outside, outside the cosmos, to be able to create the cosmos. God did not create the universe from within because that would mean that the universe already existed.

There had to be nothing; there was no universe, there was no energy, matter, or time, there was only God, and that God then created the universe, that is, matter and energy, space and time. If this is so, if it is logically necessary that God be outside the universe, then that means that God is not subject to the laws to which matter and energy are subject. God is above all natural laws. Natural laws cannot limit God. On the contrary, God created the laws of nature. If nature did not create the world, we would expect a chaotic movement of matter, incapable of forming anything purposeful or useful. The fact that there are laws in nature according to which matter and energy behave indicates intelligent creation, creation by an intelligent being.

The creation of the universe had to be a singularity, a unique event in history in which matter, energy, and life were created.
People who believe in spontaneous evolution believe in uniformity and deny the existence of singularities because they believe that all processes in nature have always been as they are today. However, we do not see the matter, energy, and life being created today.

How Did God Come Into Being Then?

This question refers to the wrong person because the God described in the Bible is not affected by time, matter, or space. If someone is affected by time, matter, or space, it is proof that it is not God. Time, matter, and space must come together at once; they cannot exist without each other. If there is matter and there is no space, where will you put matter? If there are matter and space and there is no time, why will you put the matter in space? Everything would be frozen at one point.
Time, matter, and space do not exist independently of each other; they had to come into being simultaneous. This is what the Bible describes in the first sentence: “At the beginning (that is the time) God created the heavens (space) and the earth (matter).” We describe time as past, present, and future; Space is described as length, width, and height; The matter is described as solid, liquid, and gas. So the three basic elements of the universe are described with three basic properties.
It is not surprising that God is described in the Bible as the Father, the Son, that is, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the God who created matter, space and time, must exist outside of them. If someone is limited by matter, space and time, then it is not God.

A Painter Is Not Part of the Painting

For example, a painter is not part of the painting he painted and does not have the same characteristics as the painting he made, so we cannot interpret God according to the laws that govern the universe that God created. The man who made the computer is not on the computer, so he constantly changes the numbers and letters on the screen. Thus, the God who created the world must be outside the universe, and the universe cannot influence God, and God can influence the universe.
Thus the laws of the universe do not apply to God, just as the laws of the computer’s functioning do not apply to the author of the computer. The computer creator can speak other languages ​​besides the computer; he can breathe, eat, think about abstract concepts, while the computer is limited to the program that its author made for him. The problem in understanding humans is when they try laws that apply to humans and other creatures, physicochemical processes – applications to God – outside the universe. In order to be able to create the universe, God had to be outside the universe and thus independent of the laws of nature that he created. If a car has to use gasoline as fuel, that doesn’t mean the car designer has to run on gasoline. A designer is independent of what he has created and is not subject to his creation rules. Thus God is not subject to the laws of nature. If matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, it does not mean that God cannot create or destroy them. If we put the infinite God in our limited mind, then such a “god” would not be worth worshiping. If God were created, it would be proof that it is not God.

God Is the Cause of All Processes

If God exists, He is not an entity within the world of nature but the Creator of the world of nature and the cause of all processes. That is why natural processes cannot explain the existence of God because God precedes natural processes.
All explanations in science
refer to a dimension above ours. String theory speaks of the existence of about 10 different dimensions. This further complicates the truth for beings from the 3rd or 4th dimension, who are trying to understand the origin of the universe and the cause of its origin, which must be outside the universe. What is the fifth dimension? We know about latitude, longitude, height, and time, and it is difficult for us to imagine the fifth dimension, which they say is a parallel world similar to ours. It is even harder for us to imagine the sixth dimension, or the seventh, eighth, ninth, or tenth dimension, which they describe as infinite possibilities.

There Are Even More Dimensions

Equations in mathematics suggest that there are even more dimensions. Boson theory and quantum theory suggest that there are as many as 26 dimensions. These equations are unverifiable in our world of 3 or 4 dimensions. This shows us how complicated it is to understand what God is because God is different from man to such an extent that it is difficult for us to understand even a part of God’s nature beyond all dimensions. The question of who created God or how God came into being starts from the erroneous assumption that God is limited by the natural laws by which we humans are limited, so a rational answer cannot be given to that question. Natural laws do not limit the God in whom sincere people believe.

Who Is God?

