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How to Use Subconscious Mind Power?

All of us are connected to the source. To the cause of your subconscious mind power. But do we know how to use subconscious mind power?

Nothing Can Nothing Can Exist Without That Subconscious Mind Power, so Learn to Use Subconscious Mind Power

Subconscious Mind PowerIf it were to wink out for a fraction of a second everything would disintegrate. It cannot exist without this power that holds everything together. It all started there. We were all a part of it in the very beginning. And in the very beginning God, it’s been described as a huge bright light a huge energy source that everything emanates out from. But what I found in my life is that in the beginning, God was just a huge energy source pulsing out there in space, if you want to live in him by saying space. But then he became curious. He wanted to know he wanted to learn he wanted to experience.

He Exploded Out

He couldn’t do it on his own. So he exploded out. And when he exploded it out, you may call this the Big Bang Theory. But when he exploded out, all the particles flew out in all different directions. Those particles little sparks that some of them became universes some of them became galaxies and some of them became the human souls with subconscious mind power. When you take us back to what we are, we are just a tiny spark. We are a tiny spark that started with God. Tiny spark with big subconscious mind power.

Use Subconscious Mind Power Through Experience and Learn

We were sent out and told to go out and experience and learn. Learn everything there is to learn and then bring it back. This is how God learns. He wants to learn he wants all of us to experience. That’s why there is no good there is no bad. It’s only experiences. It’s lessons we bring them back to the source. And this is how everything was created when it all went out. And like that, if you picture that when we’re journeying out through all of our hundreds and hundreds and thousands of lifetimes where we experience every type of life you can ever even imagine. We’ve all been flowers we’ve been plants we’ve been animals. In the theory of reincarnation, we have to be everything before we’re done. We have to know what it’s like to be everything. On this earth on other planets where we are pure energy. It doesn’t matter it’s all a form of expression of the source, of God.  We have to learn everything it’s possible to learn. As when there’s no judgment. We have to bring it back to the source. In that way, you can picture us as cells in the body of God. Constantly gathering track information and taking it back to the beginning.

It’s Constantly in the State of Creation

What does the source do with all of this information once we accumulate it and bring it back? That it uses it to create more. It’s constantly in a state of creation. And everything is created through love. Love is the force behind everything, and it uses all of our experiences all of our knowledge everything we have gained to create more to create new universes to put other forms of life on it. And it goes on and on and on. There is no end. What happens when we get all of the information we’ve accumulated from hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes back to the source? We can stay there for a while because they say what you’re there you don’t want to leave again. It is so wonderful it is so beautiful to be all back together again. It’s just a talk it’s a love that you can’t describe, and you don’t want to leave. What happens then? Then explodes out again. It all starts again.  Another journey somewhere else.

We’re Always Adventurers

Well, what happens when you have learned everything it’s possible to learn in this universe? Don’t you ever stop don’t you ever just stay there? No, there are other universes. There are other galaxies.  There are other ways of life that you can’t even possibly imagine. And we’re always adventurers supported by subconscious mind power. Going out and trying to explore and find what’s out there. But in that way, we are all God. And that’s not such religious to say that we are all God because we came from the source and we are a part of it and we will continue to be a part of it. It’s constant motion. It never stops.

Help Each Other

And when we think of it that way our little petty problems are nothing compared to what we’re here for. To gain knowledge and information. To help each other and help each other understand that love is at the basis of everything and because the people healed themselves. But you have to learn how to use subconscious mind power.  And you will say, it’s a miracle, it can’t happen like that.

Start to Use Subconscious Mind Power

It can, once you start to use subconscious mind power. You have tremendous power in your mind. We just normally don’t think about it anymore. That’s why this is one of the abilities that have to be brought back to our time. We can have complete control over our bodies. We can heal our bodies we can do anything once we understand the power we have. And we’ve just let it lie dormant for too many years,  thousands of years. It’s time to reclaim it now.

You Do It to Yourself

I know that you don’t like to hear that you do it to yourself. The ideal state of the body should be perfectly helped at all times. If there’s anything wrong at all any ache pain symptom of the body, it’s trying to give you a message. Is trying to tell you something. So you do this to yourself. And if your mind is that powerful that you can make yourself sick you can also heal it. Because the subconscious mind’s power is tremendous. Try to find out why did I do this to myself.  Why did I make myself sick? You will say, I don’t want to be sick.  I don’t believe you.  But it always is for a reason.

The Doctors Don’t Have the Time

The doctors don’t have the time to sit down and find out what’s going on in a person’s life. What is their home life like?  What is their marriage situation like? What are they going through? These are the reasons that people make themselves ill.  The doctors don’t have time to go into that. Once you understand why did I do this to myself what’s going on in my life it goes away instantly. That’s the power we have within us, and we don’t realize it.  I like to go and touch the flowers sometimes and say oh you’re beautiful I appreciate you. And you can even go and hug a tree and feel the energy from it.  Because it is alive.  And it’s all part of the Creator. And as we’re part of the creator’s we are also creators ourselves. Once you realize this, you can create anything you want in your life, because there’s no difference.

Believe You Can Do This

You remember Jesus even said in the Bible: “These things I do you can all do and more.”. There is nothing special.  We all have this subconscious mind power. We just don’t realize it, and we put them in the background. It’s there for anyone. Just open up to it. And believe. Believe you can do this. If you believe you can’t, you can’t. If you believe you can, you will. It’s all in the belief system. Believe it and trust it and you can see your life turn around. Everything in your life you have put there you have created. And if you’re that powerful if you don’t like what’s in your life, you can uncreate it and change your life. Once you believe it you know, it’s there. You connect with God. You connect with the source. You connect with your guides your guardian angels. They want to help you. They love you, and they want to be with you and help you. You just have to learn to identify with it and recognize they’re there and miracles will happen. Your entire life can turn around. Sounds easy. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. But it’s all there, and it’s free for everyone.

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