These are the biblical principles of health. Since the sin of Adam and Eve, our health has experienced upheavals (diseases, infections, ailments, etc.). Human health has lost its stability. On the other hand, the biblical principles of health are directly related to the fundamental principle of being born and dying.

” There is a time to kill and a time to heal ’’. Ecclesiastes 3: 3.Biblical Principles of Health

As we get older, our tissues and organs lose their vigor. The way we use our organs and our whole body influences our health. Generally, it is the bad use of our organs or the bad habits that we indulge in which cause us diseases, cancers, infections, and evils. This clumsiness kills human health. So to get rid of the bad influence of our sanitary conduct (hygienic, physical, food …) intemperate, the human body reacts, and this is what we call: the disease – the “evil that says” in French.

Biblical Principles of Health Must Be Balanced

Note that there is a time to ” kill,” that is to say, to spend energies, to release forces, to activate our faculties. But be careful not to misuse or abuse. And there is also a time to ” heal,” that is, to rest, to recover strength, vigor, and vitality, and to relax a little. As many times as our organization needs to be active, so many times it also needs to rest. When we take the time to destroy our organism, let us know that it will take time for us to recover the healing of our organism. Just as we need time to spend energy (” kill ”), we also need time to regain vitality and vigor (” heal ”). This is part of the laws of nature. ” The principle of health ” must, therefore, be balanced.

We Are Challenged to Know How to Use Our Faculties

Just as spending enough time working too much is harmful to health; staying idle or idleness is harmful to your health. Knowing that any excess or obsession hurts. We are therefore challenged to know how to use our faculties, our strengths, our abilities, etc. at the right time, according to the way and the will of God. For them to be vitalized, to refresh in due time also according to the way and the will of God. This is our interest in our health.

Biblical Principles of Health Demands Temperance

At this point, the Lord calls us to practice temperance. The whole human organism obeys “biblical principles of health,” which in fact is part of the laws of nature to which the human organism is called to bend. The human being is a limited being: our strengths, our faculties, our abilities all have limits. And it is our health not to surpass them at the risk of perishing.

Biblical Principles of Health-Money Is Good, but Health Is Better

Unfortunately, it is a pity in society; we see men working like machines, abusing themselves, and especially not thinking of rest for a materialistic cause (money). It is deplorable to see people ready to put their health at risk as well … As the saying goes, “ money is good, but health is better “. For what is the use of having money and running out of health? Health is paramount in the life of a human being. Yes, at work and the use of our bodies, but no to abuse for greedy or unhealthy reasons. If there is one wonderful divine gift that we must take for granted, it is without a doubt: health. Life begins with perfect health. There is no happy life without perfect health. How much do we not have to worry about our health? We must think about our moral, physical, mental, spiritual health.

Our Body Is the Temple of God

God will not let unpunished people be abused by destroying their bodies and minds that have been redeemed with precious blood – that of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our body is the temple of God, and it is incumbent on us to take care of our bodies for the glory of God by respecting the divine principles related to health and healing both in eating, drinking, and in the way of living in general.

God’s wish is for us to use our bodies and faculties well for a life of joy, peace, and well-being to achieve prosperous health. Hence the words of our Creator God, quoted in these terms: ” Beloved, I wish you to prosper in all respects and be in good health, as prosperous the state of your soul. ”  3 John 2.

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