Do you know that you are a conscious mind? You are endowed with the ability to ask questions about the meaning of life, the state of your life, and God. When you look at yourself in a mirror, you can remember what you looked like when you were younger – you can imagine how you will be a few years from now, or what you will look like using cosmetics. As you think about it almost subconsciously, something very peculiar is happening, a phenomenon that does not occur in any other earthly creature.

You Are a Thoughtful BeingEvery man is a conscious mind.

Men are endowed with the ability to ask questions about the meaning of life, God, the state of their life. Did you know? Unlike animals, which live on it and generally act only on the basis of immediate needs, humans are capable of reflecting on the past, envisioning the future, questioning themselves, and striving to find solutions to problems. […]

This ability is due to the brain’s almost unlimited memory capacity. Even though animals are not devoid of a certain memory, which allows them to find their way back or remember where they have hidden food, humans far surpass them in this area.

One scientist estimated that our brains could store information that fills over 20 million volumes, as many as in all of the world’s largest libraries. ’’

Some scholars believe that an average person uses only one ten-thousandth (one-hundredth of 1%) of their brainpower over the course of their life.

Our brain is not just a large database, a kind of supercomputer. Biology professors Robert Ornstein and Richard Thompson wrote about this: “ The faculty of human intelligence to learn, store and retain new information is one of the most remarkable phenomena of human life biological universe. Everything that makes us humans – language, thought, knowledge, culture – is the result of this extraordinary skill. ”

We have as many times and unlimited access to reflection. The human brain has been fabulously designed for this activity. It is therefore our duty to make good use of this faculty of reflection which we possess which makes us such wonderful beings.

You Are a Conscious Mind

This may seem like a no-brainer to you, but it spells out a characteristic that undoubtedly makes you an exceptional person. Did you know? Unlike animals, humans are aware of who they are and of the future.

What is it that prevents you from going to your self-discovery, to prove yourself, to seek to define and identify yourself? Nothing, absolutely! You have been endowed with this ability to think about your life, and to think for yourself!

The mind has been defined as “the elusive entity where intelligence, decision-making, perception, and self-awareness reside. Like the streams, rivers, and streams that endlessly feed the sea, memories, thoughts, sights, sounds, and feelings constantly pervade our minds.

Consciousness, says one definition, is “a man’s perception of what is going on in his mind.” We are aware of our existence. Either way, each of us experiences consciousness.

For example, the vivid memories we have of past events are not just stored facts, like data in a computer.

A Conscious Mind Can Reflect On Experiences

We are able to reflect on our experiences, learn from them and use them to shape the future. We are also able to consider several scenarios and assess the possible consequences of each of them.

We have the power to analyze, create, appreciate and love. We can enjoy having pleasant conversations going about the past, present, and future.

We have ethical values that we call on to make choices of conduct that may or may not be of immediate benefit. We are sensitive to beauty in the arts and morals.

We can mentally form ideas, modify them, and guess how people will react if we act on them.

All of these factors create a self-awareness that distinguishes humans from other forms of life on earth. Did you know? You are a conscious being. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you are aware of your existence, you know that you are that person with the faculties that we just spoke about.

A Conscious Mind Have the Ability to Think About the Future and Make Plans

The ability to envision the future is another facet of human consciousness. When asked whether humans have any characteristics that are distinctive from animals, Professor Richard Dawkins replied that humans do have unique qualities. He mentioned “the ability to plan through conscious anticipation involving the imagination.” Other researchers confirm that the human ability to consciously plan for the long term is unparalleled.

Have you ever wondered why man, so different from animals, is able to think about the future and make plans?

Of humans, the Bible says, “Even indefinite times [the Creator] put them in their hearts. “The Sower’s Bible renders this passage thus:” He implanted in the depths of mankind the meaning of eternity. ”(Ecclesiastes 3:11).

And yes, we use this very special faculty daily, including in such mundane gestures as looking at ourselves in a mirror and imagining what we will look like in 10 or 20 years. We also confirm the words of Ecclesiastes 3:11 when we stop our thoughts, even stealthily, on the notion of infinity, whether in time or in space. The very fact that we have this ability aligns with the idea of a Creator having implanted ‘the sense of eternity in the human being’.

You Are Drawn to a Creator

Many people are not satisfied with being overwhelmed by beauty, doing good to others, and thinking about the future. “Oddly,” observes Professor Stephen Evans, “even in our dearest, happiest times, when we feel loved, we often feel like we are missing something. We realize that we want more, without knowing what more is. In fact, unlike the animals with whom they share life on this planet, conscious humans feel another need.

“Religion is deeply rooted in human nature; it is present in all socioeconomic strata. This is the conclusion reached by Professor Alister Hardy, who has reported on his work in his book The Spiritual Nature of Man.

This confirms what many other studies have already established: man has a sense of the divine. […].

But where does this seemingly innate awareness of the existence of God come from? If man were only the fruit of an accidental assembly of nucleic acids and proteins, why would these molecules have developed a sensitivity to art and beauty, a religious dimension, and a sense of Eternity? […].

The more we learn about the workings of the human brain and mind, the better we understand why millions of people view human awareness of his existence as the intervention of a Creator who cares about us. Not only that but also we are able to understand this: “A life without God is like an ocean without water. (Thomson Dablemond). The truth is, if you take a fish out of the water, it will die; when you remove a tree from the ground, it will also die. Likewise, when a man is disconnected from God, he dies spiritually.

To your self-discovery,

Thomson Dablemond

Personal Development Coach

Author, speaker, Mentalotherapist

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