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The Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Do you feel disconnected from the people or places around you? If so, you may be experiencing the signs of spiritual awakening. Do you feel like your old life is just wholly disappearing right in front of your eyes? This feeling is just a characteristic of spiritual awakening.

And in this article, I’m going to share with you why we disconnect from our old realities during spiritual awakening and what you can do to feel less lost and lonely while you’re going through this process stick around.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about one of the most common signs of spiritual awakening: disconnecting from people in places and the loneliness that comes with that. In the first part of the article, we’re going to go behind the scenes and take a look at what disconnection is and why we even experienced it during spiritual awakening. And then, in the second part of the article, I’m going to give you some valuable tips that will help you remain centered and at peace even when you feel disconnected and lonely.The Signs of Spiritual Awakening

First Part of the Signs of Spiritual Awakening


Let’s get to it. So what is a disconnection, and why do we experience it. In the first place, there are a lot of blog posts and videos out there talking about the signs of spiritual awakening and, in general, about the spiritual awakening.

And usually, what you’ll find is that they talk about one of the signs of spiritual awakening as being a connection. Meaning that as we spiritually awakened, we start to feel connected to all things, and we begin to experience the oneness of life. And that is true. You do experience a sense of connection as you spiritually awakened. But what’s not talked about as much is disconnection. And that also happens during spiritual awakening. So if you think that you’re reading these blog posts and looking at all watching all of these videos at other spiritual teachers and thinking, what are they talking about. I don’t feel connected. I feel disconnected. I feel completely lost. What’s wrong with me? There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just going through another widespread phenomenon during a spiritual awakening, and that’s disconnection.

It’s just as common as a connection. It’s just not talked about as much. So what is disconnection? In order to understand what disconnection is, we need to take a step back and look at reality from an energy perspective. So think of your reality from an energy perspective, not from a 3d perspective. Not from a perspective of matter, the things that you can see and touch and feel.

Energy RealityEnergy Reality

We’re gonna take a look back into the energy reality of life. So if you think of your reality, every that’s in your reality from your partner to your house, your job, your career, your car, the city you live in, the home you live in, the country you live in. If you begin to look at everything that surrounds you, sort of as a network, an energy network that you’re plugged into. So you are plugged into the energy matrix or network that constitutes your reality. This is now the world of energy operates. It’s straightforward in this way—the world of energy. This universe is an attraction-based universe meaning that I co-create my reality through the power of my consciousness and through the power of my energy. Everything that comes into my reality must be in energetic alignment with me. Otherwise, it wouldn’t materialize in my life. So that’s simply how the world of energy works anything that is part of your reality. You can think of it as being in resonance with you energetically.

No-Man’s Land

So what does disconnection mean then? Disconnection means that the reality that you were plugged into before you suddenly unplug from. That’s what disconnection is. This connection literally means that I was plugged into reality before, and I have suddenly unplugged from it. And now I’m in sort of this no-man’s land. So that’s what disconnection essentially means. It means that you are no longer connected to the energy Network or energy grid that you are connected to before.

One of the possibilities is that when you disconnect from your reality, some people and things that were in your reality can also change their energy. Meet you where you are, and they stay in your life because they remain in energetic alignment. And we see this all the time. For example, with couples, one person goes through a spiritual awakening, and then the other one starts their spiritual awakening. And although they’re both evolving, they’re evolving together. So they stay in energetic alignment. The relationship doesn’t fall apart.

Maybe No One Will Follow YouFollow Your Dreams

But it can also happen; one of the possibilities that can happen during a disconnection process is that you disconnect your energy, which is now different. And the people around you, none of them or maybe just one or two of them, follow you. The other people don’t follow, and so what happens is if you are no longer in energetic alignment, then that part of their reality will fall. Meaning that whoever doesn’t follow you, whoever doesn’t accompany you energetically when you’re going through a spiritual awakening, and you disconnect from the old grid, the people or places that don’t accompany you energetically, will drop out of your reality. So that’s one of two things that happens.

Now we go into some common characteristics. Five common characteristics of what it means to be disconnected. That process of disconnection helps you identify it better.

