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The Way of Success – Prepare the Path of Success

The first step in achieving success is to prepare the way of success. Because success is preparing; success cannot be improvised.

REMINDER: The text you are reading now is the second episode of the series: In Search of Success. To be in the scent of the 1st episode: “A question, and here is the step towards success”, follow this link:

Let us continue our story. A great silence had settled between the two. Sorel, the independent courier, was focused on driving the car. Karl, the businessman, was glued to his phone…

How Should You Prepare the Way of Success?

Suddenly, a question pops up in the mind of Sorel, the freelance courier, to Karl, the successful entrepreneur. This was the next question: HOW DID YOU GO TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS?

For a moment, Karl took a deep breath. He began to smile. His silence intrigued young Sorel…

– Karl spoke up and said: “How did I manage to achieve success?” “. Here’s a question that it’s rare for a young person your age to ask me. This is what made me a little perplexed … But know that I am moved and happy that such a question is put to me … […]. Then he goes on to say:

Listen, Sorel, the simple fact that you ask me how did I get to success? This implies that you are aware:

On the one hand, that success leaves traces. So there is therefore a path to follow, a journey to lead. Indeed, everyone who succeeds leaves traces, so it is possible to know how they stood in order to reach the top. And their journey can be a source of inspiration for present and future generations. All true success necessarily leaves traces that we can examine and learn from excellent lessons that can also help us build our success and achieve the success we want.

Success Is Not Private Property

On the other hand, success and achievement are real and achievable and they are within everyone’s reach. And the fact that I’m successful shows that you too can be successful, if and only if you know how to do it … No one has a monopoly on success. Success is not the private property of anyone. Success is not just for a special breed of man. ”

Karl’s words echoed in Sorel’s mind, but he was still unsatisfied. Why? Because for Sorel, like many of us, there is necessarily a secret, a magic formula, a “secret network” to be successful in business, in business, etc. For Sorel, “It is inconceivable to be successful without having an ultimate secret or power, or at worst, without embracing the occult sciences, or belonging to a sect, or a dark organization. Unfortunately, such a belief or mindset ends up becoming an obstacle in our quest for success… […].

– Young Sorel spoke up and said: “I admit that your answer leaves me unsatisfied …”

– Mr. Karl, replied thus: “It is obvious that it is the case. Because immediately you are in a hurry to have an immediate and complete answer, so you think that success comes in a man’s life with the snap of your fingers. However, the answer to your question is itself to be found in your own preoccupation. You ask me: How am I achieving success? The term ” to achieve success ” implies that we start from point A to point B. Which is equivalent to saying that it takes a long way to be SUCCESS. ”

Prepare the Way of Success

Mr. Karl continued, again, in these terms: “The first step in achieving success is to PREPARE THE WAY OF SUCCESS. Because success is preparing; success cannot be improvised. It is built. Achieving success is like taking a long journey, so you have to prepare the way. ”

– “Prepare the way? Sorel, the independent courier, wondered.

*** I know that like Sorel, you ask yourself the question: “What does it mean to prepare the road to success”. I will use the image of a trip, to answer you:

Before making a trip, what is logical and customary is that we define the route – we take stock of the condition of the car – we check the fuel – we take the necessary (food provision, clothing, etc.) accessories (as a spare tire, for example).

Achieving success is like taking a journey that you need to be prepared for. And this preparation takes into account, necessarily :

1. Preparation the Way of Success Demand Knowing What You Want to Achieve (the Destination).

This is about setting clear and specific goals. What we want to achieve, what we want to become, and what we want to do with our life, in our life. In a nutshell, this is the goal we want to achieve. Without a goal, there is no success. Because all success is linked to a goal. Success is the achievement of a goal.

2. Give Yourself a Route (Get an Idea of How to Achieve What You Want).

Any goal that is not pursued remains a desire, any dream that is not achieved is only a wish. And this is the difference between the one who fails and the one who succeeds, between the one who is content to dream and the one who goes to meet the realization of his dream. To achieve success, you have to give yourself a route. Knowing where we’ve left, where we’re going, and most importantly, how to get there to our destination is one of the most important things. Knowing what to achieve is not enough, but what is more important is knowing how to achieve it. That said, preparing the path to success also means being aware of the path to follow, the paths to be taken, the opportunities to be seized, the steps to be taken in the direction of achieving the objective that we have fixed.

3. Prepare the Way of Success as for the Trip (Take Stock of Your Strengths, Skills, Etc.)

I will say it over and over again: “Success is being where you need to be. And success is achieving what you want. “Between our current situation and what we want to achieve, there is always a distance. And this long-distance requires good preparation. Looking for success is like an adventurer looking for treasure. Indeed, to build a house, you must first establish an estimate. To undertake a project, first, you have to define the justifying context, assess the budget, think about the financing and implementation policy of the project. Likewise, knowing that achieving success means embarking on a long journey, which, moreover, will not be easy, with so many unforeseen events: it is necessary to prepare for it. You are therefore called upon to take stock of your strengths, your skills, your weaknesses, your means, your resources, your aptitudes, etc. Thus, you will know how to take precautions. You will know what to count on. You will know what to improve. You will know what you need to learn. You will know where to direct your energies, your strategy. In short, pack your bags, take what is necessary to make your trip a success, reach your destination, what am I saying, the success you are aiming for.

*** Come on! Here, I have just left you the first essential step in order to achieve success and achieve success in your life. We say, see you soon, for the next post in which we will address the second point. Thank you and take care of yourself.

To your success.


Thomson Dablemond

Personal Development Coach

Author, speaker, Mentalotherapist

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