What are the reasons for excessive fatigue, which paralyze us without mercy and everywhere – in car travel, meetings, and routine household chores? You probably guessed we are speaking about fatigue during the day. At this time, it is especially common. Look for the causes of it.Reasons for Excessive Fatigue

When the Spring Stops, the Blood Circulation

Catching Attacks:

Our body needs up to a month to get used to the weather. So it’s nothing special that your eyelids are suddenly heavy, you are not in the best condition, and you are tired. But what are the solutions for spring fatigue?

How to Exceed Reasons for Excessive Fatigue? Be Active!

The recipe for yawning is a lot of movement in nature and – for the bravest – alternating showering with hot and cold water for a lively start to the day.  Also, in the diet, eat a lot of fresh ingredients, such as fruits and salads!

What, in Fact, Are the Causes of Spring Fatigue?

The sun is laughing, and the first greenery is already inviting to the garden or walk. But you feel exhausted, and your blood circulation also causes you problems rather than being well-prepared and happy to go out. This is typical of spring fatigue.

The reasons for this are not fully explained. It only keeps getting worse, the veins spread, and blood pressure falls. We feel weak and sometimes even revolve.

Hormones are also responsible for problems. The body forms more melatonin sleep hormones in winter. In the spring, the level of this is reduced, but in people who are very indoors in the enclosure, the transition does not go smoothly. The result is a lack of momentum and fatigue.

Ends with Spring Fatigue

Go into nature in any weather – this is the best resource. Daylight helps the body to shift the inner clock to the spring.

Light is also vital for the production of the hormone of serotonin, a sleep hormone antagonist. Also, the body is sufficiently supplied with oxygen, which also overcomes fatigue.

Good advice is an alternating shower in the morning. It stimulates the entire metabolism and helps to achieve functional fitness.

It is essential always to stop showering with cold water. If the blood circulation is still weak, it helps to shower your hands. In doing so, we run cold water down the forearm.

Treat Yourself to Fruit, Vegetables, and Tea, Which Thoroughly Detoxify

Many fruits and vegetables fill mostly empty depots of vital substances in the body after winter.

Herbs, such as wild garlic, ground ivy, and dandelion, are delicious and especially rich in essential vitamins and minerals. They’re lovely in a salad. Full-grain products also give energy.

You need to eat sea fish, which contains a lot of tryptophan, the primary hormone of happiness.

Radish is also great for persecuting tiredness. They are burning because of mustard oils which promote metabolism. They give a lot of iron – this is ideal for slackness because it improves blood formation and supplies cells with energy.

Prepare excellent tea from the birch leaves, which will speed up kidney function and thoroughly detoxify your body. A two-week-old chick is recommended, where we drink a liter of tea every day.

Overcome Depression

Add a few drops of naturally pure methylene oil to the bowl with hot water, soak the towel and squeeze it.
Put the towel on your face for five minutes, take a deep breath into your stomach and breathe again.

2. When Stress Does Not Let Us Sleep

Disturbed Rhythm:

A third of people suffer from stress-related sleep disorders, and women are twice as likely as men. A triple load with household, children, and work ensures that many women have problems falling asleep in the evening. And the less they sleep, the more they are under stress.

Break the Hellish Circle:

Beware of your sleep hygiene. Develop evening rituals to disconnect from daily events. It helps regular muscle relaxation of the hands, arms, shoulders, legs, abdomen, and face.

3. When Nighttime Sleep Interrupts Breathing Breaks

Attention, Snoring:ways to stop snoring

Night snoring is not just a matter for men – about a quarter of women aged between 30 and 39 are snoring. In fact, this is an interruption of the phases of deep sleep, which occurs up to 500 times a night.

The Consequence:

During the day, secondary sleep appears, and the risk of high blood pressure and infarction is increased. A special breathing mask (CPAP) can help.

5. When Your Legs Are Heavy as Lead

Tingling Instead of Sleeping:

More and more people are suffering from restless legs syndrome. An unpleasant tingling of legs raises them from the bed at night, and in the daytime, their legs are heavy as lead. The causative agent is found in the brain. This problem causes a lack of dopamine. This problem can be solved primarily with medicine.

Other Diseases:

Heart disease, liver disease, and diabetes are often accompanied by fatigue during the day. You can even overload the immune system, causing chronic fatigue syndrome. The correct diagnosis is essential. If the disease is treated correctly, fatigue also disappears.

6. When Pills Steal Nighttime Peace

High Blood Pressure, Hay Fever, and Depression:

These troubles overcome the tablets. Unfortunately, there is no effect without side effects.

Antidepressants often have a calming effect throughout the day but can cause nighttime sleep problems. In the absence of sleep, patients are only more tired. Blood pressure-lowering drugs and antihistamines (for the treatment of allergies) take away a lot of energy for patients.


Do not stop taking medicines, but discuss their side effects in detail with a personal doctor. Maybe other medication may be prescribed, maybe even herbal medicines. For example, St John’s wort works anti-depressed. New antiallergics (H1 blockers) do not cause fatigue.

7. When the Insomnia Is Particularly Severe

In order to find out what lies behind insomnia, you can be referred to a specialist for sleep disorders. Your personal doctor will direct you to a specialist. The specialist will find the cause of the disorders with you and talk about further diagnostic methods (such as a sleep laboratory) and therapeutic options.

In the so-called sleep lab, you will spend a night or two. During sleep, various body functions such as brain currents, eye movement, breathing, muscle tension, and oxygen saturation will be recorded. Values allow you to diagnose your sleep problems accurately.


You can find more information about Excessive Fatigue and how to help yourself in a book entitled: “From Fatigued to Fantastic: A Clinically Proven Program to Regain Vibrant Health and Overcome Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.
I strongly recommend this book to those with these kinds of problems.

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