“Nature has power,” many people share this belief. But the power of flowers seems to be overlooked or unknown to many of us. We have flower skins in our living rooms, in our offices. We have flowers in our garden. We offer flowers to our fellow human beings. But how many of us know the power of flowers. Indeed, in a subtle way, in our relationships or uses of flowers: they have an impact on us.

First of all: What is a flower? The flower is the characteristic reproductive structure of plants that produce seeds. The function of a flower is to produce seeds with sexual reproduction. It is the part that contains the reproductive organs of a plant, the female pistils, and the male stamens.

We tend to give flowers to our fellow human beings on special occasions or circumstances. But generally, why do we do it? Sometimes to seduce, sometimes to boost morale. Or just to embellish or perfume … Either way, it is clear that flowers seem to influence our mood.

Indeed, beyond their aesthetic function, flowers also influence our emotions. And the repercussions extend into many areas … How much do flowers influence us?

This is no longer to be discussed: the feeling of well-being and relaxation that flowers provide affects many aspects of daily life. Here are a few examples :

The Power of Flowers Can BoostThe Power of Flowers Can Boost Romantic Relationships Romantic Relationships

Giving flowers to a person attracts the attention of the person who receives them as a sign of the consideration, admiration, appreciation that you have of them. Often even a simple flower offered is needed to affirm feelings, or love for a person.

The Power of Flowers Can Boost

Social Relationships

Studies show that the presence of flowers makes people come closer and start a conversation more easily. Take the case of encounters that occur in gardens. The beauty of the flowers, the energy of the flowers plays a subtle role in bringing people together who retire to the gardens. And not only that, but they calm the atmosphere of the conversation.

Attention in Class

Pupils or students, whose class is decorated with plants or small shrubs, are less stressed and more attentive in class. Absenteeism is also less frequent. In fact, the presence of flowers relaxes and calms the mind and accompanies learners harmoniously in their learning. Further, among girls, in particular, the presence of flowers seems to stimulate their creativity. In men, the presence of flowers encourages them to be attentive to what is taught.


The flowers bring a certain comfort. Specifically, patients surrounded by flowers have lower blood pressure and a lower heart rate. Also, they feel less tired, less anxious, and feel less pain. In fact, the flowers are said to reduce anxiety caused by the alien and impersonal environment that is the hospital. And it is the decrease in anxiety that would reduce blood pressure as well as the intensity of bodily perceptions such as pain. A flower of perfect good beauty and a scent pleasing to the goat from the bed of evil enables the individual to believe in healing, to desire to be alive: it incites optimism in him. So, speed up his recovery. When you give a flower to a sick person, you send them the message that they are valuable and special. It’s a way of expressing our affection for him.


The results of a survey of company employees show that the more plants there are in offices, hallways, meeting rooms, etc., the higher the productivity and the more downtime illness, and stress decrease.

The Power of Flowers Can Increase  Brain Capacities

People who spend their time counting flowers end up being more emotional, creative, and imaginative. When they invest in writing, they have a fluent quill that is very romantic and poetic. The beauty, the composition, and the splendor of the flowers are sources of inspiration…

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