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The 10 Fundamental Laws of the Universe

What is the Universe? We call the universe: the whole of all that exists, governed by a certain number of laws of the universe.

What is the law of the universe? The law defines a framework, it specifies its limits; it proposes to our conduct, an operation; it guides us in organizing a structure.

The laws of the universe define the framework in which our universe works. They participate in all of which is thought, created, and acted in our world.

Laws structure the universe and maintain coherence in all that exists. They apply everywhere and all the time they are like a reference guide.

The laws of the universe are numerous, but in this article, we present you with 10 of them which we call fundamental because they are at the origin of all the others. They are called “principles” and unlike other laws, they cannot be circumvented, even temporarily.

All other laws are inherent in the seven basic laws. The definition of these 10 fundamental laws or 10 principles will be the subject of this article.Laws of the Universe

The 10 Fundamental Laws of the Universe.

1 – The Law of Thought

This principle is essential because it is at the origin of all the others. His message is simple: the universe is mental. This means that everything that exists was first thought out and thought created it. The thought is creative. As a result, everything that we are currently experiencing was first thought out. Most of the time, we do not pay attention to it because the thought is hidden behind our beliefs, or it is so fleeting that it becomes imperceptible. Yet, it is essential, we first thought about what we are currently living. The mind is at the origin of all that has been, of all that is and all that will be. Taking the measure of this first law and the consequences it implies encourages us to be more attentive to the thoughts that pass through us because our reality depends directly on it.

To go further, this law of thought expresses the fact that the world has not been the result of chance, let alone life. On the contrary: ” Instead of accepting the fantastically small probability that the appearance of life may be the fruit of the blind forces of nature, it seems better to suppose that the origin of life was a deliberate intellectual act. ” (British astronomer Fred Hoyle). And this deliberate intellectual act conveys the idea of a Creator of the Universe.

When we consider the story of the creative works of God, he shows us how God plans and organizes himself. We see how creation unfolds gradually and meticulously, in addition to the more complex creative acts of each day. Above all, this chapter tells us that God is not a distant and untouchable force, but a person: He thinks, plans, loves, and watches over his creation.

The universe was created therefore by the thought of God. And the legislator of the universe made thought one of the fundamental laws of the universe. Everything starts with a thought. This law of thought explains the fact that God has given us free will; us to know how to make our choices.

This law of thought relative to the universe leads us to consider the statement of Thomson Dablemond: “Our life is the result of the use of our brain and our will.”

2 – The Law of Action

This law states that for people to manifest things on earth, they must act. It means taking action that supports your thoughts and goals to make them come true. It is because of this law that people do not always understand why the law of attraction does not work for them: they set the intention, visualize their goals but take no positive action to achieve them.

It is in this sense that Thomson Dablemond leaves us on his blog: ” Between dream and reality: there is the only action. Between will and realization: there is only the action. Between reflection and practice: there is only an action … That’s why, do not limit yourself to dreaming, but take action to achieve your dreams. Because success is the result of the action.
Citation # 38 and 40)”.

3 – The Law of Attraction

This universal law is undoubtedly the best-known law of all. It says that we attract things, people, and circumstances in our life by the force of our thoughts. Thoughts, emotions, words, and actions produce energies that in turn attract similar energies to you. Negative energies attract negative energies. Positive energies attract positive energies. It’s that simple!

This is tantamount to saying that it often happens that what we feed into our minds comes to fruition.

4 – The Law of Gestation

Still called the law of divine timing states that everything has a gestation period, or its time before being realized. It takes a while before a plant becomes a fruit tree. It takes a gestation period before a child comes into the world. Likewise, each of our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions is a seed that must be cared for. Once well nourished by your attention and your actions, this seed will germinate in the form of situations and circumstances of life. Your desires, your goals, and your predominant thoughts will manifest themselves in divine timing and not before. So be actively patient, stresses the fourth law of the ten laws of the universe.

5 – The Law of Relativity

This law teaches us that each individual will go through a series of challenges during his life. Tests that will aim to strengthen its inner light. You should see these tests as opportunities and stay awake looking for solutions. The law of relativity also teaches us to compare our difficulties and problems with those of others and to put each thing in the right perspective. As dramatic as your situation is, there is always someone somewhere who is worse off than you.

Life is made of ups and downs; it is a succession of joys and misfortunes, good and bad, successes and failures, victories and defeats…

6 – The Law of Polarity

It states that everything has an opposite. There can be no heat without the cold. There can be no ups without stockings. In the same way, there can be no happiness without misfortune. However, you have a full choice of what you want to manifest with your attention and energy. What you choose to focus on will grow, expand, while its opposite will disappear. We can always change our vibration to attract positive energy by looking for the positive side in any situation. Take life on the right side, says the sixth law of the ten laws of the universe.

7 – The Law of Rhythm

This law states that everything vibrates and moves at a certain pace. Nature is a spectacular rhythmic field. The Earth revolves around itself and around the sun at a very precise pace. The tides of the oceans have time to be high and one to be low. Music played at different rates produces different effects on humans. Rhythms establish the seasons, the cycles, the stages of development of living beings (the biological clock in women is a function of the law of rhythm). Life is a sinusoid of ups and downs, so do not be frustrated when you go through a low period. It’s just rhythm that operates. An adage says, ” That a bad situation you are going through does not let you believe that you are a bad person. Just as there is a time for everything.

8 – The Law of Belief

This law states that everything we believe and accept as true through our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs eventually becomes our reality. We are always creating our own laws based on what we believe to be “true”. Even if something is actually wrong, your belief that it is true will make it true. Some criminals who kill will never admit that they are guilty, for example. To understand it better, read this exciting little story. On the contrary, they believe they have established a certain justice that the world needs. This is to say how much what a person believes becomes real for her.

In this law of belief, we are tempted to understand: ” Our beliefs become convictions when we are convinced of them and guide our lives. ” (Thomson Dablemond).

9 – The Law of Correspondence

This law states that all the laws that govern the world of physics (energy, light, mass, vibration, and movement) have a corresponding principle in the spiritual world. What happens on the outside first existed on the inside. The physical world and its laws are manifestations of the spiritual world. This is probably the reason why science and religion are getting closer and closer today. It is also the reason why one who controls his mind can intentionally create his physical experiences. When you are internally negative, angry, jealous or unhappy, you will reflect this negativity around you. When you are filled with joy, happiness, enthusiasm, you contaminate your surroundings with this positivity. As above, as below. Like inside, like outside.

Thus, we must consider the fact that everything is first spiritual before being physical.

10 – The Compensation Law of the Universe

This is the law of cause and effect applied to the blessings and abundance given to us. The effects of our actions are often gifts, money, friends, inheritances, and blessings. The good that we do eventually return to us in different forms with the same energy that has been given. If you want to increase your compensation, you must increase the value of your contribution. Do more than what is asked of you, and you will be rewarded abundantly. Consider everything you do as your investment in the universe, dictates the last law of the ten laws of the universe.

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  1. I’m going through the same process highlighted in the spiritual awakening. I left work two years ago and cutting all old connections and feeling different. I have learnt a lot of what is happening to me which I did not know and understand.
    Thanks very much.

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