What should be the real priorities of the Christian life? This is the question to which this preaching based on the passage of Matthew 6:33.

Biblical reference: “ Seek first the kingdom and righteousness of God, and all these things will be given to you over it.” Matthew 6: 33 (New King James Version).

Beloved, we live in a critical time when Christians seem to have lost the traces of the true religion of Christ. What did I say? ” Modernized Christianity ” opened the door to a misunderstanding of the Christian’s real priority.
Before going into this preaching, let’s go back to the passage from Matthew 6: 24-32, which will help us first to understand the meaning and context of Matthew 6: 33. And then we will look into the truths included in our original text.

First of the Priorities of the Christian Life – A Question of Choice

No one can serve two masters, for either, he will hate the one and love the other, or he will cleave to one, and despise the other: you cannot serve God and Priorities of the Christian Life.” – Matthew  6:24.

Life is a choice. Each choice also determines the path we take (good or bad). Each choice brings us closer to salvation or moves us away from salvation. And to each free will is given.

To choose God is the choice of salvation. To choose mammon means the choice of the world, its pleasures, and its lusts. And these two choices are diametrically opposed to each other. Mammon is synonymous with Satan.

” Where your treasure is, there will be your heart ” (Matthew 6: 21).

Those who have chosen the salvation of their souls in Christ Jesus will have to look into the heavenly, spiritual things for the building of their faith and the consolidation of their step toward Heavenly Canaan; thus fixing their looks and concerns on their relationship with God in anticipation of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, those who have opted for ‘ Mammon,’ will be concerned about the things of the world, the pleasures, and the desires of this world. Their thoughts will be fundamentally on the flesh and the material. Christ will not occupy the place that is due to him in their whole life or in the worst case, Christ will be banished in their heart and life. So they will not care much about the salvation of their souls…

This is why it is said that no one can be with God and at the same time with the Mammon. Especially since God does not share his glory with Satan.

So far the Lord is showing us the contrast between the one who is faithful to God and the one who is not – between the one who is concerned about the salvation of his soul and the one who is concerned about the goods of this world …

The more you choose God, you will understand better what should be the real priorities of the Christian life. When we really chose Jesus as Lord, Lord, Savior – our priority is therefore determined, and we understand the meaning of Matthew 6: 33. It is not only a question of choice but also of faith.

Second of the Priorities of the Christian LifeA Question of Faith

Thus the Lord clarifies one thing in these words: “ Therefore I say to you, Do not worry about your life for what you will eat, nor for your body, what you will be clothed with. It is not more than food, and the body more than clothing. ” Matthew 6:25.

Then he draws our attention to the goodness, righteousness, and faithfulness and wisdom of God through these words: ” Look at the birds of the heaven: they neither sow nor reap, and they gather nothing in granaries, and your heavenly Father feeds them, are you not worth much more than they are, and why worry about the garment? Consider how the lilies of the field grow. They do not work or spin, but I tell you that even Solomon, in all his glory, has not been clothed like one of them. And if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is in existence today and tomorrow will be thrown in the oven, will he not clothe you in even more so, people of little faith? ” Matthew 6:26, 28-30.

By reminding us of this truth: “ Which of you, by his worries, can add a cubit to the length of his life? ” Matthew 6:27.

Indeed, the Lord teaches us about one aspect of the practice of faith. When we say that we have faith in God, it also includes believing that God cares for us even in the least detail. If he feeds the animals, puts on the plants and flowers, watches over the birds … How would he not do it for us too?

In a word, if he provides for the needs and maintenance of his other living or non-living creatures: is it created in his image and likeness, redeemed by the blood of the lamb that he does will not care? Is not our God wise, loving, and just? The Bible says, “ And even the hair of your head is numbered.” Matthew 10:30. There is no being who cares about the man as his Creator. May he who professes to have faith in God have this thought in mind.

So David rightly said, “ The eternal is my shepherd, I will not miss anything ” (Psalm 23: 1). In fact, he knew who he had believed in. He knew who this God was in whom he placed his faith and his life. He knew that no one could take better care of man than our Creator.

What we believe in life is what guides our lives. And according to our belief, it attaches a priority to it. Those who really believe in God understand what should be the real priorities of the Christian life. The faith we have in Jesus Christ must lead us to know why we have accepted Jesus in our lives. And if we know this, it is easier to understand what should be the real priorities of the Christian life.

We Must Accept Christ for the Salvation of Our Soul and Not for the Material.

If we understand this saying, “ For he [God] makes his sun rise over the wicked and the good, and it rains upon the righteous and the unjust. Matthew 5: 45b.

Thus we shall understand this: ” Do not be anxious, neither say, What shall we eat, what shall we drink, what shall we be clothed with, for all these things are the heathen who seek them? Heaven knows you need it. Matthew 6: 31-32.

As a result, we are not going to come to God because of material, prosperity, work, money, welfare, marriage, food, or any other reason in which we have an ephemeral interest.

No, we will come to God for the salvation of our soul: because of our spiritual misery, our sinful condition.

We will seek to come to God to be delivered from sin and free from the eternal death reserved for those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in all sincerity.

In a word, in coming to God, we are aiming for salvation in Jesus Christ, eternal life possible through the merits and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, it says, ” Seek first the kingdom of God and what God asks for, and He will give you all the rest.” Matthew 6: 33 (Word of Life Version).

