In successful relationships, the emotional unavailability of partners is what brings a person closer to the point that they create more and more intimacy and a safe space in which they are both accepted as they are. If emotional intimacy is not created, the reason could be the emotional unavailability of one or both partners. So, what does it mean to be emotionally unavailable?

Some men find it harder to express their emotions than women. This is also heavily related to the fact that many little boys in society are already brought up in the context that they are strong, that crying is not for boys, and that certain things related to emotions are by no means appropriate for boys. By no means is emotional accessibility related to gender alone, as we live in an emotionally numb culture where some emotions are acceptable while others are not. We live in a culture of masks, where too many people hide from each other behind various titles and material symbols while they have minimal if any, genuine human contact.

What Does It Mean to Be Emotionally Unavailable?to Be Emotionally Unavailable

An emotionally unavailable person usually runs away from a more serious relationship.

Emotionally unavailable people drop to some point and acquaintance with themselves. Still, when that point is exceeded, and things start to go in a more serious direction, they usually run away before the relationship can move a step higher. Sometimes they also sabotage a relationship that is getting more serious that misbehaving and distracting the relationship. The pain hidden in an emotionally inaccessible man is so great that until he drops it and heals his wounds, he finds it difficult to form any deeper connection as he does not let people close.

An Emotionally Unavailable Person Avoids Intimacy in a Relationship

This is not meant to be intimate as bodily contact, but in conversation and deeper acquaintance between two people inclined to exchange their ideas, views, thoughts, and what is sensitive, painful, and not so dazzling.

Showing attention and emotions to emotionally unavailable people are not going well.

Emotionally unavailable people find it difficult to express their emotions or usually not at all. They also often deny their feelings or cover them up because it is too vulnerable for them to deal with. Sometimes they can’t understand other people, which shows their emotions because they find them “too sensitive.”

We Are Usually in a One-Sided Relationship With an Emotionally Unavailable Person

We are usually alone in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable person. This means that one side wants emotional depth and intimacy, while there is resistance, constant dodging, and running away on the other side. Such relationships exhaust us in the long run, as we give more than we get back. We also never really know where we are up to, and we are full of expectations when love is shown, which an emotionally inaccessible person cannot give us. A relationship that doesn’t flow in both directions can’t work in the long run.

Emotionally unavailable people are like that until they open up and heal the emotional wounds that led them to shut themselves down emotionally. We can’t help them with this by forcing ourselves into them and trying to force them out of their emotionally closed shell. This process is usually not entirely straightforward and requires your time and effort, which must come primarily from an emotionally inaccessible person. Otherwise, we are spinning in a constant, vicious circle. The question is, of course, why to insist on a relationship where there is no mutual openness and readiness for the harmony that comes from a mature and respectful relationship?

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