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The Purpose of Self-Discovery and Its Definition

What is self-discovery? What is the purpose of self-discovery? The answers to these questions are of great interest to anyone who wants to live fulfilled, fulfill themselves and make their life enjoyable.

To know ourselves, to know who we are, to have a look at our nature, to discover what makes our essence, what is happening in us, the way we behave: it is indeed a noble task to which every human being must indulge.

Self-Discovery Requires Time That We Devote to OurselvesThe Purpose of Self-Discovery Is to Allow Control of Our Lives

Self-knowledge is the beginning of everything and the end of every human quest. The better we understand ourselves, the better we understand the world. Because, in truth, the world is in us, and we, too, are in the world. As much as we don’t know who we are, we find ourselves limited, limited, and unable not only to connect to ourselves, much less to make ourselves useful and available to humanity in the most beautiful way. The world is waiting for us, for everyone to create a certain balance within themselves so that humanity can experience happiness.

We live today in a world where the people who manage to impact the world, achieve great things, and change the course of history are people who have learned to know themselves and the world. Because the truth is that to make better use of a thing, it is undoubtedly necessary to have at least a notion of this thing. Similarly, to better succeed in life and bring value to one’s existence, it is also imperative to go to one’s self-discovery.

Self-discovery is an activity and a process by which the individual takes time to probe, analyze, meditate, and understand his life. It is an individual’s own investigation of his inner and outer being (only that the emphasis is on the inner aspect). It is an activity where the individual sets himself up as an investigator: he looks in his life for strengths, dysfunctions, and weaknesses by trying to understand things in order to take responsibility.

The Purpose of Self-Discovery Is to Allow Control of Our Lives

The purpose of self-discovery, on the one hand, is to provide us with solid elements to take back control of our lives. On the other hand, it is to look within ourselves for ways to have elements to build our happiness and well-being.

Going to self-discovery allows man not only to have a better image of himself but also to have the opportunity to take stock of his life.

Going to self-discovery allows man to get to know himself to identify his personality, as well as his psychological aspects.

Going to self-discovery allows man to discover his passion, what animates him, makes him vibrate, and inspires him.

Going to self-discovery allows man to identify his life mission, his reason for being on earth, and what he must bring to humanity.

Going to self-discovery allows man to discover the meaning of his life, to probe his deepest aspirations and his values.

Going to self-discovery allows man to identify the potential that God has placed in him and to know how to use his faculties.

Going to self-discovery allows man to know how to distinguish between what is useful, necessary, urgent, and essential.

Going to self-discovery allows man to give himself a clear orientation and to clarify his vision. The better we discover ourselves, we know how to go about it…

To discover yourself, you must first give yourself time and have time for yourself.

You have to nurture the idea of satisfying the thirst for self-discovery. Until you realize the importance of discovering yourself, you will never succeed. People who don’t have time for themselves to think long and hard about their life (about what they want to do, what they want to become, and what they want to have) will find it difficult to achieve their self-discovery.

PS: This text is taken from the book Thoughts and Wisdom, volume 1. It is a maxim by the Ivorian writer Thomson Dablemond.

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