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Mauro Biglino Treat the Bible in a Different Way

Mauro Biglino, born in Turin in 1950, is an Italian essayist and translator. He studied the history of religions, specializing in translations from Hebrew. Mauro Biglino, who has so far translated twenty-three books of the Old Testament, is the author of the books “The Bible Is Not a Holy Book,” “The Colonization of the Earth,” and “How the Gods Divided the World.” The author proves that the Bible is not a religious book at all but is a story about the relationship of the colonizer or the ruler with the name of Yahweh and several groups of people, which he shaped with great effort into a nation with an identity. Historically speaking, the part of the Bible that tells the oldest events, which the Bible redactors took from much older Sumerian-Akkadian narratives, is basically a chronicle that describes the roots of humanity and the formation of one particular ethical group. Biglino says that the Bible as we know it now is just one of many possible Bibles, and we don’t know anything about who wrote it and when.

Who Is Mauro BiglinoMauro Biglino Write About Genetic Engineering.

Mauro Biglino specialized in translations from ancient Hebrew so that he could analyze the Hebrew texts of the Bible directly. He studied the ancient Hebrew language in the Jewish community in Turin; he translated the Old Testament from the Masoretic text Codex Leningradensis or the Leningrad Codex. It is the oldest surviving biblical codex containing the entire Old Testament. It was written in 1008. It is named after Leningrad, today’s Saint Petersburg, where it was discovered.

“The Bible – the Old Testament – is a classic narrative story that is not concerned with religion. According to what is written in the bible, even the Elohim never devoted themselves to spirituality or the afterlife. My Jewish friends in Turin’s Jewish community told me that they don’t know anything about the afterlife because their god didn’t tell them anything about it. I can only say that this is a great truth,” says Biglino.

Yahweh Belonged to the Colonizers

The Bible speaks of one nation that entered into a covenant relationship with one of the Elohim, the one known as Yahweh. Far from Yahweh being a spiritual, transcendent God and creator. He was a creature of flesh and blood and belonged to the colonizing group of Guardian Rulers known in the Bible as the Elohim. Biglin’s translation of the Bible from the Hebrews shows that the text is much more direct than what we read in today’s Bible. Creation was the work of beings that the Bible calls Elohim. A name that is always translated as God in the singular in today’s Bibles, while in the Bibles he translated, there is no doubt that Elohim means several persons.

Mauro Biglino Write About Genetic Engineering

Creation in Biglin’s translation looks very similar to what we now call genetic engineering. The Elohim created the Homo sapiens species by making certain changes to the hominids that existed on Earth then. They made men by putting into human beings something they took from the Elohim themselves, which contains their appearance and likeness. Today we know that it is a description of DNA.

According to Biglin, the missing link that scientists are looking for does not exist, but this intervention in humans is through genetic engineering.

“Recently, researchers from Tel Aviv found a jaw of Homo sapiens in a cave in the center of Israel, which is supposed to date from 250,000 to 400,000 BC.

If the age is confirmed, we will have to rewrite the history of Homo sapiens and take seriously the information from the Bible that speaks of a genetic engineering operation in this same period,” says Biglino.

Descriptions of the Unknown Flying Objects

In Biglin’s translation, the descriptions of the visions of the prophets are also fascinating. Without any mystification, they speak very directly about flying objects, which arouses astonishment even in themselves.

In his book, he emphasizes the technological knowledge of those who are supposed to create man in his own image. He says that in the biblical texts, it is also possible to find descriptions of devices with technology that is the work of extraterrestrials, as it does not correspond to the technological knowledge of that period, which proves the presence of beings on Earth from other planets, i.e., extraterrestrials.

Even the ten commandments of God are different from the ones we know today. These are commandments that Elohim himself says are important to the covenant. To read Biglino means to have constant dizziness while reading, to question all our certainties that have been reinforced for centuries by doctrines, lies, catechesis, and traditions, which are built on the foundations of the Old Testament as a book in which God spoke to humanity.


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