” God exists. There is only one and only God the Creator “. Scientific proof for God’s existence: there are some. In this article, we will try to present to you some of them. What are the relevant and indisputable scientific proofs for God’s existence?

Since men tend to make Science “a religion.” Since men turn to Science as a source of knowledge and truth. Thus, we will carry the anchor of our pen not only on the scientific discoveries that will convince more – and also on the insufficiencies, the limits of Science that justify the existence of  God – of a real God, that of the Universe.

Scientific Proof for God’s Existence 1 – the Universe Testimonies of Its Creator

Do you want to have scientific proof for God’s existence? Consider the creation of God! In the Bible, it says, ” The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who unjustly hold captive truth, for what can be known of God is manifest to them, God has given them makes known. In fact, the invisible perfections of God, his eternal power, and his divinity are seen as in the eye, since the creation of the world, when they are considered in his works. They are therefore inexcusable, since they have known God, and have not given him thanks. But they went astray in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was plunged into darkness. ” (Romans 1: 18-21)
Even scientific proof for God’s existence tells us that the world was created by a real God.

Cosmology: The World Had a Beginning

But the theory of evolution postulates that the earth and the universe were formed very slowly in infinite times, or that the universe has always existed. Atheist astronomer Carl Sagan said, ” The cosmos is all there is, or there was, or there will be. This is not true! Cosmology had recently shown that there was a time when the cosmos did not exist – that is, there was a beginning at a given moment. ” That’s exactly what the Bible says. In Genesis 1: 1 we read, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The Bible and scientific discoveries clearly indicate that the earth and the universe have not always existed.

Astronomers Confirm That the Universe Teaches the Existence of God

Astronomers, studying the galactic movement, have observed that the universe is expanding outside a given point, but at a proportionally decreasing speed. It seems that the universe began with a massive explosion. We refer to it as ” the big bang.” Scientists have come to detect echoes of this explosion, which still resonate throughout the universe; this is called ” radiant echo ” or ” background noise.”

Stephen Hawking, a researcher in theoretical physics at Cambridge University, wrote that the big bang of cosmology reveals ” the thought of God.” American astrophysicist George Smoot spoke of background radiation as ” the handwriting of God ” (Science, August 15, 1997, page 890). Such evidence compels scientists to revisit long-cherished naturalistic theories.

For Physicists: The World Had a Beginning

Physicists have also formulated laws concerning thermodynamics. The first of these laws shows that the amount of energy in the universe remains constant. The second law indicates that the amount of usable energy in a closed system (the universe) is decreasing. It means that the universe is exhausting; as a result ” it cannot have existed forever, and it will not always exist in the future ” (When Skeptics Ask, Geisler and Brooks, 1996, page 220). He had a beginning. The presence of radioactive elements (such as carbon 14) that degrade in measurable proportions (called a half-life) also indicates that there was a time when these elements were radioactive. Hence, the further indication that there was a beginning. This is also contrary to what evolutionists put in theory but agrees with the Scriptures.

• Scientific Proof for God’s Existence is the Scientific Formula Effect-Cause Shows That the Universe Was Created

But what is the causal agent that brought the universe to be?  Science operates on the principle that for every effect there is a cause. So, what caused the big bang? Was it just a blind force, or was it an intelligent being, a creative God who had taken care to plan it in advance? Since this is an event that occurred at a given time and was neither observed nor repeated, the scientific method is unable to make a decision in this regard. As for the origins, we must go beyond the world of scientific investigations. Nevertheless, the Bible describes the origin of the universe and the earth in terms compatible with the facts observed by scientists. Finding that the universe had a definite beginning corresponds to the crystal clear statements of the Bible.

The Bible makes it very clear that there are more life forms that natural science can discover. These various aspects are revealed by the Creator – the real God of the universe – and cannot be demonstrated by scientific laboratory methods! Creation, in all its aspects, requires a Creator. And even the architectural plan of the Universe does the same!
So far we have scientific proof God exists, but that’s not all. Read the rest of this article, and you will discover more.

