In the core of women’s issues is an extensive list of subjects ranging from women in Christianity. The list includes access to abortion, conception and contraception, careers, gender equity at work, end-of-life healthcare, domestic violence, and human trafficking. These are issues of great importance for everyday woman’s lives. But in most cases, not a part of the evangelicalism discussion inside the walls of the church. Apparently, there’s a strong Christian voice in defense of the unborn and for the embryo’s moral state, and this voice needs to continue its bold proclamation. As well, there’s a unified voice responding against the ideology of secular feminism, a view which rightly shows how this worldview fails women spiritually and in all other practical ways.
Women In Christianity

Women in Christianity Are Not Properly Informed

What’s been lacking, however, is a proactive voice that intentionally educates women on these and related problems, a view that teaches women to think about complicated life problems from a Christian worldview. Organizations like the National Organization for Women, the Feminist Majority, and NARAL have been announced by the dominant culture to be the origin for addressing women’s issues and empowering women to live triumphantly in this patriarchal society. The Christian community is quick to provide an answer to these organizations and questions, but little education has been addressed to the women in the pew, women of all ages, ethnicities, and economic levels who’ve been or are potentially influenced by the seductive gospel of unfettered women’s rights.

Egg, When Fertilized, Is a Child

It’s incorrect to think that with the certainty of salvation comes the instant capability to efficiently reason through issues and achieve resolutions that are pleasing to God. The status of born again isn’t a guarantee that a young lady won’t consider abortion since the dominant culture can have convinced her that the embryo isn’t really her kid or that this isn’t really a spiritual issue. An economically strapped college student can have little knowledge of what’s involved with selling her eggs as an act of goodwill to an infertile couple or for research purposes. Women in Christianity might not understand that this egg, when fertilized, is her biological child.

Be Aware That a Fertilized Egg Is Not Just a Clump of Cells

What she’s been told by the college women’s center is the egg is not anything more than tissue, and a fertilized egg is not anything more than a clump of cells. She probably hasn’t been fully informed about the health threats in undergoing such a procedure to top all of that off. A young couple in the congregation might struggle with fertility and are willing to pursue reproductive technology to solve their heart-wrenching crisis. After three years of treatment, they can have two kids. Still, four more kids are in cryopreservation in the fertility clinic since the most economical route to their family was to have many embryos fertilized at one time.

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