Through these lines, you will discover the power of thought in health. Perhaps many people are unaware that thoughts are powerful enough to change your health. Many people are unaware of this, but knowing how to make good use of our thinking can make a decisive contribution to balance and improve our health. In this article, we invite you to understand the optimism for good health.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by commitments and unable to cope with so many things at once? Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel and run away to a deserted place? Have you ever had black holes in your life? Have you ever had suicidal thoughts? Many people know what to do when they feel some physical discomfort – cold, a headache, or belly. However, few people know what to do when they feel anxious, worried, nervous, upset, or impatient. These are the toxic states of mind that must be confronted.Thoughts Are Powerful

Who has never felt overwhelmed by the many concerns and unable to cope with so many things at once? Who has never felt guilty fighting an addiction?

At the moment, millions of people are suffering the effects of anxiety, stress, and depression. These problems have become more and more common in this hectic, demanding, and confusing world. And many people fail in their frantic search for the solution. All we know. Regular physical exercise and a balanced and varied diet are habits that lead to well-being and improved health. But what to do when an illness is not located in a specific part of the body? What happens when suffering and anxiety are in us, in an unknown part of the body?

Thoughts Are Powerful, so Keep Optimism for Good Health

Optimism designates a human state of mind that perceives the world and the universe positively. In general, an optimistic person tends to see ” the good side of things,” to think of good people, to consider that events, even unfortunate, will take whatever happens a positive turn ultimately in the measure where we always find a solution to the problems.
An optimistic way of thinking is to reject negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Optimistic thinking must be a constant habit of mental activity. It must cover all aspects of life.

• Positive Thoughts About Oneself

Do not shape your self-image by comparing yourself to TV or movie characters or people in public life. They represent an unrealistic image. Recognize your limits and do something to improve yourself. Above all, do not forget to focus on your values and abilities. Reject self-destructive thoughts.

You must be the first to love yourself, to want your own well-being, to have a positive image of yourself. It all starts with you. Do not accept that negative thoughts about yourself dominate your thoughts.

Do not accept being influenced by negative thoughts or by you or others. Never have negative thoughts helped to balance or improve health.

• Positive Thoughts from the Past

Every man has had a past. And each past has had both happy and unhappy events. We are all aware that the past cannot be changed. We must accept even the unpleasant events that have taken place. It’s part of our personal lives. Do not blame the past because of today’s stressful situations. It’s completely useless. Never worry about the unpleasant things that have happened in your life.

Consider yesterday’s happiness and success, remember and enjoy it, and your ability will become more favorable. Indeed, the past is like our own shadow. The past cannot be erased. But it is in our interest not to let ourselves be defeated by our past. As I have always said to my loved ones: “ Do not let yourself go out when you are afflicted.” (Thomson Dablemond).

I urge you to keep those good memories of your past. In reality, we make our lives better when we are always thinking about the unfortunate events of our past. Many people find it difficult to “start from scratch,” that is, to rebuild their lives because they have not yet removed the dark past from their lives. Indeed, what the brain needs for your health are positive thoughts from the past. Depression seizes those who have the past ” to excess ” in mind.Thoughts Are Powerful That your past is not a prison for you. You still have life in front of you. You can still get what you have lost in the past. You can now understand what you have not understood in the past. You still have life in front of you. What you have to do is enjoy it. Only the dead have no hope. But let the one who lives continue to hope. Hope to live.

The power of the thought in health requires that you keep the events of your past.

• Positive Thoughts of the Future

The future can be changed, so your attitude today affects your success tomorrow. Thinking confidently and having hope increases your chances of a happier future. And if there is anything negative that can happen, plan so distress will not overwhelm you if it happens. God promises in Jeremiah 29:11, ” For I know the plans that I have made concerning you, says the Lord, projects of peace, and not of evil, to give you a future and hope. ”

Why be extremely concerned about the future? Why be afraid of the future? Why have constant fears about the future of our lives? What you have to do is to sow now and harvest in the future. Most often, the future of our life is nothing but the fruit of our resolutions. The future of your life depends on how you treat your past and how you build the present. Because these two factors have a significant role in a bright future. In exercising the power of thought in health, you must be confident and cultivate the spirit of a better future in your life. See your future as a life that will be better, enjoyable; working in this direction. Mainly by putting your faith and trust in God. Have hope. What is the use of despair? What is the use of being anxious? Relax and, humbly, conscientiously aspire to offer you a better future in cooperation with the Lord. […]

I advise you not to have the future in mind “to excess.” This attitude is one of the origins of anxiety.

