What life expects from you is that you move forward and continue your personal growth. It’s that you go from progress to progress; you are growing day by day; you improve your life every day; and that you are expandable.

Look! You were a fetus, then a baby. Then a child, a teenager. And you’ve grown into youth, maybe even you’re finally an adult now! You are certainly seeing physical, physiological, and psychological changes in one way or another. Having said that: you did not remain in the fetal or childhood stage. No, you have experienced an evolution. You are now walking on all fours – learning syllables (example: hi-we-yes, etc.) you now articulate by expressing yourself – you are no longer in your parents’ arms, you can move around – even now – you don’t wait for your mother to put the food in your mouth, now you can eat on your own – and many other things that you can do on your own. In short, you have become a man with physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual faculties. This evolution is the very image of life. Well, likewise, in all areas of your life you have to evolve. Besides, one of the secrets and goals in life is to always move forward. You are therefore called to move forward in life and this takes into account the following notions: “to grow in life”; “Grow in the head”; “To grow in the heart”.

No One Will Do It for You

Indeed, many know it, others ignore it. But above all, you decide what you want to do with your life, what shape and direction you want to give it. Whether you like it or not, humanly speaking, you are the only person making this decision for yourself. No one will do it for you.

Maybe you want to move forward, or you can’t move forward, or even just don’t know how to go about it and what to do to move forward. If so, then this book is yours. And, to get started, all you need to do is pass this resolution: “It’s done … I move on! “.

It’s Decided-Continue Your Personal GrowthWhat life expects from you is that you move forward and continue your personal growth.

“It’s decided … I move on! This is an ideology emanating from the Thoms’Attitude. It is a way of thinking, a way of seeing, conceiving, seeing, and dealing with life. By declaring or adopting this notion of “it is decided … I move on!” “; it’s not about saying it, it’s about living it. It’s a life resolution. It is part of the perspective of a life that is intended to be dynamic and fulfilling. Life, in general, always tends in a dynamic of growth. It is not static. That’s why one of the best things about living is coming to terms with life. Yet coping with life undoubtedly means moving forward. Because life waits for no one, it takes its course. Therefore, men are called to move forward also in life and with life. However, it is wise to note that no life can move forward without a firm and consistent resolution executed. And this decision begins with a psychological, mental, emotional choice – let’s say an inner choice that must extend outward. In my book, Exercise and Power of the Will, I effectively address the terms of decision, resolution, as well as types of wills…

Take Into Account the Law of Action and Movement

In fact, you need willpower, an active will, maintained in order to achieve such a life resolution: to move forward in life. So, in accepting, deciding, and resolving to move forward in life, you must take into account the law of action and movement. Having said that, you don’t just have to want to move on. But, you have to go beyond: you have to make a firm and conscious decision to move on in life. This, of course, involves the exercise of your will. […].

In this booklet, I will spare you from the definition of decision (which I actively deal with in my book, Exercise, and Power of the Will). However, here are the questions that will be the subject of this book: How do you decide to move forward in life? Why decide to move forward in life? Where and in what to advance in life? With whom and with what to advance in life? What should you expect when making the decision to move forward in life? What do you need for effective progress? How do you stop wasting your time and move on with your life? Etc.

Please read on to anchor your decision and fuel your rage to move on in life! Welcome, and good luck with the Thoms’Attitude in mind: “It’s done, I move on! ”

A Call to Move Forward in Life-To Continue Your Personal Growth

Regardless of your nationality, skin color, ethnicity, profession, and whatever else, you are called to move forward in life. Your life doesn’t have to be the same. By calling you into existence, our creator, the God of the universe desires to see your life vibrant and fulfilled. God did not create men to have a static life. Not far from here. Besides, God wants you to prosper in all respects, as the condition of your soul prospers. (Cf. 3 John 2, Holy Bible). In other words, God wants you to move on in life. Your life doesn’t have to be the same.

Life itself always gives us the choice to progress and live fulfilling. It suffices for you to open your eyes wide to see the countless opportunities – to clear your hand and heart to grasp the great possibilities – to listen to the echoes and the voice of life to be warned and directed – to lighten your feet to take the necessary steps towards the effective progress of your life. And all of this is your responsibility. You must be receptive to life, its opportunities, possibilities, echoes, and ways. Above all else, you always have the choice to move forward in your life. Listen:

Your Past Doesn’t Have to Be Your Present

A large number of people complain that they have stagnated for years. While they are still slaves to their past. They make their present the shadow of their past. They don’t want to change things or turn the page on their past. They still love the vestiges of their past. They are quite nostalgic and live the past in their present. If you really do decide to move forward in your life, you must know how to deal with your past – my book Réussite et Devenir – Tome 1, will be useful to you in this regard).

Your Present Doesn’t Have to Be Your Past

Mistakes are made so that we can learn from them, not repeat them. A life that constantly repeats the same mistakes cannot progress. Your present must be a new beginning for you! Your present should not be a continuation of your past. Give yourself new chances to always do better, and that’s why the present has been given to you. If you want to move forward in your life, knowing how to deal with your present is imperative, and I discuss this in my Success and Becoming – Volume 1.

You Have to Go From Point a to Point B When You Try to Continue Your Personal Growth

We live in a world where the circumstances and the movement of life leave us no choice. Because Life expects more of us than we think of ourselves. She wants us to move from one better dimension to another. This is decisive for the human that you are.

The very essence of life is to move from one dimension to another and with a view to growth. Moving from one course to another in your better life, therefore, means striving for continuous change for greater prosperity, performance, and excellence.

I will never stop saying it: What life expects from you is that you move forward, you grow in the head, in the heart, and in life, in general; that you are improving your life every day. In short, you are expandable. Having said that, you are called to move to a better and more excellent dimension in your personal, loving, professional, and spiritual life.

You Must Climb the Ladder in Everything

You should feel a change, an improvement, progress, a growth in your everyday life, whatever the field. You are called to strive for excellence in any area of your life. As many times as you change your shape, size, build upward, it should be felt in the way you think, do things, behave, work, live and support yourself. More and more, you have to develop your autonomy, your maturity, your awareness, and your responsibility. This is the meaning of climbing the ladder in life.

It is one thing to realize that we are called to move forward in life and another thing to know how to do it. In this case, this fundamental question finds its meaning: What is involved in making the decision to move forward in life?

To your personal growth,

Thomson Dablemond,

Personal Development Coach

Author, Speaker, Mentalotherapist


Source: This text is taken from my e-book titled “It’s decided, I’m moving forward! », Page 5-12, published in 2020, new edition 2021.

Note: The e-book “It’s done, I move on! “Is an 8-chapter, 58-page personal growth booklet in which the author leads you to what is essential to you:” Getting ahead in life and being successful in life. ” Are you interested in this book, please write to me at the following address, to obtain it for free: thomson.dablemond@gmail.com

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