The Real Priorities of the Christian Life: A Simple and Perfect Understanding of Matthew 6: 33

A clarification is made. It is about a priority. On the one hand, this priority translates into the phrase ” Seek first.” What are you looking for first? The kingdom of heaven and the righteousness of God. On the other hand, the term ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ means Salvation in Jesus Christ, Eternal Life. Then the term ‘Justice of God’ refers to what God asks, what God requires of us.

Beloved, dear brothers and sisters, We are led to understand that on the one hand, our priority is to attach ourselves to Jesus in spite of all odds to keep our crown of life (see Hebrews 10: 35-39) – and on the other hand by remaining obedient to God despite what it can and must cost us.

Thus, by faith, we come to Jesus Christ for the salvation of our soul: it is the real priority of the Christian life. And that’s normal. Because it is so that we have the eternal life that Jesus gave his life. So the fundamental reason we come to Jesus Christ is for the salvation of our soul. This is the meaning of our priority: to obtain salvation in Jesus Christ. What answers the question: what are the real priorities of the Christian life?

Those who will honestly come to Christ will understand this vital truth: “ No one can please God if he does not believe, and he who comes to God must believe this: God exists and rewards those who seek Him. Hebrews 11: 6 (Word of Life).
The Lord, who searches hearts and loins; the one who knows our most necessary needs, the deepest, the most secret; who knows what we are trained for; who cares about our well-being! Yes, our Lord challenges us in these terms:

If a person wins all the riches of the world, but if she loses her life, what is it for her, and what can one pay for life? Matthew 16:26 (Word Version of life).

So for God, what should be the real priority of a man in general? The answer is clear and straightforward: a man must think of the salvation of his soul first. And it comes down to looking for the face and will of God constantly – to think of progress in the march towards New Jerusalem – to consolidate our faith until the end of our days in humility, patience, perseverance by a life of consecration and sanctification. This is what God asks us. And that, not only to Christians but to every human being.

Dear brothers and sisters, the Christian is called to ask: what does the Lord ask of me? What is my part to do for the advancement of God? How can I hang on to my faith and to the Lord Jesus Christ? These must be the questions that must concern us in life, not the questions of Matthew 6: 25. Keep this truth in mind: God gives us the essentials of our life.

Remember Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before sin. When God gave life to our descendants, he gave them all, the essential to be happy:

He celebrated their marriage and blessed them (Genesis 1:28). – Their garment was the glory of God who seized them … – The food (Genesis 1:29).

– Work and responsibility: cultivate and keep the garden (Genesis 2:15). – A day of solemn communion with God, the day of rest, the Sabbath (Genesis 2: 1-3).

And even after the sin of man, when the glory of God left them, and they knew that they were naked then God did after clothes for them. (Genesis 3:21)

And nowadays, Paul gives us advice: “ We have brought nothing on this earth, and we cannot carry anything either, so if we have enough to eat and dress, that must be enough for us.” 1 Timothy 6: 7-8 (Word of Life Version)

In the end, to the question: What should be the real priorities of the Christian life? The passage in Matthew 6:33 teaches us that a truly converted Christian will be concerned with heavenly goods and not earthly ones. And so, the Creator God will give him the necessary for this life here below.

A Salutary Council on the Real Priorities of the Christian Life

Where is the place of this ” gospel of prosperity”? If the passage of Matthew 6:33 and above all the teachings of Jesus Christ were understood in their context and original meaning, there would be no room for ” the gospel of prosperity.”

Unhappy are you who preached or practiced or accepted the gospel of prosperity. Because you do not understand what should be the real priorities of the Christian life. Indeed, the more we seek prosperity first, the further away we are from God.

The more we come to God because of the goods of this world, the less our heart indeed receives Christ. The more you pursue the goods of this world, the less you care about your salvation. As I always said, ” Look! The blessing is like an airplane, the more you pursue it, the more it flees away from you. On the other hand, when she follows you, she always ends up catching you; and of course, she will fill you. So, let the blessing of God come to you. And you, what you have to do is to seek to maintain your crown of life. These are the real priorities of the Christian life. “

Do you know? God does miracles. Satan does the same, but ” flattering miracles.” God bless. Satan gives a semblance of blessing. God, in Jesus Christ, gives eternal life. But Satan can only offer death, hell. For Christ has Life in him. Satan has only death.

Do you know? You can be overwhelmed with material goods and lose Heaven. You can have all the possessions of this world and have an empty heart. You may be honored by men, but are not appreciated by God. However, do not forget that there is enmity between God and ‘ Mammon ’ – between the prince of this world and the prince of Heaven – between heavenly things and earthly things – between the principles of Christ and those of Satan – between the spiritual and carnal things.

He who is attached to the things of the world loses those of heaven. On the other hand, he who is attached to heavenly things has nothing to envy to those of the earth. Today, make a choice: Between God or Mamon? Between the salvation of your soul or the damnation of your soul? Between the Kingdom of Heaven and God’s righteousness first or material goods first?

Here is the advice I can give you, who read this article: “ Between the jeweler and the jewels: choose the jeweler.” It is on this subject that I urge you to choose Christ for the salvation of your soul.

May the God of Wisdom, in whom strength resides, grace helps us to make the right choice and to honestly walk, especially according to our choice, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! Be blessed in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen!

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