An individual’s mentality is all that constitutes his existence, his life; it is the mirror and key of his life. This is the power of mentality.

According to the dictionary, the term “mentality” refers to the state of mind; thought patterns of thought. In other words, in mentality, we understand that it is the whole of our way of thinking, of understanding, of glimpsing, and of conceiving of our life and things.

The Power of Mentality According to Existential MentalotherapyThe power of mentality is more powerful than you think. You can be free or a slave.

According to Existential Mentalotherapy, a man’s mentality is the key and mirror of the individual. On the one hand, the mentality of an individual encompasses the way he thinks, conceives, sees, and sees things and events. On the other hand, the mentality of the individual refers to his way of thinking which governs his outlook on himself, the world, life, and his existence. Thus, the individual has two facets of mentality namely the internal mentality and the external one.

Speaking of the internal mentality of the individual, in Mentalotherapy we refer to it as the thought that he has of himself. A positive internal mentality indicates that the individual must become aware of his identity: for, he has a part of God in him; he is not, therefore, just anyone. As a result, having a positive internal mindset means that we don’t devalue ourselves. We stop saying that we are nothing, we are worth nothing, we can do nothing, or that we are useless … The individual who has a positive mentality of himself cultivates the thought according to which: “He has something to do, a function to perform in this world. And that the world awaits its participation for a better world. ”

Suddenly, it anchors in his mind that he has something to contribute to humanity. He was not born by chance; he was not the result of a biological accident. So having such a self-mentality builds your self-confidence.

Relationship With the World Depends On the External Mentality

For Mentalotherapy, with regard to the external mentality of the individual, we define it as the way in which the individual thinks about the world, life, and its existence. His relationship with the world will depend on this external mentality. If the individual has a positive external mentality, he sees the world favorably, with its rainbow, its wonderful facets in which are wrapped countless opportunities and possibilities. He thus sees life as an ally and not as an enemy. He loves life and not hates it. He believes in benevolence, justice, and the goodness of life. He is constantly meditating on life; keeping in mind that life only wants happiness. Thus, his gaze on others and God takes on another dimension. He is more and more sociable and open to the idea of God. From this positive external mentality of self, the individual does not see himself as an object posed in this world. On the contrary, he sees himself as an actor in history, and not as an object in its existence. He takes his place in the world and invests in making this world a better place.

What About the Power Of Mentality?

It all starts with you first before it takes shape around you. Everything we are, what we do, and what we become is a result of our thoughts. In other words, by thought, we change ourselves and bring our ingredients to make this world a better place. It all starts with the use we make of our thoughts.

If men measuring the mighty power of thought, they would pay more attention to their way of thinking. Indeed, the power of mentality is more powerful than you think.

Knowing that the mentality that animates us is nothing else the fruit of the repeated thoughts to which we are attached, of the habits of thoughts that we keep. All of this ends up giving us a picture of our entire being, of life, of the world, and of others. And finally, it is this look that impacts our life, our decisions, our choices, etc. In other words, it is what constitutes the mentality of the individual. And, his mentality has invaluable power.

Indeed, the thoughts that we harbor become gods in our lives. They shape our lives and our relationships with ourselves and with the rest of the world. Thought is the focal point of all human life. How many times have I not repeated to my relatives: “Your thought is the laboratory of your life.” Indeed, everything starts from your mentality (your state of mind, your habits of thought). Moreover, it is through your mentality that you put yourself in patterns and formulas, systems of thoughts that end up anchoring beliefs and convictions in you. And you undoubtedly behave, according to your beliefs and convictions. As a result, it is through your mentality that you give meaning, direction, color to your life, name, image to your existence. Indeed, it is by your mentality that you lead your life. You understand why Mentalotherapy maintains that the mentality of an individual is all that constitutes his life, his existence; it is the key and the mirror of his life. This is the power of mentality.

You Can Be Free or a Slave

This is tantamount to saying that by your mindset you can be happy or unhappy. By your mentality, you can be free or a slave. By your mindset, you can be limited or expansive. By your mindset, you can be successful or ruin your life. By your mentality, you can lose or regain the meaning of your life. By your mentality, you can live better or live badly. Until when are you going to take care of yourself in order to build a solid and winning mentality?

No doubt, you will go from therapy to therapy, from theories to theories, from tips to tips … but your life risks turning in circles, not because these theories or tips or psychological therapies are effective, but because you have not yet realized that your mindset is the mirror and the key to your life. This is why, we will have fine speeches, all the techniques at our disposal, and all the opportunities in the world … but as long as our mentality does not change or is not optimized, our life will not be able to change, our situation will not be able to improve. Do I have to repeat it? It all starts with mentality.

“Once you have grasped the power of mentality, you will have solved your fundamental problems.” (Thomson Dablemond). This implies that the problems related to human existence and their solutions remain in his mindset. This is where everything is formed and comes to life.

By the way, Mentalotherapy has discovered, so far:

– 2 forms of mentality,

– 4 aspects of mentality,

– 5 mentality modes,

– 4 types of mentality,

– 26 mentality positions…

Soon, a book, an official document will be published with the title: Introduction to Mentalotherapy, Volume 1, in which the author Thomson Dablemond, the designer of Mentalotherapy, will present this concept in detail and his theories…

To your self-discovery,

Thomson Dablemond

Personal Development Coach

Author, speaker, Mentalotherapist

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