Scientific Proof for God’s Existence 2 – the Plan of the Universe Requires an Architect

One of the greatest proofs that God exists, and one of the most remarkable aspects of the true God, is seen in the extraordinary ordering of the universe – even in the smallest atom of the cosmos. It is here that evolutionary theories are defeated. It is in this area that surprising discoveries have been made recently, forcing even the most skeptical scientists to consider the reality of God.

Solomon wrote: ” By wisdom, the LORD has made the earth, and by understanding, he has made the heavens strong ” (Proverbs 3:19). Speaking of the human body, David said, “ I praise you for being such a wonderful creature. Your works are admirable. ”  (Psalm 139: 14).

Abraham Lincoln once made this reflection: ” I come to understand that a man can observe the earth and declare himself an atheist, but I cannot conceive that he is observing the heavens and saying that there is no of God. ”  Albert Einstein concluded that ” God is not playing dice with the universe.”SCIENTIFIC PROOF FOR GOD EXISTENCE

Eyes Could Hardly Be Explained by the Evolutionary Process

The profound truth of these statements is beginning to be taken seriously by the scientific community, following the recent surprising discoveries observed in fields as diverse as molecular biology and cosmology. Darwin recognized that ” complex organs such as the eyes could hardly be explained by the evolutionary process emphasized by his theory,”  but he did not imagine how complicated the molecular biology of vision would be (Christian Century, 15 July 22, 1998, pages 679-680). The biochemist Michaël Behe writes in Darwin’s Black Box that the inability of evolutionists to explain the development of such complicated structures and processes is “a powerful sign that Darwinism is an inadequate framework for understanding the origin of the complex biochemical system “(Ibid.)

Another Scientific Proof for God’s Existence Is the Fact That the Universe Is Not a Stroke of Luck

The obvious discoveries about the universe corroborate that. The more human knowledge grows, the greater the evidence that the universe is not a stroke of luck. One writer observed, ” The same science that” killed “God restores faith in the eyes of believers. Physicists have found evidence that the cosmos has been made to measure that life and knowledge become possible. In this case, if the constants of nature – the invariable values such as the force of gravity, the charge of the electron, and the mass of a proton – were barely different, the atoms would not stand between them, the stars would not burn, and life could never have appeared  “(Newsweek, July 20, 1998, page 48). Physicist John Polkinghorn, who became a priest in the Anglican Church, wrote, ” When you realize that the laws of nature need incredibly fine coordination to produce the universe we see, the idea implant in your mind that the universe is something other than a statement; it is obvious that a design is hiding behind it “(Ibid.) The astrophysicist Hugh Ross identifies 33 conditions for life on earth to be possible (see The Creator and the Cosmos, Ross, 1993, pp. 131-145).

Anthropic Principle

A growing number of scientists working in the fields of physics, astronomy, and cosmology, admit what is called the ” anthropic principle ” (in Greek Anthropos =  man). This principle, suggested in the 1970s by the physicist Brandon Carter, states that to allow life to exist on earth, all conditions had to be ” planned in advance  ” from the beginning of the cosmos. As Patrick Glynn of Harvard University puts it: ” It seems that the most fundamental explanation for the universe is that it results from an orchestrated process to enable the creation of human beings ” (God: The Evidence, Glynn, 1997, pages 7, 32). Further on, Glynn states: ” From the scientific point of view, the fact that the universe suggests that it had a definite beginning could be quite disturbing. But what leads virtually all cosmologists to the confusion is the anthropological principle ” – that is, the earth and the universe were created for humanity (Ibid., P. 42). What a fantastic remark coming from a current scholar!

God Created Human Beings in His Own Image

Although the idea of a world planned in advance for humanity may shock atheists and evolutionists, yet this is what the Bible states transparently. The scriptures reveal that God created human beings for a particular purpose. In Genesis 1: 26-28, we read that God created human beings in His own image (not like a monkey) and gave them dominion over the earth – to govern and manage it.

