Everything is under the universal law of duality; Everything has two sides; Everything has a pair, and everything has the opposite; The opposites are identical in essence but differ in degree.

The universe is the whole of all that exists, governed by a certain number of laws. Cosmology seeks to apprehend the universe from a scientific point of view as the whole of matter distributed in space-time. The study of universal laws makes it possible to understand the principles governing the Living. Thus one who wants two opposites – active/passive – always has between them an intermediary resulting from both of neutral nature. This principle applies to almost all the chemical, physical, and biological phenomena of contemporary science.

Men have always sought to know, discover, and master the universe. And today, we discover that the universe is governed by laws—these Laws are what we call the universal laws or the laws of the Universe.

The Universal Law of Duality

I – The Mystery of the Universal Law of Duality

Among these laws, we have the universal law of duality or the law of opposites. What do we mean by Duality? The term Duality may designate the character or state of what is double in itself; the coexistence of two elements of different nature (opposes unity). In all cases, the term Duality refers to the number 2.

1 – What Is the Universal Law of Duality?

There seems to exist a universal law, which is DUALITY, on which rests the very principle of life … This universal law of duality which is based on the tension existing between two elements, is expressed in the universe.

In Nature and Life, each energy has its opposite or complementary. For example:

– The light and the darkness

– The heat and the cold

– The masculine and the feminine

– The positive and negative electricity

– Magnetic attraction and repulsion

– Fire and water

– The villainous and the beautiful

– The Right and the Twisted

– The Moral and the Immoral

– Life and Non-life

– Good and bad

– Death and Eternity

– Inside and outside…

At the level of the man, I can match each quality to its corresponding defect:

Love and hate

– The truth and the lie

– Justice and injustice

– Strengths and weakness

Health and illness…

Here again, we touch on a universal law that states that each energy has its opposite or complementary.

2 – Duality or Couples of Opposites

Aristotle, in his portrayal of the Pythagorean doctrine, illustrates this tendency to structure the world into an infinite number of pairs of opposites, to order everything according to pairs of opposites. It evokes, indeed, a series of 10 principles that form so many pairs:

– Limited and Unlimited

– Even and odd

– One and Multiple

– Right and left

– Male and female

– In Rest and Motion

– Rectilinear and Curve

– Light and Darkness

– Good and Bad

– Square and Oblong

Nature operates in two contrary principles: affirmation and negation, gift and refusal. This opposition of two principles is marked by a rhythmic, alternating activity, analogous, for example, to flowers that open and contract alternately or to sunlight, which exerts its action during the day and retracts during the night: is through a series of actions and reactions that the cosmos is maintained: the repulsion that disperses and the attraction that gathers.

We can also note the analogy that exists between the diastole and systole of the heart and the circulation of blood in the living being. The living pulsation of breathing comes from the alternating play in which expiration leads to inspiration and inspiration to expiration. Whenever, in one direction or the other, the movement slows down, life is troubled.

To divide what is united, to unite what is divided, such as to be the life of nature. Love attracts while hate repels, and both are needed for the world in which we live and move.

3 – Duality or the Law of Opposites

There seems to exist a universal law, which is duality, on which rests the very principle of life. As Pasteur had already remarked, without the original dissymmetry of the living cell, there would have been no life, since the condition of its appearance lies in the presence of two opposing forces. Our own perceptions are constantly bending to the law of contrasts. Two forces launch and attract, aggregate and disperse. We feel them in us because we feel the need to attract and radiate, to preserve and to spread.

4 – The Universal Law of Duality Explained by Examples

Here again, we touch on a universal law that states that each energy has its opposite or complementary.

These two elements that do not go without each other appear indispensable to life.

*** The case of plants

Plants, for example, consist largely of water and “fire.” The water is drawn from the ground, and the light and its heat bring the fire.

Light is converted by chlorophyll and then used by the plant to grow and store its own energy.

When we eat plants, fruits, or vegetables, we use this energy in the form of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.

This energy is restored when burning the plant, such as wood for example. We then see the light and heat that emerge; the water evaporates, and there remains ash whose weight is low compared to the initial weight.

*** The case of the masculine and the feminine.

Most living beings are sexed, and in order to perpetuate themselves, to survive the species, they need to associate their feminine and masculine principles to generate a new being.

*** In everyday life

In the field of the qualities of a man or of society, no quality can exist without its opposite.

Justice can only be conceived if injustice is possible.

Thus, during his life, man learns to know, then gradually works all the qualities that he can develop in him thanks to the awareness that he acquires when he advances or retreats in this step.

In the universe, opposing forces create motion as the centrifugal and centripetal forces between the planets and the sun allow the rotation of each planet around the sun at a defined distance.

The electric battery, with its two positive and negative poles, creates a movement of electrons as soon as a conductor is connected between the two poles.

Then we have heat, sometimes light, and other electrical phenomena.

In short, all the opposing energies are at the origin of movement, of time, and ultimately of life.

II – The Universal Law of Duality in Science and Philosophy

Here, we attempt to explain how some Sciences and Philosophy attempt to explain the functioning of the universal law of duality, or the law of opposites, or the law of couples of opposites.

1 – Economics: Economic Duality

By breaking the decision made by US President Richard Nixon on August 15, 1971, with the system devised at Bretton Woods at the end of the second war of dollar parity with gold, and gradually extended by the political authorities and currency in all currencies, we have been locked in a binary economic world:

. Either the investment is in shares (risk-on);

. Either he is in bonds (risk-off).

