“Let this book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate day and night to act faithfully according to all that is written there …” Joshua 1: 8. This passage challenges us that we must meditate on the Bible. All of us are therefore aware of this fact. Where there is the problem: it is then the understanding of the Bible, during our meditations. Hence the question: How to meditate on the Bible?How to Meditate the Bible

The Bible is a Holy Book whose understanding is very sophisticated. One thing is to meditate on the Bible, and another is to understand it. The problem of the understanding of the Bible, leads us to ask ourselves this vital question: How to meditate the Bible? This question will be the subject of the article.

1 – How to Meditate on the Bible: On a Book Like No Other

One cannot seek to know how to meditate on the Bible by ignoring this particularity of the Bible. It is essential to keep this particularity in mind if we genuinely aspire to a full understanding of a Bible study.

To better understand it, one must be guided by the Holy Spirit. This is very important, I repeat, it is essential to be guided by the Holy Spirit to better understand, identify, apprehend the biblical content. The reason why it is dangerous to see the Bible as a human literary work! What implies this: science, philosophy, the intellectual level of learning (knowledge that we learn at school) are not supports or bases to explain and understand the biblical writings. So do not consider the Bible as a novel or other human literary work. It is more than a human literary work. Its content goes beyond intelligence and human understanding. For, she was divinely inspired by the Almighty God.

As a result, if we accept and believe in the Bible as a book of God, Heaven’s Manual given to humanity – this will help us know how to meditate on the Bible. Because this is the first element that comes into play when you want to better meditate on the Bible.
In the lines which will constitute the continuation of our article, in the attempt of the answer to the question: how to meditate the Bible? – It will bring you some tips and tricks necessary to make the most of the study of the Bible in the sense of a good mental and spiritual balance.

2 – Give up a Superficial Reading

To anyone who asks who is trying to find out: how to meditate on the Bible? Here is the advice I give you: Do not make a superficial reading of the Bible. Let us be careful not to close the Holy Book after being satisfied with a superficial reading of its sacred pages … Apply your mind to the noble task assigned to it, and study with sustained interest so that you understand the divine truth. Those who do this will be surprised to see what level the mind can reach.

3 – Memorize Biblical Passages

The mind must be held in the flange, and one must not let it wander. He was to be trained to meditate on the scriptures and on high and noble subjects. Bible passages, or even whole chapters, can be memorized to be recited when Satan comes with his temptations. In this regard, the chapter of Isaiah 58 is particularly valuable. The soul can thus be protected by warnings and instructions given under the inspiration of the Spirit of God.

When Satan leads the mind to dwell on down-to-earth and sensual things, it is through an “it is written” that one resists it most effectively…

4 – Attendance in the Study of the Bible

How to meditate on the Bible? We can answers: With diligence. Indeed, success is achieved by diligent study, hard work, and diligence. Do not waste an hour, not even a moment. The fruits of conscientious and faithful work will be noticed and appreciated. Those who wish to acquire mental maturity will obtain it through sustained efforts. The mind grows in strength and efficiency through use. It develops by engaging in profound reflections. Whoever applies to requisition his physical and mental faculties will obtain the best results. All the faculties of being are developed through practice.

5 – How to Meditate on the Bible: Some Tips and Advice.

– Keep in mind that each verse has a context to consider. Therefore, when studying the Bible, do not dismiss this essential element: the context of the verse or passage.

– The Bible explains itself. The interpretation of the Bible must be done with the Bible itself, comparing the writings between them.

– Consult several versions of the same passage to better understand the meaning of a verse. And, even if, you have the opportunity. Consult the original versions of the Holy Scriptures.

– Facts reported in the Bible are meant to either warn or give an example to follow.

– The Bible is a set of writings that never contradicts itself. The writings of the Bible are complementary: one can explain the other or clarify the meaning. Just as one can be following the other verse.

– “The New Testament” does not exclude the “Old Testament.” On the contrary, “the New Testament” comes not to abolish but to fulfill “the Old Testament.” The Old Testament confirms and gives a more explicit meaning of the Old Testament, presenting the Savior and his doctrines.

Conclusion on How to Meditate on the Bible

At the end of our article entitled: How to meditate the Bible? It should be remembered that as many times as we pray, we must also meditate on the word of God (biblical writings).

We must break our pride when we meditate to be able to understand and accept the truth that God makes us know through meditation.

Our idea of God, his principles and his will, and even the general content of the Bible, depends on our understanding of Biblical content. And our understanding is our belief. Yet those we believe in guide us in life. That is to say, the idea that we have of God: for example, concerning his character, his love, his greatness, his power, his wisdom, his justice, etc. And of his principles, his law, his will, etc. – guide our life in one way or another. This impacts our lives, and especially our relationship with God. For the word of God is spirit and life (John 6: 63) – living and effective (Hebrews 4:12)

So, if we do not understand either the scriptures (the biblical writings as a whole) or the power of God, surely we will be in error (Matthew 22:29).

Every meditation is supposed to keep our relationship with Jesus in good shape. But when it is wrong, it deteriorates and saturates our relationship with Jesus: that is why it is infinitely necessary to claim the Holy Spirit so that he leads us into the truth for the proper understanding of each meditation.

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