Who never asks himself about the spiritual meaning of life? Even the most ardent materialists occasionally do so. So let’s write a few words about the spiritual aspect of life.

Spirituality is a notion that can relate immaterial reality to a state of consciousness in which a person surrenders to the discovery of his being and spirit. Spiritual practices, which include meditation, prayer, and contemplation, are intended for the development of an individual’s inner life. Such practices often lead to the experience of connection with the general reality, nature, and the cosmos. Spirituality is often conceived as a source of inspiration or orientation in life. It can contain belief in the immaterial reality or the experience of the transcendental nature of the world.

Let We Start With the Spiritual Meaning of Life at the EndWhat Is the Spiritual Meaning of Life?

First, let us start at the end, and then we will return to the beginning. When a person dies, the soul has a few days at his disposal to say goodbye to their loved one and to calm them. Then, accompanied by spiritual support and protection, the soul goes to the classification led by Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael, who is often symbolized by his scales in his hand, with his assistants, classifies the soul where they belong at that moment (Astral, Mental or Causal level).

Then, for the souls, it is time for relieving of earth loads and a short rest. The soul is free after physical death, and for such a soul is hard to understand our sorrow at the loss.

Some Souls Remain on Earth

The gratitude and love in our hearts are the most that we can do for a loved one. But there are also the souls who can not go to sorting; these are those who commit suicide and some others who have done evil deeds and have not completed the settlement, and all this was not in the plan of God for these souls. These souls remain on earth, and they are called lost souls.

God sets a task for them to pay off their error. For example, if an addict has committed suicide, God will appoint this soul to someone who is also an addict, and the task of the soul will be to put this addict on a normal path. If she succeeds, the soul is sorted; if she does not succeed, she gets a new job. But always, the operation of the lost souls is according to the will of God; these are not some spirits screaming around.

Birth Brings a New Mission on Earth

When a new child is conceived, God determines the soul who will be in this body and give her a plan for the soul. So the mission and purpose of the soul in this life. He gives her spiritual guidance, that is, spiritual help also. Support and protection when performing assigned tasks and spiritual gifts that enable her to carry out her mission.

This means that most will be brought with us, and the rest will be obtained later, in line with our development. All living things tend to perfection – and the very system itself is perfect. Perfection comes to the soul when it realizes the plan of the soul or the mission in this life.

Bad Things Are Covered With Good Ones

Before someone dies, in most cases, there is a leveling out, so bad things are covered with good ones. If we simplify it, someone who worked poorly and did not seem to be leveling out can get sick and pay off his debt after sickness or otherwise. After the physical death, the soul relieves all earthly loads in due time, and when its energy is pure, it gets a new job completely independent of its previous life. This is like a chess game. We pick up figures and start a new game.

Birth Is a New Beginning on Earth

Birth is, therefore, a new beginning on earth, which has nothing to do with past lives. We have already repaid all past life errors through the balance. So it makes no sense to waste energy with regressions and similar things that raise dust where it has already fallen, which has consequences for all Souls involved in these events, not just for those who go into regression. Every new life is a new game that we play with new team players, but we have to play it prudently and bravely without giving up, and we always have to do everything that is in our power. It happens that in the course of one’s life, the Souls are very intensively connected, and if they meet again in one future life, they tend to connect together again. Some say that those are the Soul twins.

The Soul Knows Its Mission

Most people do not realize their mission at a given moment, but our soul is aware of this, which sends us signals that guide us in life through our feelings. The voice of our soul is our feelings; that is, we must learn to silence ourselves, calm down, control our reason, and slowly come into contact with the advice and guidance of our soul.

The soul longs for the achievement or realization of our mission as soon as possible and does everything in its power to guide us properly in life. Sometimes we are too loud, and we can not hear this feeling. We have free will; that is, we decide from our own will. Many wrong choices extend the way to our goals; they lead us in a hard way. But in life, we have to decide so we grow and live our lives (not the lives of others). It is essential that we learn to bear the responsibility and consequences of our decisions and non-decisions.

By Meditation, We Give All Our Burdens, Fears, Anger, Hatred, Stress

When all this is put out of ourselves, the time comes for us to make love, inner peace, wisdom, light, purity, and everything else we receive in meditation. Our heavy thoughts and other burdens are also a high burden for our Souls, thus preventing an optimal bond with her. Meditations offer us the optimal cleansing of our soul, for how long it will remain pure; it depends on us only.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is not something abstract but our life itself. We must arrange our lives; we learn to solve our problems promptly (don’t sweep them under the carpet, don’t deal with the issues of others, and don’t try to save the world). The rule is that we help others when they ask for help, and we find that they deserve support and that we can help them. It is also essential that we create solid foundations that are based on good family relationships since the family is Holy, and the real family is something invincible.

Our Mission Is to Regulate Our Physical Life in Accordance With the Spiritual Meaning of Life

Our soul and our spiritual help will arrange our spiritual side in parallel. In this way, we will strike a balance between the material and the spiritual world. By working on ourselves, by improving ourselves, by solving problems straight away, by giving the burdens and suppressed emotions in meditation, our energy and vibration begin to rise. It becomes more and purer, and, as such, it becomes bait for lower, less clean energy. Therefore, through our spiritual growth, it is increasingly vital that we learn to use spiritual protection, and in this way, we protect our progress. This alone is the right path to the spiritual meaning of life.

Parallel Growth on the Physical and Spiritual Levels

Many mistakenly think that materiality and spirituality do not go hand in hand. Focusing solely on spirituality and leaving materiality will not bring us any progress. Just as the excessive dedication to materiality and neglect of spirituality for us constitutes a regression. To every step forward in our development on the physical level must follow a certain number of steps ahead on the spiritual level and vice versa.

Our Problems Always Come From Us

If we make mistakes, we get warnings through various problems. Unfortunately, people are such that we begin to change only when something affects us. As long as it’s beautiful, we will not hear the call after the change. We must be aware that all our problems always come from us; everything else is only our excuse. At the level where we make mistakes, energy and vibration begin to decrease. Warnings follow faults on the physical level in the form of problems on the physical level. They can appear in the form of a disease or some other painful problem or loss for us. If we make mistakes on the spiritual level, then our problems are there. First, there are small gentle warnings; if we do not hear them, the signals are always louder, all with the hope that we will find that we are doing something wrong to get through the optimal paths for us. Our soul’s plan in this life is the best that can happen to us. So all the alerts are returning us to this path.

We’ve Broken the Balance

Lately, there have been many disasters in the world, which indicate to humanity a warning that we have far removed from nature and its laws and that we’ve broken the balance. Calls to turn back to nature and restore contact with it are calling for radical changes. However, we have to start with ourselves because we can only change ourselves. We can influence others only by our example. As much as one person will change himself, so much the world will change. Our inner feelings know how to live with nature. Let’s listen to them.

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