“It’s decided, I’m positive! ” more than a decision; it is a philosophy of life that raises the man towards what is essential in life by helping him to make the most of his existence.

“It’s decided, I’m positive! “

It is a way to see life and things differently and to adopt a new resolution; it is an invitation to be positive, to aim for the ideal of life, and to become familiar with optimism. Otherwise, it is an ideology of life that invites us to leave the ship of despair, the chamber of darkness, “the church of pessimism”: pessimism.

“It’s decided, I’m positive! “, It is not limited to a simple desire, but rather to adopting a new mindset and resolve.”

“It’s decided, I’m positive! “, It is opting for the courage to be happy. It is a way of using the mind to achieve bliss. It is a way of seeing and experiencing the happiness so desired by every human.

“It’s decided, I’m positive! “, this is an attitude to adopt in order not only to simplify your life and above all to make the most of your life without the hassle.

“It’s decided, I’m positive! “, “It is adopting a mindset in which you make everything positive and ignore the negative. Only that we let the positive prevail in our way of seeing things.

“It’s decided, I’m positive! “, It is to be positive, to take things on the bright side, to see life in pink. It is to reconnect with life despite the evils that plague our society. Despite the blows of life, the optimist resolves not to deny life.

“It’s decided, I’m positive! “, this is one of the attitudes and mindsets of people who manage to live happily; as well as people who achieve success. On the one hand, the more positive we are, the more motivated we are to live our dreams, achieve our projects, and pursue our vision despite thick and thin. On the other hand, being positive gives us the strength to continue to seek our well-being and happiness. It allows us to ally ourselves with life, to seize the countless opportunities and possibilities that life offers us.

“It’s decided, I positive! “, becomes an art of living in which we try to make ourselves useful to ourselves and to humanity. Thus, we try to bring honey and perfume into our life and the lives of others. Adopting optimism, positive thoughts or a positive attitude does not mean that we do not have problems or difficulties like other humans. No. It just means that you show a strong state of mind and decide to live happily through thick and thin.

And one of the best ways to walk in the dynamics of this resolution to be positive is to position yourself as a vector, a channel, a diffuser of optimism.

Spread Positivity

To learn to be positive, you have to be aware of and worry about the well-being, the happiness of yourself and that of others. The more we try to serve others for a better future, unconsciously we begin to share and spread positivity. ”Thomson Dablemond.

Sharing positivity means that wherever you go, where you are, in everything you do, you are trying to indicate the best, hope, hope to others.

Spreading positivity around you, therefore, consists of:

– Comfort each other with strong and sincere words, and encourage others to pursue their dreams;

– Bring a good mood in the life of each other;

– Contribute to the happiness and well-being of each other;

– Seek to bring a smile to others;

– Create good memories that will remind you constantly that living happily is possible;

– Perform actions that make others want to continue living;

– Take initiatives to bring value to humanity;

– Allow everyone to feel comfortable by your side.

By committing to spreading positivity, it’s not just others who will benefit, but you too. Besides, you will be the first big beneficiary. Certainly, you know this rule: You give what you have. And the more you give, the more you get. And more, he receives it contributes to his well-being. Life becomes your ally when you decide to diffuse positivity. The whole universe comes together to reward you. And the God of all wisdom and righteousness, he will bless you a hundredfold. “It’s decided, I positive! “, by becoming a diffuser of positivity.

To your personal development,

Thomson Dablemond,

Personal Development Coach

Author, Speaker, Mentalotherapist

Source: This text is taken from my e-book titled “It’s decided, I’m positive! », Published in 2020, new edition 2021.

Note: The e-book “It’s decided, I’m positive! “Is a 5-chapter personal growth booklet, in which the author leads you to what is essential for you:” to cultivate and develop your optimism “. Are you interested in this booklet, please write to me at the following address, to obtain it for free: thomson.dablemond@gmail.com


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