More and more, we are learning about the law of attraction. Everybody talks about it. But does the law of attraction really work, and how? The answer to this question will be taken from an excerpt from the book, Avant-garde Creators.

Discover the law of attraction according to Abraham, Esther, and Jerry Hicks, Extracts from the book ‘ Avant-garde Creator ’ (in French, Créateurs d’avant-garde) p. 25-31, Ariane Editions, 2006

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work, and How?Does the Law of Attraction Really Work, and How?

Each thought gives off vibration and emits a signal, which attracts a corresponding signal to it. We call this process the Law of Attraction.

Under this law, what looks alike is coming together. You could, therefore, consider this powerful law of attraction as a kind of universal management system that makes all thoughts of a similar nature align with each other.

You have a demonstration of this principle when you turn on the radio and tune to a station whose signal is emitted from a transmission tower. Of course, you do not expect to hear music played on FM 101 when your radio receiver is set to FM 98.6. You understand that the radio frequency transmitted must correspond to the tuned radio frequency, which is in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

Therefore, when you live a thing that causes you to emit the vibrations of any desire, then you must find a way to keep you constantly in vibratory harmony with that desire in order to reap the results.

What Do You Pay Attention To?

Everything to which you give your attention causes you to emit a vibration, and as this equals a query, it becomes your point of attraction.

If there is one thing you want, just focus on it. By virtue of the law of attraction, it will manifest itself to you, because by thinking about it or feeling that desire, you emit a vibration from which this thing must come to you.

However, if your focus is essentially on the fact that you do not have the desired thing, then the Law of Attraction will cause the result to match that vibration of lack and you will continue to not get what you desire. That is this law.

How Do I Know What I’m Attracting?

The key to getting what you want is to establish a vibratory harmony with what you want. And the easiest way to do that is to imagine that you’ve gotten it, to pretend that the object of your desire is already part of your reality, to visualize that you are enjoying it to the full. By exercising yourself to keep such thoughts and to constantly emit this vibration; you will establish in you the state of being necessary to ensure its manifestation.

In addition, by observing how you feel, you can easily know if you pay attention to your desire or if you think only of its absence. When your thoughts perfectly match your desire, you feel good, your emotional range goes from contentment to hope, from the yearning to joy. If, on the other hand, your attention is focused on lack or absence, then your emotions are dominated by pessimism, worry, discouragement, anger, insecurity, and depression.

By becoming aware of your emotions, you will always know if you are doing well in terms of the permission aspect of your creative process and you will never again misunderstand why things happen as they do. do. Your emotions are a wonderful guidance system for you. If you pay attention, you will be able to guide you to get everything you want.

You Get What You Think, Whether You like It or Not

By virtue of the powerful law of universal attraction, you draw to yourself the essence of all that predominates in your thoughts. Therefore, if you think of the things you want most, your life experience will reflect that. In the same way, if you think mostly about what you do not want, it will also reflect in your life.

When you think of something, it can be compared to planning a future event, just like when you are enjoying something or worrying about something. To worry about anything is to use your imagination to create that unwanted thing.

Every thought, every idea, everything emits a vibration. Thus, when you focus your attention on something, even for a few moments, the vibration emanating from your Being begins to reflect the thing to which you give your attention. The more you think about it, the more you vibrate in tune with this thing, and the more your vibration harmonizes there, the more you attract what is of the same nature as this one. This attraction will continue to grow until you emit a different vibration, and then things corresponding to this new vibration will be attracted to you.

When you will know the answer to the question “Does the law of attraction really works, and how?”, you will never be surprised at what happens in your life, because you will understand that you have invited by your own thoughts everything that happens.

As there are no exceptions to this powerful universal law, it is easy to fully understand how it works. Once you have grasped that you are getting what you think and, just as importantly, that you remain alert to what you think, you are able to exercise absolute control over your own life.

What Are Your Vibratory Differences?

