The one who is already born must expect to die one day [and this until the end of the world marked by the advent of Jesus Christ]. Just as no one knew when and where he was going to be born, no one served when he died. So there is time to be born and a time to die.

There Is a Time to Be Born and Time to Die-Ecclesiastes 3: 2There Is a Time to Be Born and a Time to Die

But we are all sure of one thing death is a rendezvous, a must for mortals [as an exception, as was the case with Henoc (see Genesis 3:24), of which God has decided other]. Indeed, it helps us understand that everything has a beginning and an end. Every human life is inscribed in time, especially in an exact time. We are born in God’s time, and we die in God’s time. By this, we understand that we are mortal beings, limited in time and space. No human being is born immortal. Whoever prolongs or has the power, the monopoly to prolong the life of a human being, it is God alone. In the calendar of God, since sin entered the human race: this principle of life: “time to be born and time to die,” has taken place in humanity. And this principle extends even to all living and non-living beings of this world.

Enjoy Every Moment

There is an African adage in “Wê” country among the Guéré who says: “What does a man do that never ends?
This principle of “Time to Be Born and Time to Die”  must constantly be in our minds. We must never lose the life that time belongs to us. That’s why we must enjoy every moment of our life. Every second minute must be used and occupied
as precious.

Make Good Use of Time in Life!

Today we live. Tomorrow, maybe, not. We knew when we were born, but never will we know exactly when we will die on this earth or when will be the end of the world. We can know the beginning of a thing, but never an end. That is why the wise man will always seek to benefit from the time he has.
By this principle of being born and dying, we are called to make good use of time for our joy, our happiness, our health, our wealth, our success.
The principle of “time to be born” influences all human activity and its surroundings. Nothing that happens on this earth escapes this principle. Only that principle applies in various forms and circumstances depending on the setting of life.
In the following principles, we will understand better.

We Know That Our Time Is Limited

Unlike all other creatures on this planet, we are the only ones who know that our time is limited. And this knowledge shapes us as humans. This feeling for the poignancy and transience of our lives has been at the root of so much. Throughout history, the awareness that our time is limited, that our life will eventually end, has driven humans to search for a way out. For centuries religions have provided one. At the heart of religions, practically all the world’s religions, there is the offer of eternal life. Time without end.
The promise of eternal life was a powerful incentive for the people who worshipped the Bible. They knew that God controlled the time. They read that Adam had reached over 900 years of age. And Methuselah the oldest, he lived to be 969 years. So they knew God had the power over earthly time and they believed that God could grant them an infinite life extension.

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