On this subject, Professor of Theology Douglas S. Winnail extends his pen and says: “ The Apostle Paul told the Romans that we can become ” sons of God ” and, ” heirs of God, and co-heirs of Christ ” (Romans 8: 14-17). This means that we will share, by inheritance, what Jesus Christ possesses – that is, eternal life (1 Corinthians 15: 50-53) and the government on this earth in the coming Kingdom of God (Revelation: 5:10). The Bible reveals that human beings were created with the ultimate goal of being part of the family of God (1 John 3: 1-4, Hebrews 2: 1-11) and governing this earth with Jesus Christ (Daniel 7:27). This is the purpose of human life. Nevertheless, this truth was perverted and stifled over the centuries! Even most theologians do not understand it nowadays.’’ Such are Douglas S. Winnail’s comments about the purpose of the creation of humanity.

Zoologist Richard Dawkins

Compare the future revealed by the true God to the ideas of the zoologist Richard Dawkins, for whom ” the universe that we observe is without a plan, without a goal, without evil, without good, without anything, except useless indifference [ … we are only machines to produce DNA […] This is the only reason to live for a living object “(Science, August 15, 1997, page 892). Why be surprised if people do not see the real purpose of life, or have no hope or enthusiasm for the future? Science, philosophy, and theology have failed to understand the real meaning of life! – Says Douglas S. Winnail.

However, the real God who designed and created this universe also has a purpose and purpose for humanity. Scientists are discovering the extraordinary evidence of a smart plan in the cosmos. The scriptures reveal the ultimate fantasy of humanity. An intelligent and effective plan – both in the physical and spiritual realm – requires a supernatural Architect – a real God!

All scientific statements about the plan of the universe are scientific evidence for God’s existence.

Scientific Proof for God’s Existence 3 – Life Requires a Giver of Life

Always speaking of the proofs of the real God, another element imposes itself on us: Life. Earth is alive with life. From snow from the Arctic to the rainforests of the Amazon, from the Sahara Desert to the Everglades, from the depths of the oceans plunged in the darkness to the summits of the mountains bathed in light: life is everywhere and constitutes a perpetual source of astonishment. It comes in shapes, sizes, and quantities that defy the imagination. […]

And the origin of life launches another challenge to those who seek to reject the idea of a supernatural God. Evolutionists had suggested that life arose spontaneously in a pool of chemical components billions of years ago when the earth cooled. We are told that from carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and ammonia, combined by chance, with the help of solar energy and cosmic rays, amino acids and molecules were formed DNA. For infinite times, cells developed so-called from these accidental combinations. Although it seems plausible, biochemists know better! Scientists who have tried to produce life from these methods have learned that this is much more difficult to achieve in practice than in theory. A DNA molecule contains as much information as a volume of an encyclopedia. To propose this evolutionary theory of the origins of life is no less extravagant, by analogy, than to suggest that an explosion in the middle of a scrap yard could produce a fully assembled automobile – and that this automobile would be, also, able to reproduce itself alone!

In the 1950s, Stanley Miller did a simple experiment to check if this theory could work. He succeeded in producing several pure amino acids, and his experience was acclaimed as proof that life could be generated, spontaneously, from inert matter. However, the statement was premature. Nobody, indeed, has yet managed to produce life from a puddle of chemicals (prebiotic soup) – despite a variety of various crafts. Astrophysicist Hugh Ross commented: ” Even under the most favorable laboratory conditions, this soup has not produced anything that looks vaguely like life. The problem is that they produce a distribution of prebiotic molecules taken at random, left or right […] The chemical life implies that all the molecules are not taken to the right or to the left. All our combined knowledge and technology is not enough to produce life in the laboratory  “(The Creator and the Cosmos, Ross, 1993, page 148).

