In this article, you will be asked to take note of the link between the law of attraction and how to use a quantum healing technique.

On the other hand, we will offer you a summary of a book on quantum healing.

The most common assertion regarding the law of attraction is that it is more used for our development. But if you were invited to go beyond this conception. And yes, the law of attraction can contribute to your healing. But how?

In recent years, advances in quantum physics have joined the intuitions of certain spiritualities and philosophies, opening new perspectives of physical, psychic, emotional, and spiritual healing.

I – Law of Attraction – How to Use a Quantum Healing TechniqueHow to Use Quantum Healing Technique

1 – A Quantum Healing Technique

The mind can heal the body, and all healings come from within. It is true. But the problem is that most of us have been told for so long that it does not work that way, that if we want to heal ourselves, nothing happens. The belief that it’s easy to do has disappeared. We have replaced this belief with beliefs that say, “We have no control over our body” and “We are at the mercy of our bodies and diseases that can cause us to suffer at any time.” Huge misunderstanding about diseases and how they can be cured.

As we said, we are always able to manifest healing with the law of attraction; it is also called a quantum healing technique; we just have to use our thoughts to influence the behavior of our bodies. And there are many ways to do that; for some, they need a scientific explanation of how quantum healing works to accept that they can do the same; for others, you have to see testimonials; and for others, they need an authority to tell them that it will work.

2 – Move Your Vibrations

Healing the body is nothing more than moving your vibration from its lowest level (hence the disease or a failure of your body) to its highest level to feel good and healthy. And again, there are several methods to move your vibration; new methods are coming regularly; as far as I’m concerned, the method I use is tapping.

I like to say that it is another tool for me. All tools have a purpose and are more effective depending on the situations but also the people who use them. There are, for example, people who have very positive results with tapping, also called EFT, like me, and others like reiki. What you need to understand is that the law of attraction works when you feel good, so use the method that makes you feel comfortable.

There is no one method that is better than the others.

Finally, it does not matter which tool you use as long as it works. If your method makes you feel better, then it’s the right one. And never think that because it worked on you will necessarily work on others, you are a unique person with a unique sensibility, and it is the same for each of us.

II – Quantum Healing Technique

According to Frank Kinslow (Summary of His Book). A Summary Proposed By Wladislas BARATH.

This book, by the title Tout (of course, written by an American), results in surprising results, apart from any logic. Frank Kinslow could be a soft light of the New Age trend – I was a little afraid to find a silly book from a guy who thought he had reinvented the wheel and trying to convince himself of the importance of his own nickname -discovered – but obviously, behind his ultra-simple technique, there are years of meditation and self-seeking.

The technique would suit perfectly lazy people since it is a question of doing nothing, of not expecting anything: first of all, to make a request, then to put two fingers on a muscle, then to feel the sensation under each finger simultaneously, then the state in which one is, and finally be aware of these three sensations at the same time. It’s simple, right? But how could this yield results? This is what Frank Kinslow explains in the first part of his book, and I think it is fundamental to understand it.

The book has 18 chapters but is roughly divided into three parts. In this book, Frank Kinslow gives everything. It does not succeed, like most books in the middle, on a seminar or a course to follow. This is not a propaganda book for his own factory. No. There, he gives everything, and there is no need for more because it is simple, ultra-simple, and there is no more to say. His intention is that everyone can do it.

– Part One: Pure Consciousness

I often repeat in a consultation that to be happy, one has to correct one’s own representations of reality in order to try to match them as best as possible, as it is and not as we would like it to be. If you handle a pistol, for example, by taking it for a hammer, you risk hurting yourself. It is, therefore, important to understand a tool in order to use it to its full potential. This is the role of the first six chapters of the book, where the author discusses the concept of Pure Consciousness by explaining why it allows healing. For this, it details very simply what thoughts, emotions, and where they come from.

Thoughts and emotions are associated with thought forms. They are born of pure Consciousness and separate from it, becoming autonomous and endowing themselves naturally with a feeling of abandonment and fear since separated from their source. But we are the result of these thought-forms. These come to life in our minds, and we believe these thoughts. Returning to Pure Consciousness, all this fades, and a resonance effect soothes and dissolves all toxic thought-forms, and thus their material effect in our lives.

Pure Consciousness is not the fruit of our brain, as are the thought-forms. To find it, we must not use the mind. Pure Consciousness is a sensation beyond emotions (not in the sense of higher or higher, but in the sense that it is not made of emotion).

– Second Part: the Eufeeling

The experiences of Bliss, Bliss, or Unconditional Love are not emotions. On the contrary, they appear when the mind ceases, when we stop identifying ourselves with our thought forms. To differentiate them from our emotions, the author named these states Eufeeling (condensed term of the English “Eufeelings/feelings” and “euphorics / euphoric,” meaning “joy without object” or “happiness“) because it is a sensation, but emotions do not enter it. If they entered, the Eufeeling would cease.

Finding this state is not complicated. It is enough to put yourself in the position of observer of his own thoughts and to note the sensation at that moment, then to stretch the time of this state. The proposed technique is simple: think of positive things, then unexpectedly, take a distance, and observe the thought in short moments. You now see it from the outside and do not identify it anymore. You have come to realize that you are not the thought – nor the emotions that go with it – but the consciousness that awkwardly believes to be and that lives these thought-forms as if it were that. Staying in this state is called Eufeeling.

“Pure Consciousness can only be apprehended by lack of experience.”

– Part 3: The Technique and Its Application

The technique takes place in 2 stages: intention and feeling.

First, mentally formulate your request accurately, positively, and in the present, then detach yourself completely. Do not expect anything.

Then, as explained above, use the triangulation process of placing a finger of each hand on a muscle (preferably choose a muscle that has an abnormal contraction) to feel successively the sensation perceived under each finger, then to perceive both sensations at the same time and finally, to add the feeling that emerges from this simple simultaneous perception (at the same time). Finally, stay in this state until muscular relaxation marks the success of the technique.

Looking at one’s sensations allows one to divert attention to something other than the request made previously. It is imperative to get away from it and to expect nothing because the way to arrive at the result remains, whatever happens, unexpected. It is better not to expect anything. Otherwise, the process will be put in the wrong direction and therefore deadlocked.

*** Wladislas BARATH’s Impression of Frank J Kinslow’s Book Quantum Healing Technique

So the question here is: does it work? Well, I must say that for me, it’s disconcerting. I tested it in the office, in secret, without saying anything to people, simply adding it to my usual techniques. The results are automatic, similar to what I did in some cases in “dialogue” with the cells of the body, but much more powerful and, above all, reproducible. I must even say that now, I understand my failures when I used my own personal technique, which was already very surprising.

I cannot recommend this book too much.

Buy it. Read it and especially: practice it. I wish everyone could use this quantum healing technique. Still, there are two big obstacles to its success: our beliefs about it (because, after all, it’s amazing that by not doing much, we have so many results and because the power of Consciousness follows the path of our beliefs) and our understanding of Consciousness. I do not know if everyone understands what the author explains, even if it simplifies frankly remarkably. I read it with my experiences and my own research on Consciousness and the Self. As a result, I can guarantee the high quality of the contents of this book, but will people be aware of the scope of what is in it? Will they not mix everything? What is the difference between our consciousness and pure Consciousness? Some definitions are missing that would allow everyone to understand the place of Man and his different structures, in short, his own psychic mechanism. But, it must be said, this book is of great quality despite this. It may not be for anything if, in America, it remains at the top of sales in the field of health.

Those who read it and practiced it, what do you think? I will be curious to know what you have learned and what you have done with it. Have you had results as I could have? Tell us about your experience because mine is sincerely positive!

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