“If life is a single type of crisis, middle age is nothing exceptional at all.” The middle age crisis is a step, a new beginning, which in everything resembles the puberty crisis. But what are the signs of a midlife crisis? You feel that your body is changing, your view of the world, as well as your living space.

What Are the Signs of a Midlife CrisisWhat are the signs of a midlife crisis? You feel that your body is changing, your view of the world, as well as your living space.

First of all, a midlife crisis means coming to terms with your own death, with the fact that you are mortal because, until this moment, death has always been the death of others.

Second, you wake up one day and know your life is done. You may still have a long way to go, but you are what you are. In a way, youth is also characterized by the fact that your future is unlimited, and you feel that you can redefine who and what you are day after day. When you reach a midlife crisis, it’s over; you notice that your life is already shaped.

Thirdly, you realize very clearly that living means losing; youth, family or friends who die, the possibility of a different life, teeth…

Fourth, you finally realize that the world is corrupt. Every generation, even the one that is born and grows up in very difficult and depraved conditions, always believes that its corruption and misery are the work of other people, the old people and that the coming generation will change it. In the midlife crisis, however, you realize that your generation, which has already reached positions and thus power, has also had a miserable ride.

Triggers of Midlife Crisis

All these feelings can be triggered by difficult moments in life: the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or a significant lifestyle change… Unresolved childhood traumas can also trigger them. Regardless of the cause, these feelings can lead you to make irrational and impulsive decisions that you may later regret, e.g., divorce, resignation, or mindless waste…

These are just some of the revelations of this crisis. But something just makes up for all that loss – and that’s the realization that we learn to live with life.

The upside is that if you survive, you’re wiser. The bad news is that some people don’t survive.

How Can You Help?

Midlife crisis most often occurs in the 40s and 50s. You often feel that something in your life is limiting you – be it your partner, family, friends, or work and your other daily obligations. Because of this, you may feel anger and resentment towards certain people or tasks that await you during the day.

But drastic changes, such as divorce and changing jobs, are often not the solution to your problems. It will help if you take responsibility, start communicating and trust the people close to you.

Talk to those close to you and tell them what is happening. Before taking any drastic decision, please take a deep breath and think it through. If you see that the situation is beyond your control, we advise you to seek professional help. The latter can be obtained from a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist.

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