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Ten Ways to Love Yourself by Louise Hay

Let me represent ten ways how to love yourself by Louise Hay. The thoughts we choose to think are the tools to paint the canvas of our lives.

Ten Ways to Love Yourself by Louise HayLouise Hay (1926 – 2017) was the initiator of the self-help movement, which began its awareness-raising journey in the 1970s. With her unwavering love and faith in a positive approach to life, she has helped countless people discover and harness the capacity of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. In lectures, workshops, and seminars, she talked about the practical steps to clear fears and the causes of illness.

With affirmations, created by Louise Hay as a tool to shift the mental focus to the positive aspects of life, she presented us with a starting point on the path to change. She was one of the first to begin to excite in man the ability to contribute to the healing process. Yet, in order to stay whole and healthy, we need to balance the body, mind, and spirit. We need to take care of our bodies, take a positive mindset towards life, and create a strong spiritual bond. When these three are balanced, we participate in the healing process and truly enjoy life.

Louise Hay is still considered one of the bestselling authors in history. Her works have been translated into 25 languages and have been published in 33 countries. She founded one of the most famous publishing houses, Hay House, which publishes self-help manuals and audio material.

Louise Hay Always Emphasized, “If We Are Willing to Change Our Minds, We Can Change Our Lives.”

Her belief that illness could be eliminated through changes in thought patterns turned out to be true when she was offered the opportunity to exercise herself, which she taught others for several years. When doctors diagnosed her with vaginal cancer, Louise Hay knew that mental therapy was effective. She was aware that cancer stemmed from a pattern of deep and long-term resentment that had plagued her body since she was raped at the age of five and then abused throughout her childhood.

She was convinced that cancer or any other disease would recuperate because the patient did not opt for mental change. She was aware that she would not need a doctor if she was lucky enough to break down the thought pattern that triggered the disease. With the help of her teacher, she set about cleaning old resentment patterns. Until then, she did not recognize the deep resentment she had cultivated within herself.

After six months of mental and physical cleansing, the cancerous formations of Louise Hay wholly disappeared. In her case, she showed that “external” methods cannot cure some diseases, but that we must go inward and heal our inner world.

Often, we do not see our harmful patterns until we are “forced” to investigate more deeply the causes of our problems and take responsibility for our lives.

Tragedy can turn into the best that can happen to us if we allow ourselves to develop through it.

Fear Is a Lack of Confidence

Chronic patterns of self-hatred, guilt, and self-criticism increase the body’s stress levels and weaken the immune system.

Fear scatters across the planet. In the form of wars, murders, greed, and more, you can see and hear it daily in the daily news. Fear is a lack of confidence in us, and it also causes a lack of confidence in life. We do not believe that it is taken care of at a higher level, so it seems to us that we have to control everything at the physical level. Of course, this is why we feel fear because we cannot control everything in our lives.

We learn to trust when we want to overcome our fears. That’s when the “leap into fate” happens. Trust in the power within that is linked to universal intelligence. Trust in the invisible, not just trust in the physical, material world. Let us observe our fears and recognize that they are not us. We think of fear as images on film. What we see on the screen is not really there.

Fear is the opposite of love. The more willing we are to love and trust what we are, the more we have attracted it. Have we noticed how very everything is wrong in our lives when we are really afraid, anxious, upset, or disliked? One follows the other. It seems like it will never stop. Well, it’s like when we really love ourselves. Everything is starting to win, and we are always discovering the things that make life so beautiful – big and small. We get up in the morning, and the day goes well.

Let’s love ourselves so that we can take care of ourselves. We do everything we can to strengthen our hearts, body, and mind. Let us cling to the power that is within us. Let us establish an excellent spiritual connection and strive to keep it. If we feel threatened or scared, we breathe consciously. When we are afraid, we often hold our breath. Breathing opens the space within us, which is our strength. That flattens our spine. It opens our chest and gives to heart room to expand. With breathing, we begin to remove obstacles and open ourselves. Instead of shrinking, we stretch.

The more you connect with the power within you, the freer you are in all areas of life.

Ten Ways to Love Yourself by Louise Hay:

1. Probably the most critical decision is to stop criticizing yourself.

2. You should no longer be afraid. Many are scared of fear-filled thoughts, which is why they see situations in a worse light.

3. The next way is to be kind, gentle, and patient with yourself. Patience is a tool that has high power.

4. You must learn to be kind to your mind. Don’t hate yourself because you have negative thoughts. Instead, think that your thoughts build you up, not deny you.

5. The next step is to be proud. Criticism breaks down the inner spirit, and praise builds it.

6. To love is to stand by your side. Let your friends help you. You are really very powerful when you ask for help if you need it.

7. Love your negativities. They are part of your own creation, just as we are all part of God’s creation. The intelligence that created us doesn’t hate you for making mistakes or getting angry at your kids.

8. Take care of your body. Think of it as a gorgeous house where you settled for a while.

9. Work with a mirror, especially when trying to find the cause of a problem that doesn’t allow you to make love. There are many ways to practice before the mirror.

10. Finally, love yourself in the present moment – do not wait until you are completely successful.

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