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The Importance of Biblical Meditation

How much are we to meditate on the Bible? Is it essential to meditate? Indeed, these previous questions lead us to reflect on the importance of Biblical meditation. We will discuss this topic about the importance of biblical meditation – first, by trying to define what biblical meditation is. Then we will analyze the importance of biblical meditation. It is with great interest that the preacher Thomson Dablemond (Brother Isaiah) invites you to browse this article under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

The Bible is one of the most popular books on planet earth. The Bible is available not only in several languages but also in several versions. Everywhere, it is possible to find a Bible. Everyone can own one. For some, it remains an old book. For others, it is still relevant. It does not matter! Because there is not the problem … Indeed, it is not about having a Bible – but rather to read it. And even reading the Bible is not enough either. The better is to meditate.

I – What Is Biblical Meditation?

When we talk about meditation, we are referring to the Bible and the authentic author of the Bible (The Creator God, the Eternal God). For example, we are called to meditate on God (Psalms 63: 6) – on the Law of God (Psalms 1: 2 / Psalm 119: 15, 48, 97) – on the word of God (Psalms 119: 148) – on the works of God (Psalms 143: 5).


Therefore, to meditate is, on the one hand, to seek to know God and his word. To meditate is to seek the knowledge of God, his will, and his principles through the writings of the Holy Bible (the Holy Scriptures).

And on the other hand, it is studying the word of God. It is to be in contact with the word of God. It is to plunge one’s mind into the learning of the word of God to learn the character of God. God’s standards and principles, then his will and plan in/for our life, for our happiness, our joy, our health, our fulfillment, and above all for our salvation.

Thus, following the definition of biblical meditation, we are led to affirm that the word of God must be the basis of all study. Note that the terms ” biblical meditation ” and ” Bible study ” are synonymous. So we should not just read the Bible, but we must go beyond reading: that is, meditating on the Bible or studying it. Jesus is rightly asking us to search the Scriptures.

Biblical meditation then comes to push our understanding. We could say that it aims to push us to familiarize ourselves with the Holy Bible. She intervenes to animate our curiosity. Biblical meditation comes to increase our thirst for knowledge of the Word of God. Biblical meditation aims to broaden our thoughts. It, therefore, has the role of making us benefit from the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, it is clear that Biblical meditation is about opening spiritual eyes and developing our ability to understand Bible truths. What is attractive about this Bible meditation activity is that we realize that we do not know anything yet the more we meditate. For God never ends to reveal himself to us and especially to instruct us on our individual and collective situation. To meditate, therefore, is to be at the school of God.

However, if this is the case, this being so, is it not advantageous to meditate on the Bible?

In the rest of our article, in part, we will begin in the next lines, we will look at the importance of Biblical meditation.

II – The Importance of Biblical Meditation

A Christian life without constant meditation is stained with ignorance, lack of knowledge of God and his Word (the Bible). This is where the importance of biblical meditation makes sense.

1 – Biblical Meditation to Strengthen Its Relationship With God

Biblical meditation is essential for anyone who wants to maintain a harmonious, pleasant, sincere, and profound relationship with Jesus. Read Psalms 63: 6-8. Humanly speaking, how do you want to keep in touch or be in the right relationship with someone: if you do not try to know what he likes, what he does not like, what he is, what he does, etc.?

It is the same for the meditation of the Word of God, it allows us to have the knowledge, information necessary to keep in good condition our relationship with Jesus Christ. Is not this a strong point of the importance of Biblical meditation? Well! Yes indeed. Of course, just like prayer, to meditate is to seek the face of the Eternal God.

2 – The Intelligence and the Heart Are Strengthened by Meditation or Biblical Study

Here is another importance of Biblical meditation. When carefully examined, the words of revelation are as much for the mind as for the heart and fortify them.

3 – Bible Study Raises the Soul…

Ellen G. White emphasizes this fact in these terms: ” The truths of the Bible elevate the soul. If the word of God were appreciated, young and old would show righteousness and fidelity in the principles that would help them overcome temptation. ” (From his book: The Ministry of Healing, 395 (1905).

In fact, knowing the Scriptures well sharpens the powers of discernment and strengthens the soul against Satan’s attacks. Those who aspire to be strengthened against the attacks of Satan will give themselves vigorously and rigorously to biblical meditation. And these will realize the importance of biblical meditation. Please see Psalms 1: 1-2; 2 Corinthians 12: 7-9.

4 – Biblical Meditation: A Source of Inspiration for the Mind

The human mind finds in the Word of God the subject of the most profound thoughts, the highest aspirations. By this, do we still understand the importance of Biblical meditation?
It would be well to emphasize that the study of the Biblical, especially the serious and rigorous one, opens the mind. It increases the human understanding of subjects that are especially essential for its transformation and also for its salvation in Jesus. Exposing biblical truths to one who meditates with humility and faith, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth. Read Luke 6: 12-13.

5 – Biblical Study: It Reveals the Purpose of Life

What above all should make us appreciate the importance of biblical meditation, especially the Bible itself, is the fact that it reveals to men the will of God. In this case, it tells us why we were created and the means by which this goal can be achieved. It makes us know how to improve the present life adequately and how to inherit the life to come. No other book can answer the questions of the mind and the desires of the heart. Look at Acts 22: 17-21.

6 – Through Constant Biblical Meditation, We Receive a Healthy Education

The educational power of the Holy Scriptures is incomparable. This is a clear sign of the importance of Biblical meditation. Especially since the Bible is a book of unparalleled value. If we study the Bible, as it should be, we will receive an education on which no other book can bring it to us. Because the Bible situates our past – makes us understand our present – and knows how to guide us for a better future.

Biblical Meditation

Do you know? The Bible is the source of all good education. The Bible gives us confirmation that the Bible is the right book of education, through passage 2 Timothy 3: 15-17, which I urge to read. From where it is written: ” From your childhood, you know the holy letters, which can make you wise to salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. All Scripture is inspired by God, and useful for teaching, for convincing, for correcting to instruct in righteousness, that the man of God may be fulfilled and fit for your good work. ”

7 – Biblical Meditation for a Transformation of the Character

Maybe many still do not know it! Yet it is a truth: the Holy Book is the manual that God gave to the fallen race to guide it in the right way. By a serious study of the Bible, we can benefit from power for the transformation of our character, especially when we put it into practice.
Do you want to know where the importance of Biblical meditation is in this sense? In truth, it stimulates, activates, and vivifies the physical, mental, and spiritual forces. In a word, we confirm that Bible study leads man to the right path when his understanding is in perfect harmony with the divine plan translated by the Word of God. See Philippians 4: 7-9.

Conclusion on Biblical Meditation

We will not stop to explore the importance of biblical meditation. However, we can remember that biblical meditation is the food of the spirit. The Bible is and must be the spiritual milk of every human being. It is important to note that in addition to contributing to the development of the spirit, through the biblical meditation the Lord Jesus shows us the Way to Heaven.
Another thing is that we derive more benefit from Bible study when we humbly teach ourselves, guided, counseled, guided by the Holy Spirit. In other words, when we submit to the influence of the Holy Spirit and accept the biblical truths.
Is there a Christian who does not consider the importance of biblical meditation? Unless he is ” a carnal Christian” or “ ignorant “ in this case. If not, in truth, ” spiritual Christians ” recognize the importance of the study of the Holy Scriptures. But too bad is the fact that even Christians who recognize the importance of meditation on the Holy Book seem to neglect that. May God help us to take a keen interest in studying His Word.
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