The wedding feast at Cana story has a lot of angles of view we can focus on. But I’ve chosen this article to focus on the point of view of an ordinary Catholic explanation.

More About The Wedding Feast at Cana StoryThe wedding feast at Cana story has a lot of angles of view we can focus on.

God can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Just like the wedding feast at Cana story in John, chapter two is about the wedding in Cana. It says here: “On the third day, a wedding took place in Cana in Galilee, and Jesus’s mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples also had been invited to the wedding.” And when the wine was gone, Jesus’s mother said to him: “They have no more wine.” Something happened during this festival. During this wedding, the wine was gone. People drank it all, and so it was a problem because the feast wasn’t over yet. It was maybe embarrassing for the bride or another person who organized it. Jesus’s mother turned it to Jesus. Jesus’s first reply was: “Dear woman, why do you involve me? My time has not yet come.”

Simple words told at the wedding in Cana: “Do Whatever He Tells You! “

Well, this expression of Jesus didn’t hinder the faith of the mum. So the mom told the servants: Do whatever he tells you. Do whatever Jesus tells you.” Well, this might sound very simple. Maybe often too simple for us that we just should obey anything. And sometimes, what Jesus might say to us or how God leads us might honestly seem too simple for us. But in this case, the servants did what Jesus said. Namely, they filled buckets with water. And then they surf this water to the guests. Probably there was freight. Wow, what will the guests say when they drink the water? But the miracle happened that the water turned into wine. And actually, all failed amazed that at this festival, the best wine was served at the end.

The Wedding Feast at Cana Story Helps Us in Our Faith

So the wedding feast at Cana story helps us in our faith. It helps us when we encounter similar issues where we don’t know what we do and where we feel the only thing that we can do is turn to Jesus. And we should learn all from Jesus’s mother, who said to the servants: “Whatever he says, do it even if it looks simple. Even if it feels not right for you.” Even in the natural, you don’t believe something would happen, but because it’s Jesus, because it’s godson, because you prayed to expect a miracle, expect something extraordinary will happen. It might be in your finances that you struggle and that you don’t know the way out. Pray to Jesus and do whatever he tells you.

How Do We Know What He Tells Us?

Well, how do we know what He tells us? We believe he gave us the Holy Spirit as our attitude is entirely open to God. It is an attitude of this Lord whatever I send you to want me to do, whatever I feel that this is your leading, whatever your word says, I will do. And I believe If you quiet down if you find a quiet place, if you find enough time to rest your heart in God that there will be the still small voice speaking to you. And you know what’s right. And it might be too simple. Or you might say: “Well, if we follow this voice, what should happen?” But God can do the miracle even in your life. It might be in a relationship that you’re on the verge of giving up. Or a link where you don’t know how to solve some relational issues. Quiet down, take time, listen to God, and even if it sounds so simple, what he says to you, just do it. Just pour the water into the buckets, and it will turn into wine.

Faith Is Essential

The wedding feast at Cana story creates faith in us, and that faith is essential because, as Christians or as believers in God, we function differently. We’re not depending on our own strength. We’re not depending on our own wisdom. We depend on God. And so all this includes that sometimes faith is necessary to take that step of obedience. Faith is necessary sometimes to do simple things and believe that God can do the rest. It’s like our salvation. How do we get safe? It’s not by our words. It’s by simple faith in Jesus. Jesus died for our sins. Jesus’ death on the cross was the death that he died for me, for my sins. That I’m free, I’m set free. I’m saved. In many ways, the Christian faith causes us to obey simple things. Don’t feel it’s too simple. Sometimes it’s just to love people. Or do what the word says. Or humble yourself. There might be many things God tells you, and you sent it’s too simple. The miracle of turning water into wine teaches you; God can change the ordinary into the extraordinary. He can transform an ordinary life and a simple life. Alive where you feel not much is happening. God can use this life and do something unusual. So put your faith in God; takes time to listen. Believe in his word. Believe in His leading, and He can even turn water into wine in your life.


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