What could be summed up by either we take the risk of the real economy or our pending savings finance the lifestyle of welfare states issuing large currencies?

Whereas formerly, when the currencies were linked to gold and silver, the right not to be invested existed, the reality is that the “war” now led against the cash, the cash makes we do not can no longer be invested. Moreover, in practice, this right not to be invested is almost eliminated, which is contrary to any democratic process. It follows logically that the more we narrow our choices, the higher the risks … especially if the rise in interest rates decided by the international banking regulators to fight against the return of inflation continues. It would result in a wave of deflation, and a sharp drop in the price of financial assets, with all its repercussions for the savings of individuals and the solvency of companies. A beautiful economic and social chaos in perspective!

2 – Psychology: The Psychological Mechanism of Duality

The American psychologist Thomson Jay Hudson (1834-1904) established the duality of the mind by his theory of the objective mind and the subjective mind existing jointly in each individual, which will then evolve between conscious and subconscious mind, voluntary and involuntary spirit, active spirit and passive spirit, the “I” and the “me” … it’s male and female polarities. If the Spirit sees and hears, the acting mind is only the automatic mechanism that relays it, for better or worse, according to the opening of the consciousness of the individual and the state of his filters, pure or impure. …

3 – Philosophy: The Fundamental Duality of Life

The detached search for the Self as the crowning of existence requires understanding and accepting the fundamental duality of life, consciousness, and energy. If these two realities converged naturally, it would not have been necessary to distinguish them. Energy would have been decreed in the service of the mind, and we would thus have a very reassuring model of the human being, a unit in movement constantly intertwining ideas and actions, without difficulty, in a sovereign automatism, walking from knowledge in knowledge, fulfillment in realization. All human history, however, is the symbol of the impossibility of reconciling consciousness and energy. The energy is always ahead, it supports innumerable movements by itself, and it lives in a way for itself. This is why our reactions always precede our reflections; our desires precede our consent to realize them, our fears precede the objective evaluation of the danger, and our anger precedes our so-called mastery.

The very fact that energy can be changed means that it is false by nature. The mind creates it, and the ego-mind interprets it and gives it meaning, thereby falling into the trap of division, of illusion. Motion and immobility can, however, be harmoniously married by extreme attention. They are not entirely distinct, since our mental activity, by the cells of the brain, mixes with the energy of life while creating all sorts of virulent internal phantoms such as chronic obsessions, serious compulsions, and reactional mini-pathologies. Only the self of the center can absorb its immensity, its neutrality, and the movements of the energy without being lost or fighting them in vain. The awakening of consciousness thus seems the necessary way to reconcile them and calmly unroll situations, roles, and their perpetual whirlwind. He prepares himself by any incursion in a mental field more stripped, slower, tending towards emptiness.

III – Duality: The Experience of Life

“Experiencing life is a very difficult exercise unless you accept duality as an experience”.

1 – Duality at the Heart of the Miracle

The day and the night follow one another and form what is called a day. The rain, the good weather, the snow, the wind, the squalls, the breeze, the storms, and the great heat form in their turn the seasons. The man and the woman, the male and the female, the light and the darkness oppose each other, and yet, in a burst of love, mate and form a perfect union, a unique bond, a couple, and a cosmic orgasm.

Everything seems to be opposed in nature, to repel one another, and yet, while one does not expect it especially, to unite too, to mate, and to merge into a powerful orgasm giving birth to a new reality.

The man and the woman form a family, the light and the darkness give the creation, and the male and the female allow the continuity of the species.

And, if the miracle was precisely this almost unexpected union of duality? While everything seems to be opposed in this universe, unions are created, and from their births, realities, new universes. […]

And, if the duality was nothing more than a kind of dynamo always active to bring motion. This movement is a condition sine qua non of reality, time, and dimensions that foreshadow our universe.

So, life itself would be a miracle and all that composes it. We may not know where we are going and why we are going there, but it is up to us to make this life a miracle or chaos.

What will we decide to do?

2 – Awareness of Duality to Seek Uniqueness

The experience of human life is of incalculable wealth; as you can see, every day is a succession of choices between opposites; this daily exercise allows us to advance in consciousness; only the mind prevents us from seeing the wealth of this learning; the judgment according to societal values, religious, political, etc., is the veil that hides the truth.

The knowledge is in you, or rather, you have access to it as much as you want. The experience of life that each of us knows comes to enrich this universal database; you participate through your individual experiences to the resonance of this one.

Here is your mission here, to experience life; we are a kind of probe endowed with a free will to open as much as possible the domain of the possible.

In this approach, you understand that complaining or refusing this gift is really a shame.

You can also understand that everything is possible since the only goal is to experiment.

By way of summary: the point of view of Coach Thomson Dablemond on the universal law of duality

As a Personal Development Coach, as well as a Philotherapist and Mental Therapist, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the universal law of duality is the one that determines our position, our status, our place, and our being in this world. This law of duality reminds us that every choice we make is aligned with one aspect of the universal law of duality. Whether we want it or not, we find ourselves in one of two parts of the balance of life. It’s the opposite problem that makes life more intense and alive.

If we understand the universal law of duality and we inculcate it in our life, we will know that monotony is not ideal for the one who wants to succeed in his life or give meaning to his life. The universal law of duality should bring us back to the idea of balance through transition and change.

However, the best way to live is to take into account “the principle of balance” and “the law of transition and change.”



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