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Activities to Increase Self-Esteem

Do you aspire to personal development? In this case, you must learn the activities to increase self-esteem. People are often confused about what it means to have self-esteem. Some people think that this is manifested in your appearance or how popular you are with your friends. Others believe that having a beautiful body will help you gain self-esteem, while others think that you need to have accomplished a lot of things in order to have good self-esteem.Activities to Increase Self-Esteem

There is no magic formula ready to take away or effective instantly. It is rather daily learning, which starts from us, from our attitude towards ourselves, in the face of life. As a reminder, reduced to its simplicity, self-esteem means the judgment we have of ourselves and the way we look at ourselves.

People with good self-esteem are able to feel good about who they are, appreciate their own worth, and are proud of their abilities and achievements. They also recognize that even if they are not perfect and have flaws, these flaws do not play a dominant role in their lives or in their self-image.

The good news is that self-esteem is acquired. How to increase your self-esteem? We retain the following suggestions:

1 – To Make an Inventory of Your Level of Self-Esteem Is an Essential Part of Activities to Increase Self-Esteem

You cannot improve or transform what you do not know. Know one thing, there are simply the things you cannot do or be. You must know that you are a unique being and that you can also do wonderful things.

Take a sheet of paper. Draw a line in the middle. On the right side, write “forces” and on the left side, write “weaknesses”. List: 10 of each. Yes, 10. This is your self-esteem inventory.

This allows you to know all the weaknesses that you say to feel zero and shows you that there are strengths in you. Among the weaknesses, there are surely some that you can improve or transform, one at a time.

Logically, an inventory of your level of self-esteem should lead you to explore.

2 – Explore YourselfExplore Yourself

Engage in self-exploration. It’s not only about knowing your strengths and weaknesses but also about opening up to new possibilities, new thoughts, trying something new, new points of view, and new friendships.

Sometimes, when we live in a low and our self-esteem is low, we feel as if we have nothing to offer the world and others. We may not have found everything we have to offer.

Learning what these things are, are proper activities to increase self-esteem, and it’s often the recipe for happiness! Happy people take risks and try things they would not normally do.

Have you noticed how your self-esteem rises when you do something new? The more you actively use your faculties and seek to develop them, the more you explore. Thus, you will help to increase your self-esteem.

3 – Become Aware of Your Achievements

Become aware of what you are doing. Recognize them and appropriate them for their real value. No time to play the card of false modesty: “Oh, that? It’s not a big deal “.

In front of a compliment, do not belittle yourself. You can be both humble and accept the compliments. The next time we compliment you, just look at the other person in the eye and say, ” Thank you! ” There, one must learn to receive signs of recognition.

Rather than thinking about your past mistakes and belittling yourself, I suggest you make a list of all your previous accomplishments. Try to go to 100 achievements. Take some activities to increase self-esteem. Go as far as this medal you won at age 10…

As you read the list of your accomplishments, you will realize that you have accomplished so much in your life so far and your self-esteem will only improve.

Indeed, becoming aware of your achievements will lead you to a certain pride, dignity, and inner joy. However, be careful not to turn this pride into a source of pride, but a pride under the color of humility.

4 – Learn to Say NoLearn How to Say No

Stop telling yourself that it’s because you’re too good a person … […] Affirm and choose to do a job and activities that meet your needs and desires. Do you not like your job? Consider doing something else. Do you no longer have fun in your free time? Find other activities.

Your motto should be to CHOOSE rather than suffer. This is the exercise of your will. You must know how to choose. You must know what is good for you. You must perform activities to increase self-esteem

Base yourself on what you want in your life right now, not a distant version of you. […] Being flexible based on your current skills and abilities, not your past, increases your self-esteem.

5 – Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

The only person to whom you should compare yourself is yourself. Did you do better than last time?

–        Yes? Excellent!

–        No? Correct your shot and ask for help, but please stop feeling inferior to others.

I can only repeat: Do not compare yourself to others. Be faithful to who you are, and continue to learn with all your might. ”  – Daisaku Ikeda.

6 – Take Action and Flee Procrastination

Stop putting it off. Decide now to take action on all the little things you’ve been putting off for a long time (calling for a medical checkup, cleaning up your desk, hanging a picture in your room, fixing a hole in the wall living room, etc.).

Whenever you think or see these things not yet settled, your self-esteem takes a hit. Set once for all these things to do and see how you feel afterward.

In Summary on Activities to Increase Self-Esteem

Avoid ruminating on your flaws, weaknesses, and mistakes. These are thoughts that poison your life and destroy your self-esteem.

– Do not have negative prejudices against yourself. We must not denigrate ourselves. Keep an open mind.

– Avoid turning each error into a fault.

– Consider your good moves, things you are happy with.

– Highlight the qualities you have used dozens of times instead of giving importance to mistakes.

– Be attentive to your own desires.

– Express your needs and expectations; when you meet your needs, you gather energy.

– Do not sacrifice yourself in order to please everyone and at all times, this is impossible and is not necessary.

– Do not feel responsible only for things over which you have some control.

– Recognize that you are worthy of being loved for who you are: a human being who does his best with the abilities and limitations he has.

– Treat yourself as your best friend, indulge yourself.

Conclusion on Activities to Increase Self-Esteem

The perception that people have of themselves influences their self-esteem. The way they feel in their interpersonal relationships also influences their self-esteem. In sum, self-esteem is an inner attitude based on our perception of ourselves and the one our environment reflects on us. In order to increase our esteem, our sense of value, we must recognize our qualities and limitations, be realistic in our assessment of ourselves, accept ourselves and appreciate ourselves as we are.

Increasing your self-esteem takes time, trial, error, and learning, and especially patience and perseverance on your part. Be careful to be fairer and more realistic with you and I am confident that you could be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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