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What is Authentic Happiness-More Than a Treasure

Who does not seek authentic happiness? But what is authentic happiness? More than a treasure! It’s the ultimate human quest on earth. Everyone wants and desires happiness. Each gives himself the means to reach it and to live it. If others find it there. Some are deluded by happiness. In this article, let’s discover happiness and its lures in four points.

1. What Is Authentic Happiness in Connection with Money?What Is Authentic Happiness in Connection with Money?

Some of these pathways will inexorably lead us to dead ends, undesired events that were not initially planned.

We will, therefore, look a little closer to the paths that it is better not to take pain under pain more or less long term.

The examples that will illustrate these comments will be intentionally caricatured to sensitize readers in a certain way.

It is obvious that we have all experienced very different situations and we must adapt our course of action to a point of “balance” which remains personal.

*** Money

Money, everyone needs it in our society because we have practically abandoned barter. We need money to live; that is to say, to eat, to clothe, to lodge, to move to communicate…

It is currently unthinkable to live in our society without money and those who have no money are entirely dependent on the goodwill of those who own it. There are, for example, children, the unemployed, homeless people, sick people who no longer have resources.

People who have no money can go hungry, cold, sick, and can not get treatment; they can live the decay as for the tramps; the homeless.

In view of all these problems and misfortunes that occur when one is poor or without money, one might think that the accumulation of money and wealth will protect us from all suffering and therefore bring us inevitably to the desired happiness.

Those who direct their lives (exaggeratedly) only for money will realize that happiness is not on this side either.

*** Hard Work for Money

For example, I can make money by making others work for me like in a factory; people who accept to live exploited, because they have no other choice, will resent the exploiters and sooner or later will express discontent. The exploiters will then be victims of feelings of hatred sometimes hidden and will have to support the fact to be unloved. If these people were less concerned about raising money, then they might think about distributing and distributing the wealth that is the result of collective work and at that point, employees would recognize the human values of their boss.

*** I Can Make Money by Chance, Thanks to the Lottery

Imagine that a person has received a large sum of money, so his life will be completely turned upside down. She will stop her work; have occupations that allow her to have fun, all the pleasures of life she says to herself. She can get up at the time she wants, go see friends, girlfriends, have a drink in their company, play cards, go to the cinema, the pool, go out as he sees fit; pay for the restaurant, invite a person of the opposite sex without worrying about his wallet. She will be able to buy a new car, a house with a pool…

*** What if You Are Always on Vacation?

Many people will be interested in her and will ask her to participate a little in their expenses under the guise of friendship. When you are on vacation it feels good to change occupancy. Imagine for a moment that you are always on vacation! That you can satisfy all the pleasures that through your head so quickly enough, you will be jaded without a taste for anything, no longer want to do anything; a life that seemed idyllic gradually turns into depression and nightmare. People basically love you for that money and will let you down like an old sock if you do not satisfy their cravings. From there to sink into the drink, the one that allows you to forget your worries and quickly you are in hell. This somewhat blackened diagram shows that money can give an illusion of happiness for an instant, but you will not resist time if the motive of your existence is solely centered on wealth.

Here, I took two examples of the use of money that does not lead to happiness and we could cite other examples such as the fact of spending without counting and thus getting into debt.

You may be able to earn money honestly from your professional activity, but know how to redistribute the wealth, make it benefit your entourage wisely, and not accumulate, only to hoard in anticipation of a hypothetical lack of money.

*** The Power of Your Money Is Limited

People who are obsessively attached to money end up realizing, sooner or later, that money has power, but limited power. And, that by pursuing money irresponsibly, you end up falling into the trap of greed. This is an obstacle to true happiness so much sought. If you expect to be rich before you are happy or happy. The day you are rich, you will realize that money is not enough and cannot alone give you money.

2. What Is Authentic Happiness and PowerPower and Happiness

Having money is a form of power over things and people.

There are a large number of people who are attracted to power over others. This power can be exercised within the family, in an enterprise, in the life of the commune, or more broadly in political life.

Here again, if the motor of action is to increase one’s power, without end, then relations with one’s fellow beings may be skewed.

To “deserve” a coveted position, I will not hesitate to seduce my superiors and minimize or even crush my colleagues who could claim the same position.

In the political world, we must seduce his future voters with great ideas that will revolutionize everyday life; it is necessary to have “good” relations placed high and especially to arrange to ridicule his adversary; say what to do and avoid doing what one says (without this being known); to give a positive image of oneself with good feelings, to make a speech to fight against poverty, against exclusion, to better distribute wealth, to bring peace to the world.

