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What Is the Purpose of Angels on Earth?

What is the purpose of angels on Earth? Angels are energy beings of wisdom and mediators between God and man. Angels are beings of light. They have been all around us since the beginning of creation.

The Origin of the Word AngelWhat is the purpose of angels on earth? Angels are energy beings of wisdom and mediators between God and man.

The word angel comes from the Greek Angelos and the Latin Angelus, both meaning messenger. The Hebrew texts record that God created the angels on the second day of creation. Then he created animals and birds and only then was man, who was supposed to be the link (bridge) between angels and animals. Therefore, depending on his lifestyle, he can approach both. Angels are constantly aware of oneness; they are the essence of the Creator in form. Since the vibrations of angels are much higher than ours, they are usually not seen, but the easiest way to meet (see, hear, feel) them is during meditation. That’s when we raise our vibrations, and the angels thicken theirs, and that’s why we can meet at a certain point.

What Abilities Do Angels Have?

Angels have the ability to imbue matter with divine consciousness and thus bring profound transformation to an individual’s physical body and soul. For example, with bioenergy, which is manifested energy, we remove the consequences of our problems and, with the help of angels and archangels, all their causes. They help us achieve results at the molecular level and thus change matter. Change can also be achieved at the level of brain neurons and the nervous system, i.e., in your mind.

How Can We Perceive Angels?

How we perceive angels depends on our culture and concepts. Children are usually unencumbered and, therefore, can see fairies, devas, and angels often. Angels are energy beings capable of changing form very quickly. They appear as we are able to perceive them, depending on our belief system and cultural and personal understanding of angels. When they really touch us, it is a very powerful experience that completely changes our lives. They can enter it through dreams or visions, during a walk in nature, in moments when we unexpectedly experience severe stress, or during life crises or natural disasters.

What Is the Purpose of Angels?

When we connect with angels and archangels, our lives begin to change very quickly. The closer we connect with them, the more light comes into our lives; therefore, we become bigger and bigger “lights.” Angels and archangels help us remove all negative energy and all that we no longer need so that we can progress on our spiritual path. They are also helpful in identifying the causes of our problems and not only in eliminating their consequences. This is not very pleasant, but it is worth the effort because the reward is usually great – our everyday life becomes much more beautiful and harmonious. As you learn how to connect with different angels, you will be able to understand and experience the energy of different archangels and, in turn, better understand yourself.

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