If God is not a human being with a gray beard and hair, who is God? God is not limited in form as man, so he appeared in the Bible in various forms (for example, as a dove at the Messiah’s baptism, in a pillar of clouds and fire, and even in human form). From an early age, people have been indoctrinated with the wrong image of God. Our concepts are greatly influenced by God’s misconception that most people have, both religious and atheist. People attribute human qualities to God, even though God has far more sublime qualities. For example, Jesus says that “God is a Spirit” John 4.24 Although we use the word spirit, we do not know what a spirit is, except that a spirit is something intangible in nature. It is difficult for a person to understand who God is because God is a spiritual Being, and the spirit is not something that we humans are able to define.
Since we cannot know who God is, we need Him to say for Himself what He is. If you look for God’s definition in the Bible, God does not describe himself with physical qualities, but with abstract, and for us, difficult to understand qualities. In addition to God being a spirit, it is incomprehensible to us that the Bible says that God is light (1 John 1.5). It is incomprehensible to a man that a person can be light.

God Is as Light

God is figuratively light because he enlightens people with truth, but here we also mean God’s nature that transcends all human qualities. This means that God has a speed of at least 300,000 km/second. It is also incomprehensible to us how a person can be a word (“And God was the Word” John 1: 1) and that he creates the world with that Word. Jesus says that God is not flesh or blood (Matthew 16:17). Moses says that “God is not a man” Deuteronomy 23.1 The Apostle John says, “No one has seen God.” 1 John 4:12 We wonder how one can be a person and be invisible because that is impossible in a 3-dimensional world. How a person can be love: “God is love” 1 John 4: 18,16 It is incomprehensible to us how God can be eternal (Genesis 21:33), which means that he lives out of time, out of the present, past, and future and that he can also enter time. Psalm 90: 2 says, “Before the earth was born, and the earth was created, and from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.” – “forever” (to eternity, which means that God has no end). Everything has a beginning and an end except God. He has always existed.

The Creation of the World Is Described in Genesis and John 1

When the Bible speaks of the beginning, it begins with the fact that in the beginning, God already existed and that then all matter came into existence through God. We cannot understand how God can know everything and how nothing can be hidden from Him: Jeremiah 23: 23,24 “Am I a God at hand, saith the Lord, and not a God from afar? Can anyone hide in a secret place so that I don’t see him? – says the Lord; Do I not fill heaven and earth? says the Lord. ” All these attributes of God show that He is beyond space and time, that He is not material, that He is of a spiritual nature, and thus is not limited by the universe and time. If God were small enough for people to understand, then atheists would argue that God is not big enough to worship.

How Was God Created?-Beyond Time and Space

The Bible writers are aware that the material universe cannot limit God: 2 Chronicles 2: 6 “And who can build him a house, when heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain him?” Not only does the Bible describe God as being outside of space and space, but He is also outside of time because the flow of time does not affect Him. What seems to us to be a huge time of 1000 years is like one day for God. It cannot have any effect on the God who created time. (2 Peter 3: 8 “But this is one, that it may not be unknown to you, my love, that one day is before the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.” Psalm 90: 4 yesterday, when it is past, and as a watchman of the night. ”Psalm 102: 27“ But you are the same, and your years will not come to an end. ”)

But if God created time, he obviously existed before the time came into being, so he didn’t need a creator. That is why in the Bible, God says of himself, “I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last” (Revelation 22:13).

Humans Are Beings Who Have a Beginning and an End

So it is difficult for us to understand that there could be a Being who has no beginning and no end. God is not affected by nature’s laws such as heat death, reducing the amount of hydrogen, and using energy in the universe because He is the author of these processes. God has always existed. He started time, and He can stop it. When God puts an end to time, matter and living beings will enter eternity – weather conditions in which there are no negative things. Revelation 21: 4 “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither weeping, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; because it passes first.” All these attributes of God are something that man is not, so it is difficult for us to understand how there can be a Being who is Spirit, light, love, Word, not body and blood, who is eternal, and no one from the three-dimensional world has seen God in full in the dimensions in which He abides. We are like a man from Flat Earth who cannot comprehend a three-dimensional object, even if it is as simple as a ball. We as physical beings have to be only in one place in space, at certain coordinates.

How God as Spirit Can Be Present Everywhere

It is incomprehensible to us how God as Spirit can be present everywhere, to know everything, to hear everything, to be able to react to everything, and yet at the same time sit materialized in one place, on his throne in the heavenly temple. Thus, a person can pray to God anywhere and say that he has come before the face of God. This is a figurative speech for abstract concepts that only man can understand from living beings. If we are talking about appearing before God, we are talking about the omnipresent God hearing us.

