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The Future of God by Dr. Deepak Chopra

The thought-provoking book “The Future of God by Dr. Deepak Chopra” offers new ways for God to become a living presence in the twenty-first century. During the last decade, the rise of the militant atheism movement of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris has been a sign to many that God and faith are no longer needed in the modern world. Deepak Chopra disagrees with this and sees the present moment as a great opportunity to re-establish what spirituality really should be – a strong, practical, and advanced force in everyday life. Showing the way to God, which leads from unbelief to faith and finally to new knowledge, he reveals to us that what some may consider a crisis of faith in the world is actually a reason to celebrate.

Faith Makes God PossibleIs the Future of God Questionable?

“Faith must be saved for all of us,” Chopra writes. “From faith springs the passion for the eternal, which is stronger than love. Many of us have lost that passion or have never known it … In any period of time, the nature of faith is such: cry from the heart. If you are determined to believe that God does not exist, there is no chance that these pages will convince you that he exists. But the road never closes. If faith can be saved, the outcome will be hope, greater than before. By itself, faith cannot bring God, but it does make something more significant and lasting: it makes God possible.”

Is the Future of God Questionable?

Faith is in crisis. Are God and faith no longer useful in the modern world? For their future, Chopra explains, we need to find a new approach to spirituality. In fact, instead of a better belief system or better scriptures, we need to rethink our place in the universe itself.

Chopra reveals that God is much more than religion. If God signifies absolute goodness, love, and truth, and if we are part of God, then we have a direct connection with those qualities. In addition, he offers not only the logic of faith but an intelligent critique of militant atheism. Namely, if God is here permanently, the results will contribute to the well-being of all of us.

Some Opinions

“Rock star of new spirituality.” – Guardian

“One of the brightest and most inspiring philosophers of our time.” – Mikhail Gorbachev

“It’s worth reading because here the doctor of medicine is diligently trying to combine Eastern mysticism with Western pragmatism.” – Janet Winterson, Times.

The Book “The Future of God” Invites Us to the New Way

Deepak Chopra has inspired millions with his profound teachings for over twenty years. The book The Future of God invites us on a spiritual journey, showing us a practical way to understand God and our own place in the universe. Now is the right time to regain strength, he argues. Now is the right time to rebuild.

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