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What Are the Basics of Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is the science of higher knowledge and more profound truths about life, and the basics of metaphysics are found in our consciousness. We can only recognize these higher truths about life and adapt to them if we rise above the old ways of behaving and merge with the new ones with unimaginably beautiful possibilities.

Outside our material world, beyond our usual rules, limitations, and assumptions we make, there is a higher spiritual reality operating under a set of higher principles that can help us step out of stupidity, strife, and bondage. The knowledge that is limited to the physical world and related to the shortcomings of our five senses is not enough to achieve freedom.

What Are the Basics of Metaphysics? – Everything Is the ConsciousnessThe Basics of Metaphysics

Everything is consciousness, and all consciousness has a unique source. It is the ultimate center, the initiator of all causes, the core of the observer, and the one who decides.

There Is No Difference Between Reality and Dream

Consciousness is a dreamer (Creator), a dreamer (individualized consciousness), and the realm of sleep (matter, energy, space, and time). There is no difference between reality and dream except that reality involves a mass consciousness that keeps the rules of reality rigid. In dreams, usually, only the personal subconscious mind does so. As thought forms the basis of the object in dreams, the form of thought forms the basis of matter in weakening reality.

The Creator Is an Infinite Being

Creation is infinite, made of a united unlimited being (Creator) and its expressions as an infinite variety of finite beings. In other words, the Creator is an infinite being who expresses his infinite potential through infinite avenues. As the paths of individual evolution begin and end – the beginning as the first stirring of consciousness among primary matter and the end as a harmonious union with the Creator – a grand experiment working on itself is without beginning and end because there are an infinite number of these paths.

All Life Shares the Same Source Is Connected and Has the Same Importance

Only the source’s expression distinguishes one type of life form from another. To differentiate degrees, each life form is endowed with free will, the potential possibility to choose independently of the choice of a being of another species. Free will adds more options, making a large experiment attractive instead of dull and deterministic.

Existence Is Both Fractal and Holographic in Nature

It is holographic in the perception that all possibilities exist at the same time and out of time. At the same time, our individual consciousness mixes with the static model, generating the illusion of dynamic experiences. In other words, we are the ones moving through the static model, the realm of the Creator’s dream. Existence is fractal because free will requires discontinuities and unacceptable complexities in that fixed network of possibilities. A fractal exists as a static model created from deterministic equations, but due to the infinite complexity of the fractal, its exploration by the conscious observer becomes a nondeterministic affair. And so, the game of life can be characterized by free will even if the “player board” is itself static and deterministic.

Progress Is Created When Free Will Softens the Interaction Between Two Opposing Forces

This forms a trinity composed of active, passive, and neutralizing or balancing forces. This trinity can be seen wherever some progress is made. For example, the tension of a string instrument involves an active force, the inertia of a string instrument creates a passive force, and the musician is a balancing force. From that, music is born. Within individuals, lower impulses form a passive force, higher spiritual “calls” of the heart form an active force, and you – incarnated consciousness – form a balancing force by choosing between these two opposite polarities. From this was born the progress of your personal evolution. Even the fractal limit of Mandelbrot’s equation requires its infinite complexity. The balancing point between two opposing mathematical values ​​is finite and infinite, which returns to the reality of being as a fractal hologram.

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