It is like when we talk about our country’s face in the world, even though the state does not have a literal face. We talk about our nation’s general characteristics, what values are important to us, how other nations see us. Thus, God is never defined by physical descriptions. It is only a small part of God’s complex personality that he showed in our 3 dimensions, but God is much more than we can even imagine because we have no idea about other dimensions in which God also exists. In particular, we cannot imagine how God is outside the universe, outside space, how he is unlimited in time, and how he has access to every part of the time. In the past, present, and future. That is why the question “who created God” is irrational.
It’s like a teacher asking a student to draw a triangle on 4 sides. The terminology itself is contradictory to itself.

Human Ignorance Regarding the Question “How Was God Created?”

Most of the things most people believe about God are FALSE.
Most things that most people do NOT believe about God are – TRUE.
People think in their shallow world about the depth that God has created. If your brain is just a random set of chemicals, how can you trust your mind and your thought process? No matter how much human knowledge grows, there are many phenomena that we know exist, and we do not know what they really are. For example, what is consciousness? We have consciousness, but we do not know what consciousness is. Even professors of neurology, psychiatry, anatomy, and psychology do not know what consciousness is. We can describe the difference between the conscious and the unconscious, we can describe the properties of consciousness, but we do not know what consciousness is. We know that it is not material, but we do not know what it is because we do not understand what is outside the material world.

We Don’t Know What Life Is

What is life? We don’t know what life is. We know we have it, but we don’t know what it is in us that makes us alive.
What is energy? We don’t even know what energy is; even physics professors don’t know it. We can describe energy, measure it, and use energy, but we don’t know what energy is. We do not know what all these non-material concepts are. We see their properties; we can describe them, but as if they belong to the world of ideas or to another dimension that our mind still cannot comprehend. We understand to some extent the existence of that other dimension of ideas, energy, consciousness, and life, but we still do not know what they are. Imagine now how much harder it is for us to understand the God who created that undefined world of ideas, who created our consciousness, energy, and life. If we believe that there are consciousness, energy, and life and we do not know what they are, then we should have no problem believing in the existence of God who we also do not know what is, but see His attributes, as we see the attributes of energy, consciousness, and life. It should come as no surprise that the elements of energy, consciousness, and life are God’s attributes that He has brought into the world and that we can only understand as much as He has revealed to us.

God’s Explanations of the World Are the Only Logical Explanations

We believe that energy, consciousness, and life exist even though we do not see them because we can explain how they work. Also, it is difficult to explain emotions, love, peace, or concepts such as truth, justice, mercy, and reason in the material world. Of course, none of us can explain what technology God used to utter the Word and create the world. We cannot explain the technology that God used to incarnate, how he can live a perfect life in the human body, allowing creatures to kill him and resurrect him on the third day. We see that God told us that it happened that way. We see that the witnesses of those events described it that way and that they were ready to die but did not give up that it was really so, without having any material interest in their claims. God’s explanations of the world around us are the only logical explanations because all other explanations have more absurdities than answered questions.

If No One Has Seen God, Does That Mean That God Does Not Exist?

If someone says that he does not believe anything that he has not seen or felt with one of his five senses, he would not believe in many facts that we consider true. No one has ever seen an atom, smelled it, touched it, heard it, or tasted it. We cannot register an atom with any sense, but no one can say that there is no atomic bomb. No one saw the electron nor felt it with any other sense. We have a TV in the house, microwave ovens, but we have never seen photons. There are wireless technologies that are not visible. There is a long list of things we do not see, and yet we believe they exist. We can experiment to prove that there is also what we do not see, electrons, atoms, wireless transmission of information. We understand that they exist through their characteristics. Likewise, although we do not see God from His attributes such as absolute love, light, Spirit, eternal word, we can recognize that God exists. God has qualities that do not arise spontaneously in inanimate nature. Still, we need an intelligent person to design, conceive, and create incomprehensible technology for us, an abstract world that we can only imagine because it is beyond our 3 dimensions.