Disconnection Is Very Rapid Process

The first one is that it’s very rapid. So spiritual changes, especially the disconnection, happen, and I mean no time at all. This is a quantum process. So no time at all. It suddenly feels like you were one person a minute before, and now you’re completely different. So whenever you’re experiencing the process of disconnection, it’ll happen very, very quickly. And a lot of people tell me, gosh, you know, like “I went to bed one person and I woke up another.” I’ve heard this so many times, and this happened in my own life, and that’s because the process of disconnection is a spiritual process that occurs very quickly. It quite simply is a shift in your energy that occurs on the quantum level outside of time-space reality. Meaning that it happens now. That’s one of the characteristics

Disconnection is Temporary

The second characteristic is that it is temporary. This is really important. And I really want you to read this part. This is temporary because I get many people reaching out to me where they feel completely disconnected from their reality, and they go into a state of depression, sadness, and extreme loneliness. Because they think that it’s going to be like this forever, but it’s not. This disconnection process is temporary. You got to work with it. And why is it temporary? Because essentially, we really are connected. We are beings of connection. Again we are beings that make our reality based on attraction. Meaning that if I unplug from one network, I will have to plug into another one. Because I’m constantly attracting new things and new realities, so the process of disconnection is temporary because I will disconnect from my old grid or my old reality as my energy is changing. I’ll stay temporarily in this no-man’s land. But it is temporary because sooner or later, I’m gonna plug into a new network. New souls are gonna come into my life. New opportunities, new jobs, new homes, whatever it is that happens. New things are going to materialize. So remember this if you feel disconnected right now from places from people. Don’t stress this. All is temporary.

Disconnection Process Is Irreversible

Another characteristic that I often struggle with clients is that the disconnection process is irreversible. Meaning once your energy disconnects from your old reality, whatever that is. People place it doesn’t matter. When you disconnect from your old reality, you cannot reconnect back to it. It’s an irreversible process. You cannot plug yourself back into the old grid. You got to go with the flow. So if you’re struggling with this right now, if your ego is just saying no, no, no, I don’t want to unplug. The ego is going to say that because the ego is a survival mechanism. It’s here to keep you safe. It doesn’t like change. So it’s going to want to plug back into the old instinctively. Because in the old, at least you were safe. Everything was normal everything was going okay. The day-to-day was going okay. So the egos gonna want things as they were. But it’s impossible for you to go back there. So don’t even try. Don’t try because you’re only going to be fighting against the energy and slowing the process down. So you cannot plug back into the old reality. What you can do is just remain calm and centered, knowing that the new reality the new network is going to be coming up for you to plug into the process of disconnection.

Disconnection Happens Multiple Times During Spiritual Awakening

Another characteristic is that the process of disconnection happens multiple times during spiritual awakening. It actually happens multiple times throughout our lives. Even before you have the signs of spiritual awakening, you’re going through the process of disconnection every once in a while. So you may have a friend way back when and then suddenly from one day to the next, you’re like, oh, I don’t really get along with my friend anymore, and you just terminate that friendship. Or maybe you change homes, or maybe you change careers. So before spiritual awakening, we go through processes of disconnection. But it’s just that before spiritual awakening, the instances of disconnection are slower, and they occur less frequently. When you go through a spiritual awakening, though, part of the reason why you have a spiritual awakening is that it accelerates your energy; it accelerates your evolution. So during the process of spiritual awakening, while you’re awakening, these disconnection moments like the types of signs of spiritual awakening are going to occur more and more dramatically.

That is something that we all need to get used to. Because sometimes I’ll have people say to me: “Alright, I disconnected from my old reality, and now I have a new reality, and I just want to stay here. Please don’t let this one disappear”. So people will get very stressed about it. But I just say: “Breath, take a deep breath, everything is okay disconnection is going to happen multiple times throughout your life. Especially when you’re going through a spiritual awakening, and it’s okay because here’s the fifth characteristic of disconnection, and that is a process that occurs for your benefit not to hurt you.”

It’s Always Happening for Your Benefit

Okay, so when you disconnect, it’s your individual part of you, the energy part of you, that’s saying: “We’re done here. Now it’s time to go somewhere else. Somewhere else, that’s better for us. Somewhere else that’s more aligned with our evolution. It’s time to go somewhere else where we could be more joyful. Where we can live a life with more purpose”. So whenever this process of disconnection happens in your life, it’s always happening for your benefit. Not to hurt you.

