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Align With Success if You Wish to Be Successful

Everyone wants to be successful. Which leads us to ask ourselves, what is success? Do you want to align with success? For me, success is achieving what we want, what we hoped for, the goal we set for ourselves in a business, a business, a job …

Success begins with a state of mind, through a mental creation, which is materialized by actions that lead to the desired result, the goal, the realization of his dreams, ambitions, or projects.

Everyone is born to be successful unless they refuse to align with success.

What Is Align With Success?Align With Success

Aligning with success boils down to creating it in mind, attracting it physically through concrete actions, and living it through our attitude.

To achieve this, that is to say, to better achieve success, it is necessary to take into account 3 fundamental laws that govern self-realization.

The 3 Fundamental Laws of Self-Realization, According to Mentalotherapy

  1. The Law of Creation: Everything that exists has been thought of before being created. If you do not conceive of your success in mind (in thoughts, in mind), it will be impossible for you to materialize it. Our life is a reflection of our thoughts. […].
  2. The Law of Action: It is an action that changes things. It is the action that makes it possible to give life to our ideas, to our wishes. By action, we transform abstract things by materializing them. […].
  3. The Law of Manifestation: It is only what we feel from the inside that manifests from the outside. It is only what we get in the invisible world that manifests in the physical world. It is only what we open ourselves to that comes within our grasp and manifests in our life.

So, to align with success, you have to join and apply the Law of Creation – the law of action – and the Law of Manifestation … And these 3 fundamental laws of Realization that Mentalotherapy teaches you could Practice by following 7 tips that will help you align yourself for success.

The 7 Tips to Align With Success

Tip 1: Clearly Define What Your Success Should Look Like

The success of A is not necessarily that of B. It is, therefore, you who must personally decide what your success should look like. Please write it down. Specify it. Encrypt it (if possible). Describe it. Give it criteria, details).

This is an essential tip. Why do you need to be clear about what your success should look like? Because the human mind has a hard time focusing, let alone taking an interest in what is vague. Where there are clarity and consistency, the human mind is more inclined to productivity and motivation, and so our energies are directed wisely.

Tip 2: Consistently Visualize Your Success by Putting Yourself in the Shoes of What You Are Aiming For

Mentally see yourself already achieving what you want. For example: if it’s a car you want, see yourself already driving it. If it’s a house you’re targeting, see yourself spending time there. If it’s a lot of money, see yourself touching it and having it in your possession.

Why is it so important to do this? Because the human spirit ends up identifying with what it cherishes. And by doing so, you are aligning yourself with what you want to achieve.

The majority of famous players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, have adopted this trick. They saw themselves playing in the big stadiums. They already saw themselves as stars. They put themselves in the shoes of the stars. This is why they adopted the attitudes and habits of the victors: mind, training, mentality, state of mind … Finally, the more they visualized their success, they put themselves in the shoes of what they wanted. And all, we see proof of their success today.

Tip 3: Firmly Believe in Success

This trick is to unleash the power of belief. A dream, a project in which we believe is half acquired, suffices to join the action to the faith, the confidence, the belief that we have of the dream or the nourished project.

The more we believe in success, the more we are galvanized to invest ourselves in order to materialize it. We give ourselves all the chances and the means to achieve it. The first pillar of good motivation is to believe in success. The more firmly you believe in it, you become enduring, persevering, patient and confident even when difficulties arise.

Tip 4: Savor, Celebrate the Success You Desire Mentally

It’s a trick that allows you to fuel your rage to win or achieve whatever you want. When you are already thinking about the euphoria, the comfort, and the benefit you will get from achieving what you are aiming for, it allows you to be focused and desire it more and more.

The more you imagine how good and beautiful it will be to achieve this success, it allows you keep in mind that it is possible to live this ineffable moment, and it is a pleasure to achieve the goal we set for ourselves.

Tip 5: Go to the Meeting, to the Manifestation of Your Success

Success is obtained in the invisible world, but it is torn off in the physical world. Never forget it. That’s why you have to go get what you want. For something to come to you, you must also take the step: Take action, take initiatives, and put strategies in place. This is how you will materialize your dreams, your ambitions, and your projects.

Tip 6: Encourage Others to Succeed

By showing the way to others, one ends up finding one’s way. By helping others, we end up helping ourselves. Success is also the return of the lift that we sent to others. Helping others to be successful is also setting yourself up for your success.

By encouraging others to be successful, you are giving yourself strength, energy, mind to reach yours.

Tip 7: Celebrate the Success of Others

This is an essential tip. To the extent that what we wish for others has strong possibilities of becoming our reality.

The success of the other has never been an obstacle to yours. Everyone has their season, their hour of glory, their time. Just because the sun is shining in someone else’s life doesn’t mean it won’t shine in yours as far as the sun is so vast, sufficient, powerful to shine over the expanse of the earth, with precision and order. Likewise, success is no exception. Success, of course, does not necessarily come at the same time in the lives of all humans. But it is there and within everyone’s reach.

Therefore, rejoice in the success of others. Life knows how to reward people who know how to deal with it. So rejoice in the happiness, success, the success of others. It is to position yourself on the next candidates’ list for happiness, success, and success.

There is no point in jostling each other to see Heaven. So take pleasure in celebrating the success of others. This is a powerful trick to align with success.

To conclude: “Never let go of the mentality that you were made to be successful and to be successful in your life! Anchor this truth in your mind and let it be felt in your habits and attitudes. It is the key to living success and makes his life a delight. ” Thomson Dablemond.

To your success,

Thomson Dablemond

Personal Development Coach

Author, Speaker, Mentalotherapist

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