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You Are an Expansive Being-The Concept of Expansive Being

Do you know? You are an expansive being! You have this ability innately. You need practice, and to use that ability, that’s all. Successful people certainly have a good knowledge of this innate human faculty. Understanding the scope and significance of this self-discovery on your intrinsic nature and knowingly acting brings us closer to success in our life. How does Mentalotherapy teach the notion of the “expansive nature” of man? Follow my gaze, to make the concept of expandability which I will develop throughout this chapter simpler and more understandable.

Discoveries of Existential Mentalotherapy

During my research in Existential Mentalotherapy, I discovered a truth about human nature. Much ignored, this truth is indeed the key to many exploits. If men had fully of this nature that they possess: Many lives would have changed, the world would be better, great projects would be realized. Too bad that it is a small number of people who, not only are aware of this extraordinary nature that they possess but especially who take advantage of it.

From this extraordinary nature that you have comes the boldness, courage, perseverance, faith that you need to change your life, reach great heights, and achieve your goals. In truth, “Far from being frozen objects, we were created as expansive beings in this earthly life. Thomson Dablemond.

The following lines are taken from my book: Réussite et Devenir, Volume 1, chapter 3, Nature Humaine et Réussite (Success and Becoming, Volume 1, chapter 3, Human Nature and Success)

The Concept of Expansive BeingYou Are an Expansive Being

By employing this concept, I am implying two important points underlined in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that I would like you to take note of.

Everyone Has the Necessary Resources for Change:

This means that a person can change, that is to say, that he is capable of it, but also that he has the means for change, the resources necessary for his development. So don’t let anyone tell you that nothing can get out of you. Do not accept being told that you are worthless, or that there is nothing for you to do, or that it is too late for you to change. No. The opinion of others about your limits is only an illusion. You are well capable of changing your life, achieving feats, performing, and excelling.

Remember the Words of Jesus

Remember that your Creator God said through his Only Begotten, Jesus Christ in these words: “Many of the first will be last, and many of the last will be first. (Matthew 20:10). If therefore the last can become first, and vice versa, this implies that it is possible for any man to change position, direction, etc. So don’t doubt it. The elements necessary for change are present in you. What you need is to know how to go about it, which is to organize your potential resources so that they become operational. All of your resources for change can be found in your personal experiences.

What One Expansive Being Can Do, Another Person Can Do:

Achieving great things or doing great things is not just for others. You, too, can do it. Limits do not exist in the real world but in the human world model. It is much better to ask how to get something than to ask why we can’t get what we want. […]. So, if a person labeled alcoholic has been able to get by, others can learn how to do it too. So stop complaining that you don’t have the resources to change your life, that would be calling God unfair or impartial. Let me tell you that you are an expansive being. I tell you again: Far from being a fixed object, you are an expansive being with incredible faculties and resources within you.

The Definitional Approach of an Expansive Being

Who says an “expansive” person says: Fluid (who flows easily, who naturally has a penchant for action) – and flexible (who is prone to rearrange, reconfigure, and change when needed and necessary. impose). And if you want to be successful in life and in life, then you have to apply yourself and exercise your expandability. This is equivalent to saying: Stop tying your life to a frozen level, to an immutable situation, and to a definitive identity. No. It is always possible to become a different, pleasant, wonderful, and better version of you. It is still possible to remake your life and give it meaning. It is still possible to add a better and more efficient touch to your life. Your personal and professional development is still possible. […] In other words, to be flexible and fluid is to be a person who aims far, who seeks to go beyond his limits, who does not limit himself, who is in the perpetual quest for growth and development and exploits.

To your flexibility and fluidity,

Thomson Dablemond

Personal Development Coach

Author, Speaker, Mentalotherapist

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