Your spirit is definitely strongly connected to your body on many levels. This is the topic we will address in this article. So my recommendation is as follows, heal your spirit, heal yourself. Our internal organs are kept alive according to the principle of exchange between cells. It is one huge workshop in which billions of employed cells work and cooperate and give each other what they need, performing the transmission of information, electrical impulses, and various processes to present the physical form we have finally. We and our cells are the same. We draw power from the same source that supplies us with energy. We are also one cell that creates a relationship with other people (cells) and exchanges energy in a continuous life cycle. Our cells are a copy of our totality – personality, behavior, feelings, opinions, temperament, and character. It’s all one. As we treat ourselves and others, our cells relate to each other, creating a composition that will be called by our name. Here again, we inevitably return to the first relationships we formed – the relationship with the parents and the parents’ relationship at the time of conception. It contains an energetic pattern of behavior in our cells. Then to some other relationships that we entered into on a much more conscious level, for example, a relationship with a loving partner. If we behave cut off from the rest of the world, focused exclusively on the partner and his needs, possessively and without self-love, such an energy model will take over our cells as well. If we are stingy, our cells will also behave stingily and collect various waste materials without the ability to release them.

Heal Your Spirit, Heal Yourself Heal Your Spirit, Heal Yourself

Universal intelligence guides the cells, and on a divine level, it is conceived as a perfect flow of energy. So we can say, without a doubt, “Heal Your Spirit, Heal Yourself.”  We are all imbued with a field of universal intelligence filtered on an individual level through our electromagnetic field, our more subtle bodies that have their own frequency (color); there are reservoirs of our mental and emotional energy (intelligence). Whatever is written in them, the cells will harmonize with that frequency and manifest in the physical body. Our physical body has its double in the etheric body (astral double), and each of our organs has its double.

An Energy Matrix Is Projected in Our Body

Before creating the physical body, through the prenatal cycle and conception, an energy matrix is projected. We take on our parents’ various emotional and psychological states, anger, fears, frustrations, and lack of love. This contributes to creating a similar energy matrix that looks like a light pattern (network) into which our physical manifestation later “flows.” We are, first and foremost, a light, mental, and emotional body. Therefore, from our parents’ various mental and emotional patterns, we emerge from completely unconscious spheres into the material world and are often born angry and sick. Why is a child born with visual impairment? Because he did not want to see something that happened during his “creation” or stay in his mother’s womb. Why are some children so angry in early childhood, behaving aggressively and hysterically? Because they “picked up” the mother’s unmanifested anger toward her father.

Women often take the model of repressed aggression towards men from their mothers, and later they can never establish normal and healthy relationships with the opposite sex.

Heal Your Spirit Heal Yourself Without the Pressure of Religion

We got something we cannot influence in any way, and if we continue to live unconsciously, we will be left with imposed beliefs for the rest of our lives. It is a life of attachment, not freedom. First of all, religion is imposed on us by birth. Still, we do not necessarily have to be Christians or Muslims because our later beliefs can deviate significantly from that. Therefore, society binds us to a strong sense of guilt. Let us then imagine the pressure under which our astral counterpart lives and how it distorts over time.

Thus, in all spheres of life, we get imposed rules – that we “must” finish school, we must be exemplary, hardworking, and obedient, we must marry and have children, we must be faithful and monogamous, we must suppress our passions, desires, emotions, and thoughts. If we fail in any of these fields, we are excommunicated from family and society and have our own inferior image. Yes, someone said we are not worth it, we are not worthy of love, and we firmly believed in that. Life consists of restrictive rules, and no one tells us that we have the right to complete freedom because love is something that is confirmed from the outside that must be deserved. Quite strange, but for us, the only truth. If others do not confirm that we are worth it, if we do not receive love from them, the only thing left for us is to destroy ourselves.

Heal Your Spirit, Heal Yourself With Positivism

Our astral counterpart, our light body, sends us such information. Let’s ask ourselves what color our twin brother was and what frequency did he “fall into” so he whispers such wrong things to us. It is a transcription test that we definitely fall for because the “bad” brother tells us everything wrong and feeds us with a “black chronicle” instead of the life energy of joy. Our cells, therefore, take the information “I don’t love myself,” which is not true; “I believe that man becomes sick, ugly and old over time,” which again is not true and a million more similar, negative beliefs and universal untruths that we blindly believe. As I said, it’s a life of attachment, not freedom. In this context, we unconsciously choose illness as an extension of attachment to negative beliefs. We persistently strive for it to manifest itself in physical appearance and become visible and tangible. When we are finally sick, we can say to ourselves, “Now I see how much I don’t love myself. I have turned that belief into my physical reality. This is my creation, a work grown out of my non-love. It is there to remind me of the huge creative power I have, but the good news is that love creates much more beautiful works and a more beautiful reality and that I have the opportunity to choose love. ” We only bring to the surface what is written in the astral body, but again the universe has made sure that it is so because it leads us to change our beliefs and choose freedom.

The Light Body Is the Storehouse of All Emotions

Basically, everything starts from the light body, where mental, psychological, and emotional signals are stored. Our light body often looks like a garbage dump. What will pull our bloodstream out of such an environment but poison? Heart problems are a disorder of blocked emotions. Cysts and tumors are the results of collection, the inability to release. Let’s look at what a tumor looks like, and we know that there is an energy matrix that commands the body to collect and retain. Each part of the body (its state of health) has its own mental equivalent, which is often a matrix of negative beliefs and memories.

Heal Your Spirit Without the Help of Pharmaceutical Drugs

This is the secret of why pharmaceutical drugs cannot cure the disease. Our antibodies are a real army in the body that receives orders from the command headquarters or energy matrix. Only when the command post (astral double) is acted upon and the orders are changed will the army start behaving differently? If our light body commands that cells act with love, we will regenerate and rejuvenate.

Heal Your Spirit, Heal Yourself  With Love

Therefore, we can freely say that every illness stems from a lack of love. Immunity is health, and it is conducted from the command center. Without good immunity (proper command), there is no health. As for healing, first and foremost, nature – honey and herbs – have an “innate” commandment of love and health instead of pharmaceutical drugs that have a completely different energy matrix (money in the first place). However, our body has the power of self-healing, and only free medicine is real medicine. Everything we need is in us! So I’ll write once again: “Heal Your Spirit, Heal Yourself.”

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