We Don’t See Atoms, Electrons, and Wireless Technology but Exist

If in science it is acceptable to believe in the existence of atoms, electrons, and wireless technology even though we do not see them, the same principle should be acceptable to us, and there is a God we do not see because through His properties and His action we recognize His existence and His principles. On the other hand, magicians’ illusions show us that we should not believe everything we see. Some perceptions our brain cannot process and give us a true understanding of reality. If we know that someone is a magician, we will not believe that he performed a miracle, but if someone does not introduce himself as a magician, he could easily deceive us if we believe what we have seen instead of what we do not see.

Who Created Matter? How Was God Created? – Are Not Issues of the Same Weight.

Atheist Carl Sagan said, “If people say that God has always existed, why not shorten one move and say that matter has always existed?” (Cosmos, page 257). There is a difference between the question of how random processes created the matter that exploded in the Big Bang, compared to the question “who created God.” The matter is subject to the laws of nature and cannot choose to behave differently. On the other hand, God is not subject to natural laws and can act differently from natural laws. So, the difference between these two questions is that dead matter does not have the capacity to behave purposefully and intelligently while God lives and how he can, and that is the natural way God works. Atheism cannot rely on singularity, an event that happened only once in history. They believe in uniformism that the conditions in nature have always been as they are today. Hence, it considers impossible events that cannot be repeated happened only once in history. If atheists accept the existence of singularities, then it means that all the miracles of creation that God has done are also possible because they are unique interventions in history that science cannot study. God created space, time, matter, and energy for the only time in history and spread them throughout the created universe. Matter does not have the potential to exist spontaneously forever and create everything else because it is necessary to create a complicated and functional universe.

First It Was an Idea

Intelligence, omnipotence, design ideas, and the ability to invent a technology that did not even exist as an idea until then make that technology engineered precisely to achieve the purpose for which it was invented. It is easy to plant a fruit tree with a built-in automatism of leafing, flowering, fruit-bearing, ripening, and dormancy, with a complicated exchange of gases from the air and minerals and water from the ground.

However, before the first apple existed, someone had to imagine the idea of an apple, its specific taste, smell, color, leaf shape, tree and canopy height, the technology of pumping water and food from the soil. And when he imagined a fruit like this in his mind, he should be intelligent enough and capable of creating the first apple tree out of nothing, with technology completely unknown to us. Technology that will have the potential for all apple varieties as a species will have all the functions perfectly developed from the first specimen. Imagine that by accidentally colliding an atom, you get a seed, which has the potential to sprout into a tree. The very existence of a seed is statistically impossible for random processes to occur in nature, and no one has ever seen a new kind of random process occur in nature.

All Elements Must Be Perfectly Functional at the Same Time

But if you imagine in your imagination that a tree sprout from a new seed, even though the tree has grown, it started to leaf in the winter, and all the leaves froze. If someone accidentally placed the flowers at the root, insects could not pollinate them, so there would be no fruit. Even if it somehow bears fruit, the sun cannot give it the necessary growth and maturation elements because it is underground.

Therefore, all these elements must be perfectly functional at the same time, in their place, and in accordance with the cycle of apple development. Otherwise, they would be useless, and the plant would not survive a single year. For such a complicated design, it is necessary to have an intelligent person, an engineer, and a designer who will design an apple to invent the technology to create it so that you get a functional plant that has everything in its place at a specific time.
Therefore, it is more reasonable to believe that the intelligent Creator, who has always existed outside space and time in his mind, designed and engineered the universe than that dead, unintelligent matter has always existed. By random processes, it creates an incredibly complicated universe.

In mathematics, we use infinite numbers, but they don’t need a cause either. They did not come into being, they existed as an idea, and people only discovered their qualities. God exists as a spiritual Being in another dimension than ours, so even though we do not see Him, we recognize the idea of ​​God’s existence and discover His attributes.

The Cause of All Causes

We know that the first cause of all causes must not be caused by anything; it must exist from eternity. However, nature has laws of conservation of matter and energy that prevent the so-called “mother nature” from creating the world we see. Simultaneously, the intelligent Creator, without a cause of his existence, can intelligently arrange the universe into what we see around us today. If someone in a laboratory creates life using inanimate matter sometime in the future, he will not prove that matter could spontaneously create life. This intelligent scientist planned, conceived, and carried out the creation process to create life. The laws of physics say that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. It would be more accurate to say that spontaneously in nature, matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed or that man cannot create or destroy matter, but if people can’t do something, it doesn’t mean that God can’t do it.

However, since matter and energy still exist, it is clear that there must be Someone who can create and destroy matter and energy, Someone above the laws of nature.

