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A Christmas Story and a Marketing Approach to This Holiday

Christmas holidays are here, and the Christmas story and the marketing approach to this holiday will again completely overtake us. Some spend Christmas holidays in the family circle with the people they love, while others are reminded of stress, rushing, and last-minute shopping. “In modern society, which is secularized to a reasonable extent, Christmas has several meanings. For many, it is a religious family holiday; for others, it is a family holiday without religious meaning. This duality is one of the reasons for its popularity. A significant part of the population also does not like these holidays. They must have their reason.

A Christmas Story – A Marketing ApproachChristmas holidays are here, and the Christmas story and the marketing approach to this holiday will again completely overtake us.

Christmas is a traditional holiday in the church calendar, celebrated in Catholic, Protestant, and most Orthodox churches on December 25 to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, the exact date of his birth is unknown. The probability that Jesus was born on December 25 is less than one in three hundred sixty-five days a year. From its beginnings – and even in its pagan themes – the Christmas story has been a marketing trick, which should contribute to the benefits of the institutions that owned it.

Longer Days Are Festively Important Even for the Romans

The winter solstice was a time of celebration in most cultures even before Christianity. “People rejoiced at the first signs that the day was getting longer again. This time was also festively important in the Roman Empire, so the Christian churches decided to set the day of birth of their central person at this time – if they wanted to hope for success among the people.

The Christmas Story of “A Simple Person of Simple Parents in Simple Circumstances.”

With the story of “a simple person of simple parents in simple circumstances” who exalted the son of God, he suggests that everyone is worthy of life on earth: “Beautiful! Unfortunately, this message was often misused precisely by the churches.” The Christmas story is thus becoming more and more commercialized. When I hear the outrage over the modern commercialization of Christmas, I think that no chain store will ever squeeze as much out of this story as the Roman Catholic Church has.

Star Tail and the Virginal Conception

We must know that the main biblical foundation of the Christian Christmas is a passage from the Gospel of Matthew, which was created according to pagan models: “The circumstances of the birth of Jesus were accompanied by the unknown evangelist “Matthew” with kitsch about the star of the return and nonsense about the virgin conception. From the point of view of Judaism, within which Christianity arose, the virgin conception is gross nonsense. In the Roman Catholic Church, the authorities know all this, but they keep the people ignorant. I prefer to take a long walk at Christmas and look forward to longer days.


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