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What is Mentality and What Is Mentality Therapy

What is Mentality Therapy? What is the history of Mentality Therapy? Mentality Therapy is a new concept and branch of therapy. In order to help man, several theories and therapies have been developed. But here is an approach missing from this long list of therapies, branches of coaching: Mentality Therapy.

What Is Mentality?What is Mentality Therapy?

According to the dictionary, it designates the state of mind; thought habits of thought. In other words, in mindset, we understand that it’s all of our way of thinking, understanding, glimpsing, and designing our life and things. What about the power of mindset?

Your state of mind and your habits of thought determine what you are and your future. Everything is a question of mentality.

” The mentality of man is where his whole life is played out.” (Thomson Dablemond, mentality therapist).

The Power of Mentality

The thoughts we nurture become gods in our lives. Thought is the focal point of all human life. How many times have I not repeated to my loved ones: ” Your thinking is the laboratory of your life.” Indeed, everything starts from your mentality (your state of mind, your habits of thoughts).

By your mentality, you put yourself in schemas and formulas, systems and beliefs. It is through your mentality that you give meaning to your life. It is through your mentality that you lead your life.

This is tantamount to saying that by your mentality you can be happy or unhappy. By your mentality, you can be free or slave. By your mentality, you can be limited or expandable. By your mentality, you can succeed or ruin your life. Through your mentality, you can lose or regain the meaning of your life. By your mentality, you can live better or live badly. How long are you going to take care of yourself in order to build a strong and winning mentality?

You will go from therapies to therapies, theories to theories, tips to tips … but your life may turn around, not because these theories or tips or psychological therapies are effective, but because you do not have not yet realized that your mentality is the mirror and the key to your life. That is why, we will have beautiful speeches, all the techniques at our disposal, and all the opportunities of the world … but as long as our mentality does not change or is not optimized, our life will not be able to change; our situation will not be able to improve. Should I repeat it? Everything starts from the mentality.

“Once you have grasped the power of the mindset, you would have solved your fundamental problems.” (Thomson Dablemond, mental therapist).

History of Mentality TherapyThomson Dablemond, mentality therapist

Mental Therapy is a concept invented by THOMSON DABLEMOND. During my web writer activities (blogger) since 2016, I made myself a maximum of contact. And at every link with people I helped or encountered in my pen activities in the field of religion or coaching, there was a common problem although in different forms: the case of mentality.

” The mentality of a man is the key to his life.” (Thomson Dablemond, mentality therapist).

In reality, it was their way of thinking, of glimpsing, of conceiving things that were either an obstacle for them (in this case, it required a change of mentality) – or an asset for them (in this case, it required optimization of mentality). In any case, we cannot better help a man or accompany him when we know his mentality.

” The mentality of a man is all that constitutes his life. ” (Thomson Dablemond, mentality therapist).

Both philosophical and psychological concepts or theories have been developed. But to better help or guide an individual or a group or a community, you must take into account your mentality. Having said that, learning to find out what type, what kind of mentality you are dealing with, or who characterizes you, is the first line of defense to better help or guide you. It’s the same for a group, a team.

Once you get there, then you can easily work on his mentality to help him realize, to make his way, to grow (personally or collectively), to be happy, and ultimately to live better. Hence the optics of mentality therapy.

“Tell me about your mentality, I’ll tell you who you are and how to help you achieve. Indeed, a man’s mentality is a mirror by which you can discover and guide him. “- Mentality Therapy.

What is Mentality Therapy?

Mentality Therapy is a concept composed of two main words: Mentality and Therapy. As for Mentality. Thus denoting what is done, what is done in the mind, in the understanding. As for the word therapy: (17th century) From the ancient Greek θεραπεία, therapeía (“cure”) derived from θεραπεύω, therapéuô (“serve, care, heal, treat”), derived from θεράπων, therápôn (“servant”).

So etymologically, mentality therapy is nothing more than the therapy of the mentality. It is thus a question of trying to solve or to bring a good while trying either to “change” or to “optimize” the mentality of a person (individual mentality therapy) or of a group (mentality therapy of group).

“All we are is the result of what we have thought. Our way of thinking determines, guides and guides our lives. All that the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can realize. ”

On the one hand, Mentality Therapy is a branch of psychotherapy (existential) exclusively based on mentality. His field of action works on our mentality: our way of seeing, conceiving, glimpsing, understanding things in our minds. It relies therefore on your mind, your beliefs, and your intelligence.

Mentality Therapy is about examining, exploring, and decrypting your beliefs about your personality and your outlook on life and the world for your well-being.

On the other hand, Mentality Therapy claims to be a part of Philotherapy. In the sense that it brings the man to do work on himself (in his mind, his thoughts) in order to embellish his existence.

In short, Mentality Therapy is a philosophical and psychological approach that is an existential therapy focused on the work of individual and collective mentality.

In Mentality Therapy, we argue that to better understand and help an individual or a group, one must first take into account the mentality, beliefs, and convictions that drive it. There is a need to distinguish between ” beliefs ” and ” convictions “. In Mentality Therapy, we consider a belief as a conviction when it guides and impacts your life. It is impossible to help someone if you cannot identify their beliefs about the topic you want to help them with.

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