Here is the principle of “rethinking and building”. The Fourth part of Biblical Principles of Life and Time. “A time to cut down, and a time to build.” Ecclesiastes 3: 3.

Biblical principles are fundamental truths applicable in a variety of situations. On the other hand, biblical laws have a narrower application and apply to some specific situations (Deuteronomy 22: 8). We must learn to judge wisely so that we can use the appropriate principle in certain circumstances (Proverbs 2: 10-12). For example, the Bible teaches us that life is a gift from God. This fundamental principle can guide us while we are at work, at home, or while traveling. He encourages us to take care of our own and other people’s lives, that is, to take the necessary precautions.

It applies to all areas of life, whether professional, social, economic. The term ” to cut down ” means to start over, redo an action, an activity, a vision, etc.
Biblical Principles of Life

The fourth part of the Biblical Principles of Life and Time

It happens in life, in a human being, where he must know how to pause to weigh, take stock of his actions, ways, ideologies, etc. And especially of his life in general. That’s the meaning of ” rethink ” that we give it. In all things, at one point, the man must pause: for evaluation in all areas of his life.

The Bible Challenges

The Bible challenges us in these terms: “Now I ask you, me, the Lord of the universe, think about what you do. – ( Haggai 1: 5, Word of Life Version). ” For your resolutions will answer success; on your paths will shine the light. ”  (Job 22:28, King James Version).

Time to Cut Down

We must, therefore, have time to reflect on the results of our actions, our activities, our choices, our decisions, our ways, our conceptions. In a word, there is a time to do a self-examination or a self-evaluation. This is the meaning of the expression; there is a time to ” cut down ”. And the purpose of this time is to guide us better, organize us to better walk, or learn to improve.

Time to Build

At the same time, there is a time to ” build ”. Yes, a time to take action after self-examination, self-assessment, or reflection (balance sheet, analysis). Yes, it is the time to undertake, correct the mistakes of the past, to get back into the race and in the course of life after the break (which allowed us to reflect, to rethink on an area of our life or about our principles of life in general). This is the phase of renewal, of the new beginning.

In all things, there is a time and a favorable way of self-criticism, self-evaluation, or self-examination on an area of our life or our conduct. The best way and the best time to do this is according to the time, the way, the divine will, and the biblical principles of life advocated by the Bible. Without forgetting, the assistance of God is obtained through prayer and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All records of life, activity, or enterprise must be on the spiritual plane and according to the principles of God.

Indeed, We can better carry out an assessment, then draw suitable lessons and take good initiatives, then fail in the construction, that is, in the renewal, restart, recovery, etc. Let’s put into practice the resolutions that we adopted during our assessment. In contrast, the one who makes a lousy balance should expect the same results before the balance sheet.

For Better Orientation on  the Biblical Principles of Life and Time

That time of the assessment has a remarkable place in your life or your company. This allows you to better orient your life or your activity. Note that the balance sheet is analyzed according to our objectives before. And the results of our review should help us make new resolutions and directions while setting new targets or renewing precedents.

We are called to understand that ” this principle of the balance sheet and construction ” or ” to rethink and build ” or even ” to demolish and build ” is part of the laws of nature and biblical principles of life. And therefore, this principle can only be advantageous when it applies according to the manner, the time, and the will of God.

We Give the Following Advice from God:

– “Acknowledge him [God] in all your ways, and he will make your paths straight ” (Proverbs 3: 6).
– ” Thus saith Jehovah: Be ye in the ways, look, and ask what the old paths are, what is the right way; walk in it, and you will find the rest of your souls …  ” (Jeremiah 6: 16).

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