The family is an indispensable value for a majority of people. Each family is different from the others, but they all have a lot in common, and one of the main goals will certainly be to be a happy family. Spending time with our family can be very productive and will help strengthen the bonds. We want the best for all families, and that’s why we give you tips to make your family happy. So what is the secret of family happiness?The Secret of Family Happiness

Some Tips on the Secret of Family Happiness

1. Create an Atmosphere of Joie De Vivre and Moments of Happy Memories.

The family is a set of individuals to his character, experiences, and vision. In short, let us not forget that a family is a group of individuals, each of whom is unique and different from the other. This should not surprise us that there are disagreements, misunderstandings, differences, or tensions within a family. The difficulties of stability and peace in the family are a reality.

That’s why, in the first place, we can point out that the secret of family happiness is never going to be the one we see in some Hollywood movies, surrounded by an idyllic environment and in which everything is always going well. Because it is certain that in all families, there are also difficult times when things do not go as one would like, but that does not mean that it is not a happy family. It is a question of finding the means so that the moments of happiness are more numerous and that they have more weight than the rest.

Work to create an atmosphere of joy and moments of joyful memories.

2. Be Attentive to Each Other

The small everyday gestures are the ones that will best help you forge a strong family relationship in which bliss will be more than present. In this way, all family members will have to make sure that the rest of the family feels good. Not only must parents care about sons, but they should also pay attention to them, their siblings, and the rest of the family.

Every human being needs to love and to be loved. Every human wants recognition of its importance and value within a family. Every human being needs attention, therefore, regardless of his or her social, intellectual, financial, and other circumstances.

Enjoy the company of others. While spending time with them, do not treat it like a chore. You must learn to appreciate the company of others.

Likewise, it’s about being considered by other family members and not just thinking about our personal benefit and well-being. For example, saying words like “thank you” and “please” are small things that do well to the person who did something for us.

3. Have Time for Your Family

It will be essential to spend time with our family, give them time, and do activities that help establish and strengthen the links between family members. The very good idea is that it is each time a person chooses an activity, in this way, everyone will be satisfied.

Do not miss visiting and find activities or meetings just to spend time with family. This tightens the bonds and can help to create a happy family.

4. Be Understanding and Tolerant: Forgive One Another.

It will be indispensable for a happy family to learn to ask for forgiveness when it is necessary. Nobody is perfect, everyone is wrong, and we must be able to assume that we have done something wrong and ask for forgiveness.

Humbly, show understanding. Try to understand each other. You must accept each other for all your talents and limitations.

Understanding the other, it will create a climate of trust and warmth. Above all, remember friends can come and go, but your family will always be there for you.

And in the same way, it is necessary to know how to forgive and accept the excuses of the rest of the family. This will be a symbol of trust and love, demonstrating that despite the mistakes the other may have made, we do not stop loving him, and we trust each other to believe that this will not happen anymore. Forgiveness is liberating and unifying. True forgiveness breaks barriers and walls between family members. So, we could claim that forgiveness is one of the most critical secrets of family happiness.

5. Keep Your Promises

This is another factor involved in establishing strong family ties because sometimes the words get carried away, but the facts do not change. The promises a person makes to the people dear to him are the most delicate and, at the same time, the ones that leave the deepest imprint. Do not make promises that seem impossible to achieve because they can hurt your loved ones.

6. Cultivate and Practice Solidarity

You have to focus on teamwork. In any successful sports team, teamwork is extremely important and constitutes the backbone of the team.

A happy family needs it too. You could start by doing simple things together like chores and go on to planning a vacation together. If your child has a problem in school, so many of you could sit down together and try to solve this problem together.

Help, support, cry with those who cry, laugh with those who laugh and listen to each family member without distinction or discrimination.

Some will say that we have tried these 6 previous tips but to no avail. Some will say we practice these 6 tips, but we miss something more. Others will emphasize the spiritual absence in these councils. Well, to balance things out, in the lines that follow, we propose a biblical formula that makes the family happy.

7. Put God First and Then Family Interests

First of all, know that God wants you to have a happy family life. His Word, the Bible, contains tips for every member of the family. It defines the role God assigns to everyone. When they fulfill their role following divine guidance, family members are fulfilled. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it! Luke 11:28. To experience the secret of family happiness, we must, first of all, recognize that Jehovah, called “Our Father” by Jesus, is at the origin of the family (Matthew 6: 9). Since it is through him that all the families of the earth exist, Heavenly Father knows for sure what makes them happy (Ephesians 3:14, 15).

There is no secret formula – just the basic principles of the gospel: “We are most likely to achieve family happiness when it is based on the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Marital and family success is based on faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and healthy entertainment from the start. ”

There you have it: the simple formula for achieving family happiness and improving your eternal family relationships. That does not mean it’s always easy, but every effort you make to strengthen your family will make you and them ultimately happier.

But how are we using this formula? Here are some ideas for applying these principles.

(1) – Look for God in His Word and Have Faith in God

– Participate in the personal and family scripture study and family home evening. Have family meetings and family experiences with God.

– Set the goal of better respecting a commandment such as the law of fasting or tithing with your family.

– Plan to participate in the advancement of the work of God. etc.

In short, put God at the center of your family life.

(2) – Pray Together

– Participate in family prayer. It can be the morning vigil or the evening prayer.

– In your family prayers, pray specifically for each member of the family, mentioning his / her name. Think about the needs of family members when you pray for them.

(3) – Repent and Forgive Each Other

– Present your excuses often. And do it sincerely.

– Constantly remember Jesus’ atoning sacrifice for each one of you.

– Be humble and recognize that everyone commits mistakes, even parents.

– Remember what you like about people who have hurt or offended you.

– Pray for help to forgive others.

(4) – Respect Each Other

– Obey your parents.

– Do not say bad things or talk badly about family members.

– Look for the qualities of each member of your family. Tell them what you admire in them.

(5) – Do You Love Each Other with Sincere Love?

– Pray for charity, the Savior’s love, and for your family members.

– Find ways to serve your family. Write small words of encouragement and love. Hide them in lunch boxes, purses, or wallets for your family members to find later.

(6) – Have Compassion for Each Other

Ask your family members to express their feelings and try to understand each other.

In difficult times, you are comforting one another and trying to bear the burden of one another.

(7) – Cultivate Moments of Sharing, Mutual Aid, and Conviviality

– Suggest a meal for the family.

– Take part in household chores, such as mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, or cleaning windows.

– Help your younger siblings to do their homework.

– Participate in planning family outings, vacations, or activities that your family members would enjoy doing together.

By way of summary:

The family involves sacrifices. Take less time for yourself to take care of children, get them first…

Surprisingly, the gift of self makes you happy! What may seem like an effort at the beginning detaches us from false needs.

When it comes to living with a partner, a family will more easily overcome its difficulties if it applies the advice of the Bible. In fact, the application of these tips is the secret of family happiness. Therefore, husbands, love your wife and treat them as Jesus treats his congregation. Women, submit to your husband’s authority and follow the example of the able woman described in Proverbs 31: 10-31. Parents, educate your children (Proverbs 22: 6). Fathers, ‘preside beautifully your household.’ ( 1 Timothy 3: 4, 5; 5: 8.) Children, obey your parents (Colossians 3:20). No family member is perfect; all make mistakes. Be humble – ask each other for forgiveness.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your family! You are lucky to have one…

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