Here are some examples. In your thoughts of appreciation to your partner, there are important vibratory differences, as well as those related to the things you would like to change in him or her. The relationships you have with your partner inevitably reflect your predominant thoughts about it. Indeed, even if it is not conscious, it is literally the strength of your thought that has blossomed and blossomed your relationship.

Your desire to improve your financial situation cannot be achieved if you often feel jealousy about your neighbor’s good fortune, because the vibration of your desire and that of your jealousy is very different from the other.

A good understanding of your vibratory nature will lead you to easily and deliberately create your own reality. Thereafter, with time and practice, you will discover that all your desires can come to fruition, because there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have.

You Are a Gatherer of Vibratory Energy

You are consciousness, energy, vibration, electricity, source of energy, and creator. You are on the cutting edge of thought. You are the most precise and active to bring to you and use the Energy that creates the worlds, which exist everywhere in this universe in perpetual evolution and in eternal becoming.

You are a creative genius expressing his presence in this spatiotemporal reality, in order to bring thought beyond what it may have been before.

Even if it may seem strange at first, it will be useful for you to gradually accept the fact that you are a vibratory being, since you live in a universe where everything is vibration, where the laws that govern it are based on control of vibrations.

As soon as you have become consciously one with the universal laws, as soon as you have acquired a perfect understanding of the reason why things react as they do, all that is a source of mystery and confusion in your mind will give way to clarity and understanding. Doubt and fear will be replaced by knowledge and trust, uncertainty will become a certainty, and joy will again be the first foundation of your existence.

When Your Desires and Beliefs Are in Vibratory Harmony

In accordance with the law of attraction according to which what looks alike assembles, the vibration of your Being must be harmonized with that of your desire so that you can fully receive what will result from it. You can not desire to obtain a thing, to have only concern for the absence of this thing, and then to hope to receive it, for the vibratory frequency of its absence is at places of that of its presence. In other words, to receive what you want to achieve, the vibration of your desire and that of your belief must perfectly match.

Here is a more general overview of what awaits you. Through all the experiences you have here in your divinely unique perspective, you can identify, consciously or unconsciously, your personal preferences. However, as it happens, the Source, who hears you and adores you, responds immediately to your vibratory requests, whether you have verbalized them or not.

Therefore, whatever your request, whether you have made it in person or only by the subtle expression of your desire, your request is heard and receives an answer every time, without exception. Whatever you ask, it is always granted to you.

All That Is … Benefits from Your Existence

Because of all that you have lived, which has led you to formulate certain specific desires, and since the Source fulfills your demands, the universe in which we all exist is expanding. What a wonderful thing!

Your current spatiotemporal reality, your culture, your way of seeing things – everything that helps shape your perspective – have evolved for countless generations. In fact, it would be impossible to trace all the desires, all conclusions, and perceptions that gave rise to the unique perspective you have on things here and now. But we want to emphasize one thing: no matter what is behind your unique point of view, it does exist. You exist! You think, perceive and ask – and receive answers. The Universal Consciousness of All That Is Benefiting From Your Existence and Perspective on Things.

Your importance can not, therefore, be questioned, not in our eyes at least. We are perfectly aware of your immense value. We know that you deserve to have the Energy at the origin of the creation of the worlds in answer to the least of your desires. And we also know that this is the case but that many of you, for a multitude of reasons, make sure to stop receiving the things requested.

Rediscover the Art of Accepting Your Natural Well-Being

We want to help you rediscover your innate ability to allow the well-being of this universe to flow constantly and unrestrictedly into your life. We call this discipline the Art of allowing. It is because of this that well-being – constituting every particle of your Being and the Source – can continue to flow in you. The art of enabling is above all an attitude in which you stop resisting well-being. This well-being is quite natural; He is your inheritance, your Source, and your very Being.

No preliminary course is required to assimilate what is presented here. This book is written so that you can begin receiving without further delay what you are entitled to. You are ready for this information, which is already at your disposal.

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