How to stay positive in life or cultivate optimism? How to develop optimism? These questions are vitally important, as their answers help build our happiness and self-realization. No one can deny the fact that we need so much to embrace optimism, especially in this world which seems to be increasingly difficult and complex. Optimism is a state of mind and a way of life that pulls us up.

As a reminder: To be optimistic is to step beyond the constraints, difficulties, and events of life. The optimist is the one who decides to continue living and who always hopes in life even when everything is bad. The optimist is the one who looks on the bright side of life. The optimist is someone who thinks this world is better and stays better despite the evils that plague our lives. The optimist is one who tries to put himself on the smiling, welcoming, and benefactor side of life. Isn’t that great and great to embrace optimism? I know you are tempted to adhere to optimism or if you already are, then you are tempted to develop your optimist. As for me, “It’s decided … I’m positive! “.

How to Stay Positive In Life and Cultivate Optimism?The best advice on how to stay positive in life and develop optimism is to maintain your state of mind.

The best advice on how to stay positive in life and develop optimism is to maintain your state of mind.

Optimism is above all a state of mind.  And it goes through:

Cultivate Positivity in Yourself

It is about looking at yourself positively, making a positive judgment, having a positive image, a vision of yourself. On the other hand, it is about always taking life on the bright side, looking for and considering the positive side of the events that we are facing.

Surround Yourself With Positive Influences

To stay positive, you must constantly have people who think positively, who have good thoughts, who look at life and the future with a good eye, people who love life.

Avoid Negative Influences

As much as possible, stay away from people who spend their time complaining about life, who only have a dark outlook on life, in general. These people will risk discouraging you and leading you to negativity.

Improve Your Lifestyle

As long as you do not seek to improve your life and shape your life in the direction of your well-being, fulfillment, and growth, it will be difficult for you to stay positive. Because you will constantly be in a state of frustration and anger with yourself.

Keeping a Positive Frame of Mind

Always, you must ensure that you stay in a positive frame of mind. So always look for the things, places, people that help you love life and move forward in life. It will help you stay positive.

Have a Positive Lifestyle

Choose a lifestyle that gives you the joy of living and gives meaning to your life. Do what you like. Have free time. Move towards your dreams. Have and pursue life goals. Seek to be of service to yourself, as well as to humanity.

Always Look For a Good Mood

Let nothing make you smile. Every day, try to keep the smile, the joy of living. Be happy to be alive. Make every day a day of celebration.

Always Be in Search of What Is Good For Us

Make your progress, success, and well-being a priority. The more you are in pursuit of what is good for you, the more you will boost your self-confidence.

Always Trust Life

Keep in mind that life only wants your well-being, growth, and fulfillment. Tell yourself that life is your friend, your ally.

Constantly Remember Good Memories, Beautiful Things, or Encounters That Life Has Allowed Us to Live

The more you think about the good things you have experienced, the positive things that have marked your life, you will remain positive.

How to Develop Optimism?

Learn to Trust in Life: In Its Goodness, Its Justice …

Life is neutral. Life is fair. Life is the greatest gift. Life is simple, it is a man who makes it complicated by his conception of life. Believing in the goodness of kindness and in its righteousness trains man to become accustomed to kindness and righteousness. It is the man who practices wickedness and injustice towards his fellow man. If not, life is against no one. Rather, it is the man who decides to be against life.

Believe That the Best Exists and Is Achievable

We tend to turn the worst of a situation into a whole. Which is abnormal. Poverty, misery, famine, wickedness exist. No one can deny the dark side of life. But if we try to raise the curtains, we will also see that wealth, prosperity, abundance, and kindness exist. It’s not because not everyone is achieving the best that there isn’t. Even so, it is a minority that achieves it: the best exists. And experience has shown that the more you believe in the best, the more motivated you are not only to achieve the best but also to become better yourself.

Anchor in His Mind That Any Situation Is Temporary

Plus, you believe that any situation is fleeting, you will not dwell on the negative. You are sure to look to the horizon with a good ray of hope.

Believe in the Universal Law of Duality or Opposites

The more we believe in the law of duality, the more we come to accept the blows and events of life. And we don’t freeze at one angle. We have a penchant for openness.

Nurture the Idea That Life Is Full Of Plenty of Opportunities and Possibilities

It’s never too late. Everyday life gives us bricks to build our life, resources to shape our lives, and ingredients to succeed in our life. Opportunities and possibilities, there are none unless you decide to go blind. Wear the optimist’s glasses and see life in full color with its opportunities and possibilities. Just the discernment you need to spot the opportunities and possibilities lurking in the meaningless wrappings of life.

To your happiness,

Thomson Dablemond,

Personal Development Coach

Author, Speaker, Mentalotherapist

Source: This text is taken from my e-book titled “It’s decided, I’m positive! », Published in 2020, new edition 2021.

Note: The e-book “It’s decided, I’m positive!” is a 5-chapter personal growth booklet, in which the author leads you to what is essential for you:” to cultivate and develop your optimism “. Are you interested in this book, please write to me at the following address, to obtain it for free:

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