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How to Stop Thinking Bad Thoughts

The best way to stop thinking bad thoughts is to try to understand the mechanism of their appearance. This is how we come to know how to go about getting rid of them.

Many men complain because they sometimes complain about having bad thoughts. No. It would be best if you understood that about bad thoughts you have had, you have, and you will. It is part of the nature of man. No man can say he has never had bad thoughts. But the problem with bad thoughts is that they appear, but we decide whether or not to give them a consistent place in our thoughts.

Before You Can Stop Thinking Bad Thoughts, It’s Important to Understand Where They Come From

In reality, we are beings possessing a psychic system that takes into account: consciousness, the unconscious, and the subconscious. Bad thoughts come from our unconscious as a result of repression. To put it simply: bad thoughts come from things that we have not been able to digest, things that we have not made peace with, things that have not yet found harmony in us. Let’s say when we lack consistency, peace, and harmony within us.

Generally, the common causes of bad thoughts are:stop thinking bad thoughts






– Temptation

– Failure or fear of failure

A lack of self-confidence

Low self-esteem

A lack of openness…

Having said that, you must first identify the cause of your bad thoughts.

The Manifestation of Bad Thoughts

Often bad thoughts persist because you feel guilty or over-analyzing a situation without clarifying it in your mind, angry or unsure about your future, and thinking about why you are stuck in it. Thought pattern helps make it take shape and find a way out of this problem. The more you dwell on something, the more you value it. It is the same with bad thoughts. You can’t stop them from appearing, but you can ignore them. And to achieve this, you have two choices.

1. At first, try to ignore them. Try to read, or listen to music, or try to write. In any case, find the least to worry about other things.

2. If they persist, then you need to do some soul searching. You have to think about the reason for your bad state of mind; it will be time to question yourself about the reason for your negative thoughts. In this case: look for the positive sides that you did not take into account in this situation in question. Then try to look at this situation from another angle. How would anyone else have reacted?

How to Stop Thinking Bad Thoughts?

Bad thoughts are always related either to our past, a given situation, present, or to the future.

1. In connection with the future: Stay in the present moment

You cannot control the future just like you cannot control the past. What you can do is manage the present moment. Many bad thoughts arise when we forget this fact and project what is to come. So live in the moment.

2. In connection with the past: get out of your past

Learn from your past, but don’t stay there. We learn from the past, we draw lessons from it, but we should not live in the past. To move on, then, you have to make peace with yourself and then resolve to move on. From there, you have to embark on new experiences and create new good memories.

3. In connection with a given situation

Change the way you see and appreciate things. Change your outlook on the situation and adopt a positive situational mindset. In mental therapy, adopting a positive situational mindset is simply always extracting every situation’s positive side and keeping that in mind.

To your mental development,

Thomson Dablemond

Personal Development Coach

Author, Speaker, Mentalotherapist

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