The Signs of Spiritual Awakening at ButterflyThe Signs of Spiritual Awakening

The best analogy that I can give of the disconnection process is the caterpillar going into a cocoon. So a caterpillar isn’t afraid of going into the cocoon, right? Imagine if there were caterpillars all over the world there from one day to the next decided: “No way, I’m not going into that cocoon. I want to stay a caterpillar.” You see, we wouldn’t have any butterflies in the world. All right, so the caterpillar doesn’t resist going into the cocoon. Because she knows that if she’s still and at peace, eventually she’s going to emerge with wings, and she’s going to be a butterfly. So the process of disconnection is really that image of being in a cocoon that eventually you’re going to break free, and you’re gonna have wings, and you’re gonna be a butterfly. But at the moment that you’re going through the disconnection, just be at peace being in the cocoon, and that’s okay.

Second Part of the Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Tips and Advice

The second part of the article is tips and advice to help you remain at peace and centered when going through this disconnection process. If you feel completely disconnected from life right now and from the people around you, these tips are going to help you.

Be Aware of What’s Happening

So the first tip is to know what’s happening. Be aware of what’s happening. Since you’re reading this article now, you know that this is a temporary process if you feel disconnected from others. You know what’s happening because I’ve explained this all in the article. So when you’re aware of what’s happening, that makes the process easier and lighter. Because you know that it’s temporary, you know that it’s here for your benefit. You know that when you unplug from one network, you will eventually plug into another. So this feels good to know when you’re aware that there’s a purpose to this process. That there’s a purpose to what you’re going through. The first tip is just being aware and knowing what’s happening. Understanding what’s happening on an energy level and understanding that the disconnection process is necessary and it’s for your good.

Ground Yourself

The second tip is to ground yourself. When we unplug energetically, it can be frightening. And it is to so many people that reach out to you. It can be really frightening when from one moment to the next. Remember, the disconnection process energetically is quantum. It occurs now. It takes no time at all for you to change energetically. Now the repercussions of those energy changes in your outer environment in your life can take time. Even though the disconnection occurred in a quantum moment, it can take time for that energy to ripple out and completely change your reality. Sometimes it’s fast, and sometimes it takes a little bit longer. But while you’re in this limbo in the in-between worlds while you’re in this cocoon transforming yourself into a butterfly, it can feel a bit stressful. It can feel like you’re lost. Some people say that they feel like life is surreal. They don’t know left from right up from down. They feel completely lost they feel lonely.

We’re Energetic Beings

That’s normal to feel because we’re energetic beings. Even if we’re not a spear, we’re still energetic beings. And when we’re plugged into one reality, at least, that gives us some security. But when we unplug from that reality now, it’s like we’re floating. We have no idea what’s happening, and that could be frightening. So this tip to ground yourself. It is super important because it will help you stay calm. It will help your ego quiet down. Because again. The ego is the mechanism of survival. It will constantly try to fix things for you even though there’s nothing wrong with this process. Your ego may be coming up with a million reasons why something’s wrong in your life. It could either be saying: “Go back to your boyfriend. O What are you doing? You can’t leave your job.” So your ego will constantly be saying things, and it’s essential to remain grounded as you’re going through this disconnection phase. What does it mean to be grounded? Being grounded to me means being in your physical body. You do not try to escape your physical body. So you’re not sitting on the couch imagining what life is gonna be like; later on, less imagining exercises and more mindfulness in your body exercises. Your physical body is a very grounding force to you. So anything that you can do that can put you in your body is a grounding exercise. So it could be dancing. It could be walking in nature, especially by trees. Trees have beautiful grounding energy. So if you can go hiking in the forest or sit by a tree every day, do it. It could be salt baths; it could be meditation but not envisioning meditations, but more body-focused. So just a simple mindfulness meditation like sitting and focusing on your breath. That’s a grounding exercise, and there are many more, but you get what I’m saying. Try as much as you can to simplify your life at that moment and ground yourself as much as possible. Take your shoes off and your socks off and walk around the earth barefoot. That’s another great grounding exercise. And the list goes on and on. But you get what I’m saying. Ground yourself as much as possible during this process. It will really help, and it’ll accelerate the disconnection process.

