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Faith, Hope, and Prayers Are Untapped Potential

Through faith, hope, and prayers, we can strengthen our meaning of life. Is there something we firmly and unwaveringly believe in? Let’s say it’s God – in what sense do we believe in God? Some people believe only in what they see with their eyes. They see hills, seas, forests, and the sun – but they do not believe in God. They say: Show me God, and I will believe in him. We can tell them that everything around us is God, proof of its existence. Let’s say someone believes in Love. How are we going to show Love to someone who believes only in the sense of sight? We can’t do that, but we can offer everything around us and say – it is the fruit of Love. To believe in something does not have to exist in a physical sense. It is enough to have manifestations of what we believe in. We may be a person of weak faith, stick to a certain environment, and believe in God, but we do not prefer any forms of prayer and addressing God; we do not talk to Him and do not turn to Him. It is as if we have somewhere in our subconscious that He exists, but we have a kind of wall behind which we live our lives and do not enter into dialogues with Him too much.

Faith, Hope, and Prayers Are Untapped PotentialFaith, Hope, and Prayers 100/100

We have a power of belief in ourselves that we do not use. It is an untapped potential that sleeps somewhere within us. We may not be aware enough of what the power of belief means. Faith is the path to the manifestation of what we believe in, and our biggest mistake is to keep it so lukewarm and lifeless. Our hope is fuel, our faith is fire, and our prayer is the wind that kindles the fire. We need to ask ourselves what is wrong with our faith – is it just a burning place of extinguished hopes, desires, and disappointments? It used to happen that our hope was not granted, and we extinguished our faith that hope could be fulfilled. We invested the power of faith in the “fact” that our hope could not be fulfilled. That is why we did not even perform the prayer, so we lived in hopelessness and emptiness for years.

Through Faith, Hope, and Prayers, We Can Create the Reality We Want

In the world of symbols, fire is the spark of life, the beginning, the birth. Without it, there is no life, just as there would be no life for us without the sun. Thus, our faith represents the sun of our life and enables creating the revival of various mental creations and desires. We can create the reality we want when we are empowered by faith and want it strongly enough, with enough sincere prayer. It has long been said: he who is near the fire heats up. The results of our hopes can never warm us if we are cold-hearted and lukewarm in faith.

Every Night We Go to Bed With the Same Faith

Without fire (faith), we are lost in the dark. If our life is dark, we are responsible for it ourselves because we have the ability to light a torch and light our paths. In the dark, we cannot see our manifested hopes. Even if our hopes happen to be fulfilled, we are blind to them. We do not feel and experience them with joy. Let’s start each day with faith in our hearts that the most beautiful day is ahead of us, full of love and happiness; let’s pray for ourselves and all people and send our wishes and intentions … And every night, we go to bed with the same faith, hope, and prayer …With a lit torch, we will not stray!

How Do Prayers Work

Prayer works by energetically strengthening us and eliminating the damage in our biofield to make us feel stronger and safer because we are in a spiritual context with a higher consciousness or God. This is the basic purpose of prayer. However, we often have certain needs, so we pray. Some believe that prayer is most effective when we pray for another, it is the most sublime form of prayer when we are not acting out of an ego that wants some personal benefit, but we want the other to be good. Praying for your husband to come alive and well certainly sends good vibrations toward his biofield and strengthens his security and protection, but that doesn’t mean he will come to life and heal solely because of your prayer. As for the prayer of time, it is already the desire of the ego. It would be better to accept time as it is (without resistance and conditioning your mood). I mean, it’s not a problem to pray and have a nice time. I just draw a parallel between the first and the second case, but to pray in a way that means accepting any result because there are always reasons why something is like that. However, in our opinion, it is not always understandable.

With the Help of Faith, Hope, and Prayers, We Are Not Alone

Yes, God is closer to those who turn to him and who communicate with him. It is simply a matter of consciousness. If there is no God as a universal creative force in our consciousness, then we are like an empty shell that recognizes only the ego. When consciousness accepts God, it expands throughout the cosmos. Many truths become available to it, we feel an inner confidence that there is “someone” that we are not alone with, and we never lose hope that everything will be the best because it can be. Awareness of God makes us brighter from within. Viewed from a broader perspective, people with God in them are like a lighted lamp. They can light the way for themselves and others. They can find a way out of every situation and the like

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