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How to Learn Positive Thinking?

Before you start to learn positive thinking, it would be wise to know what it is to think positively or think positive thoughts. So read this article carefully.

Today, more than ever, with the rise of Positive Psychology, of Positive thinking, we are more and more convinced of the benefits of thinking positively and of the power of positive thinking.

Think PositivelyLearn Positive Thinking

Thinking positively is one way of using the mind to achieve bliss. It’s not just a daily action, but a whole lifestyle. In order to adopt it, introspection and reflection are essential.

By “introspection”, we mean by that, an interior observation, observation by the conscience, examination made by the subject himself of the psychological phenomena which occur in him. Put simply, we are called to examine our own state of mind. Because above all, being positive is a state of mind.

By “reflection”, we support a questioning on oneself. About our beliefs, our apprehensions, and the mentality that drives us.

Usually, a state of mind is influenced by our beliefs, our experiences. It is, therefore, necessary to identify which events and our beliefs have tipped us towards a negative state of mind. Find solid reasons, this is already the first step towards a positive state of mind.

It should be noted that positive thoughts are seeds that we sow in our minds. And these grains are constantly watered by all the information that our brain receives. A sort must therefore be made to root out everything that pulls us down, despair, hatred of oneself and of society – let’s say towards life in general.

Warning! Thinking positively doesn’t mean ignoring the negative. But it’s more about having a penchant for the positive. Let’s say, to be simpler, to think positively is to value the positive more while accepting more serenely the obstacles that stand in our way.

Thinking positively calms the mind and promotes healthy brain activity. While dark thoughts block thinking about yourself and the world, positive thoughts, on the other hand, promote good mental health and a positive outlook on the world. Thus, it allows us to cultivate openness to ourselves and to the world. Knowing how to learn to think positively, therefore, becomes very important, in the sense of our development.

How to Learn Positive Thinking?

We all know that maintaining only positive thoughts can be difficult when things are going badly. However, be aware that it is not necessarily about choosing the positive or the negative, but rather finding a happy medium, a balance that will promote your inner peace.

“Learning to be positive begins with focusing on the positive, nurturing ideas of hope and hope that comforts the heart and calms the mind. ”Thomson Dablemond.

To Know How to Learn Positive Thinking, Here Are Some Tips:

– In everything, do not get attached to negative thoughts. Plus, you give negativity space, it grows and takes root. There may be times when negative thoughts attack you or negativity draws near you, but please do not get attached to them or pay too much attention. Fast as a virus and contagious like a plague, pessimism miserably destroys the individual.

– Surround yourself with positive people. Negative people tend to pull you up. They help you think that no situation is everlasting. And since life is a succession of happiness and unhappiness, failure and success: when you are at the bottom, know that you can go up the slope and find yourself at the top. Here is the benefit of being in the company of positive people.

– Try to better understand the power of positive thinking. Because it won’t work if you don’t really believe it. Until you admit that you are a magnet and that your life is reflective of your thoughts, you will not find it important to feed positive thoughts. Learn more about the power of belief.

– Do not let yourself be influenced by the opinions of others. Do what feels right to you. Look for the essential, the useful, the positive, and the right in everything and at all times. The opinion of others only reflects the lives of others. Preserve your mindset against the advice of others, especially when it is advice that tends to pull you down, destroy your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Once you lose your self-esteem and confidence, it is easier for you to sink into negativity and pessimism.

– Always aim for the best and use your imagination to stimulate positive situations. I recommend the positive preview method. That is to say that in everything that you do or envisage, animate them in your mind in the image by attaching yourself only to the positive. In my book, Dawn of Success, learn more about the preview method.

– Use positive terms in your speeches, this will make you see life in a more optimistic way. An example, when someone asks you in a conversation: “how are you?”, Answer him “good there!”. Let yourself be dominated by positivity, hope, the joy of life, smile, and hope. […]. It is a way of sowing and internalizing positive words and spreading positive messages.

– Be smiling, life will smile back at you. A smile is a magnet. The smile is contagious. In one of the chapters of this book, we will see the benefits of smiling and then the link between smiling and positive thoughts.

– Analyze your negative thoughts rationally and replace them with positive ones. After all, it’s all about perspective. When you have bad thoughts, turn back to the opposite of what you are thinking. Everything to its opposite. So embrace the opposite of the bad thoughts that drive you. […].

– Face difficult situations with optimism, you do not know what they hide and the lessons they will allow you to learn from them. Here you are called to see life as a teacher. To look at life on the bright side, have confidence in life, and understand that coincidence does not exist and everything happens in its time and in each time a thing. No matter how hard you are going through, there is always a positive side that you should be looking to touch. Having positive thoughts helps us understand that all human situations are fleeting, fleeting.

– If you experience bad energies (thoughts or sensations, or feelings), repeat positive affirmations to convince yourself that everything will be fine. It is your thoughts that attract positive energy. By dint of putting yourself in your head that everything will be fine, you will end up behaving like someone who is doing well and in whose life everything is going well.

You can read more tips here.

Finally, remember this: “By dint of putting yourself in your head that everything will be fine, you will end up behaving like someone who is doing well and in whose company everything is fine.” Thomson Dablemond.

To your well-being,

Thomson Dablemond

Personal Development Coach

Author, Speaker, Mentalotherapist

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