Friendships mark our lives as much as our loved ones, if not more. If they often stand up to the test of years, they can also break down over time. The friendly break is sometimes unavoidable, always painful. What are the limits of friendship? Can we pick up the pieces of a broken friendship?

Although rock-solid friendship is often said, it usually goes through ups and downs. If one of your good friends has come to a distance and you want to reconnect, the best way to proceed is, to be honest, and open and to recognize with goodwill what your friend may have felt side. Be patient and tactful. You may be able to find your beautiful friendship.Broken friendship

Friendship seems safe from the turbulence that shakes our love wrongly. “Friendship is certainly a more demanding feeling than love, it does not tolerate betrayal, and reconciliation in the hollow of the pillow is not possible” … Indeed, it can happen that friendships when one of the fundamental values on which they are based is betrayed. “Friendship is based on reciprocity, availability, continuity, and trust”

Friendships do not always go out in the flames.

Sometimes the break is gradual and almost imperceptible. We were the best friends in the world and one day … we realize that we do not really have much in common anymore. Indeed, “Feelings evolve over a lifetime, nothing is fixed, and we do not have the same friends at 20, 40, or 60. Now, with social networks like Facebook, people are trying to find their childhood friends, but often they realize they do not have much to say after a few years. ”

An injury, a break, wear of the friendship, can this be repaired? Can we reconnect with a friend who lost a long time? In short, did you experience a friendship that eventually broke? Do you want to reconnect with this friendship and especially revive it?

Are you ready to have more on how to renew and revive a broken friendship? It’s simple, just keep reading this article.

I – How to Renew a Broken Friendship?

As in love life, in friendship also there are those who drop out and those who are dumped. The two parties do not always agree to end their friendly relationship. To recover from a break with a friend that one did not want to lose can then be very difficult. “When you lose a friend, it leaves a very strong impression in your life, you have the feeling, and sometimes real, sometimes illusory, of seeing some of our own virtues in the other you lose your own qualities with him “… […] Asking for help from a specialist may be necessary to mourn a broken friendship, to dispel some sense of loss or guilt.

Without going that far, another boost exists the call to a friend. Just in the same way that it is necessary to debrief a break with an ex, it may be necessary to share the pain caused by the loss of a friend, thanks to another friend. However, be careful not to give the latter the feeling that he is a substitute, or you may lose more than one friend in the process…

Rest assured, however. If the friendly breakup is difficult and painful, it is also reversible; maybe more easily than a breakup. Reconciliation is possible and frequent. “In friendship, we have the right to make mistakes, and if it is not a deep betrayal, we can start on a good basis and dispel some misunderstandings“. The key? A little will, simply!

Because trying to save a friendship is often worth it. Look back, review the path you have traveled together and remember the fundamentals of your friendship.A Common Path

In the following lines, we have selected essential points to consider and hold to tie with a broken friendship.

1 – Honesty and Will, the Key to Renew a Broken Friendship

Always stay honest and take the first step

It is inconceivable that one can quarrel with a friend. When we have a problem, we take it upon ourselves, put everything on the table, with cakes and tea for gentleness, and we talk to each other. We say absolutely everything, everything. This is the benefit of friendship over love.

Take the first step. Do not wait for your friend to make contact with you. If you want to renew a link, make an appointment available by extending your arm to your friend or inviting him to meet you. An email or phone call is a quick and easy way to show your interest in talking or spending time with this friend. However, you must take into account your options regarding how you should make contact.

Never fall into criticism

It is sometimes in anger that we repair. It’s better than marinating the unspoken, the odds, which cause small resentment. It goes or it breaks. But beware: it happens if we talk about ourselves, feelings that we experience. It can break if we criticize each other if we are cruel to her. She does not have to endure that.

Accept the franchise of the other.

A friend is also someone who tells you things you do not necessarily want to hear. But it is better if your friendship is based on the truth. “Honesty has always led to a strong friendship, while hypocrisy weakens and destroys a friendship.” (Thomson Dablemond)

2 – to Find a Lost Friendship, You Have to Know How to Turn the Page

Make a clean sweep of the past

We must bury the past. Do not look to whom the fault. Do not try to ask for accounts either. Aspire to erase everything and revive what has broken your friendship.

Stay cautious and go ahead anyway

Admittedly, we must make a clean sweep, but also remain cautious. We can make mistakes, and commit clumsiness … Be more vigilant in the future but not suspicious.

If the pain of separation between friends is violent, there are toxic friendships. But true friendship carries us, helps us to advance, to feel: that one must be cherished. Other friendships can end in the pudding; do not bother trying to catch up with them.

3 – Reunion with a Friend, It Is Done to Two!Two Together

• Being two: It takes two people to pick up a friendship.

“One cannot repair alone” … Being angry with a friend is still a friendship. As long as you think about her, you say to yourself, ‘She annoys me!’ or ‘I should not have means that the link is still in you. People who are indifferent to you, you do not think about it. So, fix it, I do not know if it’s possible, but that means that the desire to do it is there.

4 – Renew a Broken Friendship, a Job in the Long Term

Make yourself a reason

“We do not find the original friendship, it’s like a dress, you tear it, you can sew it up, but you cannot find the dress before.

But it’s beautiful, something repaired. I find it very moving, clothes patched: they have a story. ”

• Keep in touch: Being friends means communicating!

The more you keep in touch, the closer will come! You will have the opportunity to create new strong links. Seek to enrich your contacts with pleasant moments, try to revive the good memories.

This last part leads us to think about how to revive a broken friendship. It is this concern that we dwell on.

II – How to Revive a Broken Friendship?

Whether it changes in lifestyle, conflict, or the development of diverse interests, we have all had a friendship that has faded away. Maybe you have calmed down and wanted to see an old conflict come to an end or you simply want to reduce the distance between you and an old friend. Fortunately, there are constructive and clear tips that you can use to show your interest in recreating a link and starting the process of relaunching a friendship.

1 – Remember Very Good Memories.Remember Good Memories

Whatever the context of your friendship, you probably have positive memories of the time you spent together. Remember some of those wonderful moments you spent together, especially those that could make you both laugh again.

Remembering your good memories, it is likely that your friend will remember his own and you will end up remembering more of your friends rather than your respective memories.

This simple gesture will revive positive feelings towards each other, if not a revival of interest in spending time together again.

2 – Give Yourself Time.

If you agree to come back together; act immediately by developing specific plans. Discuss which days or nights you are free during the coming week and set at least one day and date to meet you.

At the time of the appointment, if you are not available as you would have liked, find a compromise. If possible, avoid programs. Rather than going to lunch, you can meet for coffee. If you are not able to meet you, do specific programs again.

If your friend invites you out, go for it! There is no faster way to ruin a friendship than to constantly give up programs designed to spend time together.


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