Connect to Your Spiritual GuidanceFree Spiritual Guidance

The third tip is to connect to your spiritual guidance. Ask your angels for support. Ask your guides for support. We are so loved, and we have a team of spiritual beings that are always accompanying us. Even if we don’t feel it, if you’re new to spiritual awakening and you still can’t feel or can’t, your intuition isn’t working very well, yet it doesn’t matter. You’re still guided even if you can’t communicate with your guides. You’re still guided, and you’re still loved, and your guides are always there waiting for you to ask them for help. Remember, we cannot violate our free will. So you can have a bunch of angels or guides or spirits around you wanting to help you. They will not intervene unless you give authorization for them to intervene. This is a universe of free will. This is a reality of the free will. So be very proactive about asking for guidance even if you can’t channel it or even if you can’t feel it immediately; your guides will know how to communicate with you in the best way that you can receive it. It could be through synchronicity. It could be through a conversation with someone who was actually answering something that you had asked your spirit guides. It could be a bunch of different things. The important thing, though, is to give authorization. Constantly ask for help from your guides, and this will help bring in more and more energy to help you go through this disconnection process while you feel like you’re in no man’s land and your old reality has fallen to the side. Always ask for help.

Last Tip – Your Ego Is Not Your FriendControl Your Ego

I left this tip for last because this is the one I want you to focus on the most. That does not fight the disconnection process. It could be really frightening. It could activate the ego. The ego is there for survival. So the first thing the ego is going to do is no. No, we’re gonna go plug right back into the reality we had before. Because we were perfectly happy. We’re not changing anything. So your mind will be pushing for you to plug back into the old for you to be okay. We’re the way that you were before. This will slow down your disconnection process. You can accelerate it. You can make it faster. Meaning that you can just be in that no man’s land between one world and the next you can be in that no man’s land for less time if you don’t resist the process.

What is resistance look like when you disconnect from your old reality? Again your ego is gonna want to connect back. That’s normal. But people also feel very lonely. When they start to feel lonely, they start to feel disconnected from the environment and from people around them because we’re such social creatures and because we have this tendency to want to belong and connect with others. That’s natural in us when we are in this process and in this limbo-land of disconnection. It could cause emotions like sadness, loneliness depression. So we can if we go with that energy, it’ll spiral downward, and we’ll begin to feel more and more depressed sadder and sadder. And what that’ll do is it’ll pull down on your energy.

All the Signs of Spiritual Awakening Are on the Rise

So when you went through the spiritual awakening, your energy awoke. You went up in energy. All the signs of spiritual awakening are on the rise. And then suddenly, if you start having depression, sadness, rage, all of these things resisting change, you’re starting to pull your energy down. And this slows down the process of disconnection. Meaning that it actually keeps you in disconnection and in no-man’s land longer than necessary. So please do not resist disconnection. Remember what I wrote about before. You cannot plugin; it’s inevitable. You can’t plugin; it’s irreversible. You can’t go back. So if you can’t go back, let’s not look back anymore. Let’s look forward. And let’s look forward with lightness and with just feeling positive. This doesn’t mean that you can’t feel sadness in the feel lonely in that. If you’re feeling these things, you’re doing something wrong. You’re not doing anything wrong. But just remember. When you’re feeling sadness, when you’re feeling lonely, when you feel like life doesn’t love you, please remember to say this to yourself. I’m just going through a process of disconnection, and sooner or later, I’m going to disconnect too. I’m going to connect to a new network, and I’m going to call new souls and new opportunities. New jobs. New homes. Whatever. The sky is the limit. I’m going to get there right now. I’m in a cocoon phase right now. I’m a little bit in no-man’s land. But it’s okay. I will not fight this process because this process is for my benefit, and when I come out of this process, I’m going to be a whole new person. I’m going to be more joyful. I’m going to be filled with purpose, and I’m going to have around me the people and the things that are in alignment with my new energy.

You don’t want to be in alignment with your old energy. Your old energy was lower. Your newer energy is higher. That’s the energy you want to be in alignment with. And you want to call souls to you that have the same energy as you. You want to call opportunities and experiences that have the same energy as you, as the new you. So don’t resist the process.

All right, beautiful soul. That’s it for this article. If you liked this article write something in the comment.

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