Forty years after this first experience, Miller said, ” The problem of the origin of life has been set aside by me and the majority of other scientists to be much more difficult to solve than expected ” (Scientific American, February 1991, page 117). The German biochemist Klaus Dose noted that all experimental attempts have ” led to a better sensitivity to the problem of the origin of life on earth rather than solving it. At present, all discussions on the main theories and experiences in this field end in deadlock, or in ignorance  “(The Creation Hypothesis, Moreland, 1994, page 176).

This is not surprising, Anaximander de Milet, a former Greek philosopher, had already speculated that life could have developed spontaneously from inert matter. This superstitious idea prevailed until the 1800s when experiments by Redi and Pasteur proved the opposite. These experiments, now classic, revealed that maggots appearing on spoiled meat did not come from meat, but from eggs laid by flies that had touched the meat.blind force

So far we are not just demonstrating that life requires a life-giver. But also, we emphasize that Life has an origin and a holder: the real God of the Universe. Do not we, therefore, underline a proof of the real God?

Life Comes from Life – Not from the Absence of Life

This law is known as the law of biogenesis. For only a few decades – when scientists tried to generate spontaneous life to test evolutionary theories – this law, though accepted once and for all, was ignored. It has never been shown that exceptions to this law exist.

Human beings may well speculate that life can be generated from lifeless matter, but the facts do not support such speculation. The man has not been able to produce life – despite the tremendous efforts of the greatest brains.

The scriptures depict God in creating life. In Genesis 2: 7 we read, ” The Lord God made the man of the dust of the earth and breathed in his nostrils a breath of life, and man became a living soul ” – something that most laboratories Sophisticated people of the world have always been unable to start copying. Life needs a giver of life. There is no way to do otherwise.

We understand that the failure of science to reproduce “genesis in the laboratory” is scientific proof for God’s existence.

Scientific Proof for God’s Existence 4 – Laws Require a Legislator

The Physical Laws or the Laws of the Universe or the Laws of Nature

Science exists because scientists have understood that the universe operates in an orderly way according to specific laws – the laws of physics (gravity and dynamics), the laws of chemistry and the laws of biology. Someone wrote, ” Since Isaac Newton, science has sounded this clear message: the world obeys rules that are fundamentally mathematical, rules that man can understand ” (Newsweek, July 20, 1998, page 49). Even evolutionists begin their speculation by assuming that rules, or natural laws, acted at the beginning in the same way as today. If the universe did not obey these rules or laws, it would stop working and plunge into chaos. Let’s look at some examples that show us how these laws work. So, do you still enjoy proof about the real God?

Gravity Keeps the Planets in Orbit

Without gravitational forces, the solar system would not exist. Stars and planets would traverse space at full speed in an unparalleled mess. Gravitational forces allow the distance between the earth and the sun to be favorable to the development of life on this planet. If these forces were larger or, on the contrary, weaker, the stars (like our sun) would not provide enough heat – or would emit too much – to such an extent that certain essential chemicals could not be produced. Our bodies exist because chemical constituents are only combined in a certain way. If the chemical reactions did not occur each time in the same way (according to laws), we would cease to exist as human beings. Life would cease!

Species Stability

For years, biology books have been referring to another law called species stability; this law seems to show that there is a genetic barrier that variations within species cannot cross. Animal breeders and farmers are well aware of these limitations. Charles Darwin was aware of varieties that could be produced from domestic animal farms (such as dogs, pigeons, cows, and horses). During his voyage aboard the Beagle, he also observed striking variations among the fish and turtles of the Pacific Islands. In formulating his theory of evolution, he hypothesized that with time enough these small variations could eventually produce entirely new species – nature itself being able to produce new forms of life without the need for a Creator. These ideas had a profound impact on the Western world – especially in the religious sphere – and severely undermined belief in God.