The Creator of the World Is an Intelligent Person

The sequence of causes must stop at one cause that caused everything else in order to create the world we see. That is why that first cause without the cause of its existence must be an intelligent person – the Creator of the world, God. If I have to choose what is more logical in terms of origin, whether dead matter created itself or the eternal, omniscient, and omnipotent God arranged an incredibly complex universe, I do not have enough faith to be an atheist. If He is omnipotent, can God create a stone that He cannot lift? People ask this question to cast doubt on the fact that God is omnipotent. God can do whatever He wants (Job 42.2). There are impossible things for people, but not for God (Matthew 19:26). Of course, omnipotence implies that God will not do illogical things or logically contradictory and pointless things. Of course, it is impossible for God to create a more powerful being than himself because that is a logical absurdity. It is impossible to create a square triangle or a stone that cannot be moved. If someone is powerful enough to create a stone, then he is powerful enough to move it.

God Has Always Used His Power for Useful Things

This is the rebuke of Almighty God to renounce omnipotence and cease to be omnipotent, contrary to reason. God has always used his power for useful things and never for evil or irrational things. It is pointless to call on God to sin, violate his logic of logic to prove that he is omnipotent, or prove to people that he exists. God is not naive to fall for such a transparent and malicious trick. Instead of challenging God to do meaningless and perverse things to prove His power to us, it is better to learn not to use our abilities for evil either. It is good that God uses his powers only for good. Some people say that God’s stone does not want to move. This is the free choice that all people have. No matter how many people make bad choices, God will not abolish our free will, but he also cannot abolish the consequences of evil choices, and that is eternal death. It would be wiser for people to ask God to correct in us what we have corrupted by separating from Him instead of inventing meaningless ideas without logic and purpose.

And God Himself acts within the laws He has created, not because He limits Himself, but because it is good. God chooses to act logically, and that is why we should choose to act logically. God, who can hang our planet of 6 quintillion tons on nothing in a vacuum, has trained his omnipotence enough for us if we want to open our eyes to see it.

God Is Difficult for a Man to Understand

God is complicated. Everything that exists is complicated or at least more complicated than it seems, and the God who created everything must be more complicated than everything that exists. Human explanations of God are a simplification of the most complicated facts in the universe. See how complicated the scientific explanations of atoms, light waves, the reception of light stimuli in the eye, and the transmission to the brain are. And we are talking about the person who created the whole complicated universe. Atheists usually simplify God and then attack him because they think they can explain God’s motives and ideas in the incredibly complicated universe management. Religion is not something that people have invented, but it is derived from immutable facts in nature.

The reality is not as simple and easy to explain as people would like. The answers to many questions are difficult to obtain because they are very complicated and still undiscovered. Reality cannot be revealed by conjecture. Religion also cannot be discovered by conjecture. The problem is not simple, and the answers cannot be simple.

Choice: Flat Earth or Trust in God

The question “Who created God?” is the question of a man from the Flat Earth who thinks that there is no world outside its two dimensions, and he believes that truth is only what his limited mind can comprehend and that truth beyond its comprehension cannot exist. The question is whether we will decide to limit the truth only to our Flat Dimension and convince each other that there is no more complex world outside our dimension and that there is nothing that cannot fit in our mind. Instead of the arrogant conceit that we know everything and that we are the measure of truth, another possibility is to understand that there is a spiritual world above ours. We have been told by that world that we have a problem with our moral choices and our Creator’s rejection.

God Has Always Existed

We do not understand this world from higher dimensions because of our limitations, so it is not explained to us. Still, it is explained to us how to return to harmony with the world’s intelligent Creator beyond our dimensions. God is beyond time and space. God has always existed. God is eternal and offers people to transform them so that they, too, can live forever. The question is not whether God exists but whether a man wants to honor his heavenly Father. God proved himself and his existence by the very creation of the world. God’s absence means death for man, and God’s presence means life for man.
These are two opposite paradigms, two choices on which we build all our life choices.

The choice is ours: Flat earth or trust in God.

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  1. I admire this text which is of impeccable depth. This text plunges us into a reflection outside our habit of thinking, it elevates the mind above matter and transports it into a metaphysical dimension of knowledge dotted with rationality and objectivity. Thank you to the author for this enriching reflection!

    1. I’m glad you liked the text. In any case, I want to think about life and religion from different angles. So, I invite you to continue reading this website.

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