*** You Have to Judge a Tree with Its Fruits

If we look at the behavior of the person in his immediate surroundings, we are sometimes at odds with professed ideas. As we sometimes say, you have to judge a tree with its fruits.

The search for power, for power, leads the person to do acts that have nothing to do with the love of his fellows.

This person will feel an inner void and will have great difficulty cultivating a true friendship because of his relationship with his entourage and his relationships. In the end, she will have the feeling of having missed something in her life. She may have the power, but not the power to be loved for herself.

3. Authentic Happiness and SexHappiness and Sex

The primary purpose of nature in relation to sexuality is to perpetuate species.

Whether it is a plant, animal, or human species, the mode of reproduction is always the same and we need the two complementary aspects that are the male and female principles.

This mode of reproduction between males and females makes it possible to generate a new individual in the species that inherit genetically from both parents, but which presents particular traits that are not found completely in other individuals of this same species. This new individual is genetically unique, except in the case of a true twin birth.

*** Uniqueness Is Essential

This particularity is necessary for the conservation of the species because, statistically, there will almost always be individuals who will be able to withstand and adapt to changing environmental conditions: climate, contagious diseases, food…

In animals and men, reproduction is the consequence of desires and a sexual act through which intense emotions are felt. Plants, on the other hand, do not feel the emotion and realize this reproduction only thanks to external agents, like the wind and the insects which come to forage on the flowers, then carry the pollen of flower in flower.

If the desire did not exist in animals and men, there would not be this attraction between members of the opposite sex of the same species and therefore no sexual relation would be possible with the consequences that we know.

*** The Pleasant Feeling for Both Partners

The emotions that are experienced through the sexual act are felt very agreeable by both partners if the relationship is freely consented to and lead to a particular state where the emotions are the most intense but short-term called orgasm. In the male individual as soon as the orgasm appears in this union, then the transmission of sperm from the male to the female is realized.

If the encounter between a spermatozoon and an egg then takes place, the whole process of generating a new individual will be able to begin.

*** Many Problems Related to Sexuality Can Arise

Unfortunately, many problems related to sexuality can arise and we will cite the main cases:

– The violence is due to uncontrolled desires or the male individual in particular only seeks his pleasure regardless of his partner. This violence can sometimes lead to death in the case of rape for example …

– Sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, herpes. Here too, some of these diseases can lead to death in the more or less long term.

– The problems and diseases of the embryo then the fetus and finally the individual who is born.

– Sexual intercourse is used for commercial purposes such as prostitution.

– Sexual deviance between partners of the same sex and therefore the impossibility of being able to procreate. Be careful, my aim is not to make a moral judgment about homosexuality but only to look at its consequences for the human species … even if I do not espouse the idea of homosexuality.

– The sexual act that takes place without true love.

– Children who are born and who are not wanted or abortions that remove the new individual in the making.

We see all the ambivalence of sexuality that is life-giving and, in many cases, life-threatening.

Every person possesses sexual energy, which if properly channeled, will be constructive energy if it is badly channeled can in some cases be destructive.

Arrived in adolescence then adulthood many people wish to have sex thinking that they will find the happiness so much hoped for.

I think that people who put their whole life on sex, thinking that happiness awaits them, are quickly going to an impasse and setbacks if there is nothing else; that is to say, if reciprocal feelings, oriented towards the love between the partners, are not at the meeting.

4. Authentic Happiness and DrugsHappiness and Drugs

We need to live to breathe, to eat, to sleep…

All of these needs must be met by following a number of rules such as breathing fresh air, eating a balanced diet, having sufficient sleep and restorative, having regular physical activity …

If all conditions are met then the person will normally be in good health.

On the other hand, we know that there are a number of products that can be injected into the blood, inhaled or ingested, which can lead to pleasant sensations at the moment, or even create impressions that are out of proportion to normal consciousness, indescribable happiness, ecstasy, hallucinations, laughter, and detachment from all material constraints.

All these phenomena last for a limited time and are the result of the action of a product.

We can mention tobacco, alcohol, hashish, cannabis, LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines…

The peculiarity of drugs, whether soft or hard, is to create an addiction in the more or less long term.

To be able to feel the same sensations, the doses will have to be more and stronger.

The direct consequence is the repercussion of these drugs on health with sometimes death as a fatal outcome.

For all these reasons we must as far as possible preserve our body from all drugs, to be able to enjoy as long as possible a well being related to our good health.

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