However, time has posed severe problems for Darwin’s ideas. Nobody has ever seen the appearance of new species in the wild. Despite many attempts, no one has been able to produce new species by breeding. Dogs can change the size, color, and other characteristics, but they are still dogs. Horses remain horses. Flies remain flies. The Bible states that God from the beginning created every plant and animal ” after his kind ” (Genesis 1: 11-12, 21-25). It has never been seen in biology that species can be transformed into other species. The Bible also states that God created human beings according to the “ divine kind ” – which has profound implications for the purpose of human life.

Even Fossils Corroborate This Fundamental Biblical Principle

Darwin thought that intermediate forms of life must have existed as evolved species; however, he knew that was not the case. In his work On the Origin of Species, he wrote: ” Why do not we find such intermediate links in every geological formation and stratum? Surely, geology does not have the imprint of a finely graduated organic chain, and this could be the most obvious and serious objection to my theory  ” (see Geisler and Brooks, page 228). Darwin presumed that we would find these intermediate links, but a hundred years after the publication of his book, they are still missing! This absence of intermediate forms was called ” the professional secret ” of paleontology. When geology reveals traces of species, they are fully formed. It only makes sense if they are created. The evidence from the fossil record supports the biblical concept of species stability, and a real God manipulates using laws and rules.

The fundamental question is: Where do these laws originate? Where did they come from? Who set them in motion? How are they controlled? Evolutionists do not know it. Scientists do not have clues. The physicist Stephen Hawking, a scholar who seeks the answers to questions raised by the universe without the help of the scriptures, admitted: ” In the beginning, the laws [of physics] could be decreed by God  ” (Ross page 91). This is interesting because the Bible keeps repeating that the real God is the ” Lawgiver ” (Isaiah 33:22, James 4:12). As a Creator, God has set in motion the laws and forces that maintain the equilibrium of the universe (Job 28: 24-27). It is also said in the scriptures that God ” upholds all things [the universe] by His mighty word ” (Hebrews 1: 3) – that He supports the laws that He put in motion initially.

• The Spiritual Laws

On the subject of laws, the Bible speaks of a dimension that goes beyond the realm of the tangible. God is described as the legislator in the physical sense, but the scriptures contain spiritual laws, prescribed by God, to direct human conduct. The Ten Commandments form the basis of the divine spiritual law. We are explicitly told that by obeying these laws we will be blessed and that in disobedience we will reap the negative results that are the consequences (Leviticus 26, Deuteronomy 28). In Proverbs, Solomon wrote that life will be difficult for anyone who transgresses the laws of God (Proverbs 13:15).

Why would it be so if there were not a real God who created, and who maintains these laws? Evolutionary theories cannot answer them. The fact that laws exist implies that there is a legislator. Indeed, for these laws to work, it is necessary for someone to maintain them. That’s the way the real God works! Here again, you will agree with me that this is one scientific proof of God’s existence.

In truth, the fact that science admits that there is a legislator: is it not scientific proof for the existence of God?

Conclusion About the Scientific Proof for God’s Existence

The Bible clearly states that humanity has been seduced by a smart liar (Revelation 12: 9). The evolutionary theories that weaken faith in a real God and the erroneous reasoning of theologians also have their share of responsibility in this seduction. The responsibility also lies with men who, for fear of being forced to change their behavior, do not seek to know if God exists.Scientific Proof for God Existence

Is Science still a banner to reject the truth about the existence of God, the real God? At the end of your reading of the scientific proof for God’s existence, are you not yet convinced of the evidence about the real God that we presented to you in this article? But Science is not alone in pointing to the evidence of the existence of God, of the real God. There is a book that is trustworthy in which God speaks of himself.

The scriptures repeatedly mention that God is the Creator of our planet and the physical universe (Genesis 1, Isaiah 40:28, Mark 13:19, Revelation 4: 11). The Bible also tells us about the real God.

Do you want to know the God of the Bible? Do you seek to know the real God through the Holy Scriptures? It’s simple, the author Thomson Dablemond invites you to click on this link: The real God is revealed to Humanity.

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