• Positive Thoughts About the Environment and People

Wear the “glasses of tolerance” and watch your surroundings. Even if everything is not perfect, you will find some beautiful things and pleasant experiences. Do not judge people, but instead, respect them and enjoy the good things they do. Seek to understand their problems and help them. In doing so, your attitude will bring you satisfaction.

Do not let yourself be controlled by irrational thoughts; they cause misfortune and obstacles. The more you think positively of others, the more you will feel better. And you could banish hatred, resentment, and mistrust from your thoughts. Look at the values and qualities of others, it will be easy for you not only to love them but also to recognize their usefulness. ” At the king’s table, there are not only kings.” Every man to his utility.

Why do you see evil everywhere? Why do you always have contrary ideas about people and your environment?  In doing so, you destroy yourself. To better enjoy the power of thought in health, you must learn to cultivate thoughts about the environment and people. So you will win anymore. It’s even better!

Thoughts Are Powerful so That Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Health

As we said, knowing how to make good use of our thinking can contribute decisively to balance, improving our health. This truth is well and indeed confirmed by the Bible in these terms: ” For the rest, brothers, all that is true, all that is honorable, all that is just, all that is pure, all that is kind Whatever deserves approval, what is virtuous and worthy of praise, is the object of your thoughts. ” (Philippians 4: 8) Through this passage, you have just received the key to well-being and mental health.

How can you identify negative thoughts? How do you know if they will lead you to unwanted behavior or a negative state of mind? To avoid lousy thinking, you must adopt a way of life guided by moral principles and values such as honesty, responsibility, justice, respect for others, and integrity. The main idea is to cultivate good values and develop a lifestyle based on principles that develop gradually. Those who are guided by these ideas to the end, naturally and spontaneously, nourish optimistic and uplifting thoughts, with corresponding beneficial results.

Conclusion on Thoughts Are Powerful

It is good to note that the things we do, the emotions we feel, and even the diseases we suffer from have their origin in our thoughts. Do not be ignorant anymore! In truth, there is a clear relationship between thought, behavior, and state of mind.

The environment (people, places, and circumstances), people (optimistic or pessimistic, suspicious or confident, talkative or calm), memories, and experiences are stepping stones that animate our thoughts. It is time for you to consider this very important. Everything you say, you do, you see, you hear, you touch, impact your thoughts and act on your health at any level. Therefore, know how to orient your senses and above all your thoughts.

Everyone can control their thoughts and guide their will. Except for instinctive reactions or repeated actions in our habits, what we do has its origin in our thoughts.

I say it loud and clear: Whether you want it or not, know that the power of the thought in health is binding on you. So use this power of thought wisely, and you will contribute to your well-being and the improvement of your health.

The graduate in Psychology and Doctor in Psychopedagogy, Professor Juliàn Melgosa – and the journalist Michelson Borges who has a Master in Theology – two authors to whom I pay a brilliant homage in passing for their work “the Power of Hope”: address the subject the term Optimism for good health. Let’s read what they say: ” Being happy and enjoying a life filled with happiness and optimism is a desirable goal. This is achieved through his own initiative. Optimistic thinking is a great option for preserving our mental health and achieving our goals. ”

With that, do you have people who suffer from an illness? Ask them to believe in their healing, mainly to be optimistic. Do you know people who are in critical situations, or who are feeling the weight of their dark past, or who are very worried about their present, or who seem to be troubled by thinking about their future? Ask them to be optimistic. Avoid pitying yourself. Do not be pessimistic. Yes, be realistic, but also optimistic. Thus, you will simplify your life.

“ The Lord has given us one of the keys to health: the power of the thought. It is therefore with a force that I declare this: health is your head.” (Thomson Dablemond).

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