Thou shalt not commit adultery. ”  (Exodus 20:14).

The seventh commandment of God prohibits not only all unclean actions but also desires and sensual thoughts, as well as all that may tend to excite them. More than the purity of outer life, God asks us for the secret thoughts and emotions of the heart. Jesus Christ, who teaches us the extended reach of God’s law, declares that the guilty thought or look is a sin as real as the act itself.

The Seventh Commandment of God condemns all practices such as polygamy, concubinage, fornication, impudicity, infidelity, sexual immorality … We understand the expression  ” You shall not commit adultery ”   in these different forms:

Polygamy: it is the fact of having a home in which we have from two sexual partners. God has always preached in his Word that monogamy.

– Concubinage: it is the state of a couple who lives together as if the two members were married. Only through marriage does God allow a man and a woman to live together in a conjugal home.

Fornication: it is defined as sexual relations between two people who are not married together.

– Indecency (Impudicity): Forbearance is considered as sexually going from partner to partner. It is synonymous somewhere with prostitution. It is a vice against modesty (it is also the non-respect of chastity).

Infidelity (matrimonial): here it is the lack of fidelity, the failure to its conjugial duties. Simply, having other connections despite being legally married. This is most often what we literally call adultery.

– Sexual immorality: we call “sexual immorality” any sexual act that comes out of the principles of sexual morality. In this sense, the seventh commandment implicitly condemns homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, the sex trade, pornography, masturbation, incest … (the list is not exhaustive).

Through this commandment ” you shall not commit adultery “, we understand the sacredness of sex. Sex has not been given to humanity as an object to market. […]

On the contrary, sex has been given for use within a legal framework: sex must be between two married persons (male and female). God has never been against sex but against the misuse of sex.

As it says, ” This is why the man will leave his father and his mother and will cleave to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24. And Jesus insists: “… have you not read that the creator, in the beginning, made the man and the woman and that he said: This is why the man will leave his father and his mother and will cling to his wife, and the two will become one flesh so that they are no longer two, but one flesh, so that man may not separate what God has joined.Matthew 19: 4-6.

Through this passage from Matthew 19: 4-6, we understand that sexual intercourse is an agent divinely designed to unite two lives definitively. It is the way of heaven to unite two hearts, and they cannot separate without hurting both.

Sex: The Glue of Souls

These two previous passages must challenge us that it is the purpose of God that through sexual intercourse the flesh joins the flesh and the spirit to the spirit. […]

God created a sexual union to be an important instrument of identification and connection. To put it in other words, it is the glue of the soul. […] This means that God created the physical aspect of sex to participate in the intimacy of the heart and spirit that is marriage.

Did you know? Science has discovered the chemicals that the body releases during intercourse. Sexual intercourse intensifies the bond between two people. A hormone called oxytocin acts directly on our brains to strengthen our relationship and identification during intercourse.

The Apostle Paul also speaks of the union function of sex and says that it works even when we do not have such an intention. This means that, contrary to what some might wish to believe, it is not possible to have sex with a person and then leave believing that nothing has happened. ” Far from it, do you not know that the one who clings to the prostitute is one body with her? For it is said, the two will become one flesh. ” (1 Corinthians 6:16) You can jump out of bed, get dressed and go, but something has happened. A link has been created. You weave and tie a web, one way or another, that will come back and haunt you.

The Command of God to Protect the Families – Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

Read carefully the seventh commandment of God you will see that God gave it to us for the good of the family. When this command is disobeyed, then it appears delinquency, abortions, murders, infidelities …

From another angle, when the seventh commandment of God is broken in a couple, it puts the couple’s life in danger. One of the sources of couple problems is directly or indirectly related to the misuse of sex – whether inside or outside a couple’s life or not.

We do not need a magnifying glass to see the damage caused by the violation of the seventh commandment of God. For example, over the last 25 years, more and more new sexually transmitted diseases have increased, and have caused many deaths.

Lives are destroyed by sex, and more specifically by adultery or the misuse of sex. Fireplaces have shattered. Children are more and more exposed. Speaking of children, they risk prison; class repetition, drop-out or exclusion, marijuana use, cocaine, and tobacco; carrying weapons; emotional problems and behavioral problems, health problems, early sexuality. They could become parents without being married or suffering from depression or death. Indeed, it is difficult for parents who live continuously in the seventh commandment violation to be exemplary parents. They become unable and vulnerable to educate their children. Their children also engage in debauchery.

The Teaching of Jesus on the Seventh Commandment of God – Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

As we said earlier in our article, all sexual intercourse outside heterosexual marriage (between woman and man) is a violation of the seventh commandment of God. But even coveting a woman in her heart is also a violation of the seventh commandment of God (as Jesus pointed out in Matthew 5:27). Jesus just affirmed that adultery begins where it ends: in the heart. Do you want to understand better the meaning of this teaching of Jesus Christ in relation to the seventh commandment of God?

You have heard that it has been said, You shall not commit adultery. But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust after she has already committed adultery with her in his heart ” (Matthew 5:27).

We understand this: sexual arousal is born in the mind and it is stimulated through the senses – by looking at ‘a woman to covet her ‘.

Mental sexuality – uncontained sexual fantasies – might seem to bring pleasure and be an innocent pastime, but it is not.

Watching scenes that excite sexual desires, hearing or reading sex-related stories or descriptions is a major factor in creating fantasies. It is therefore at this level that the struggle for self-control must begin.

We Have to Give Adequate Sexual Education to Our Children

Sex education should be given to our children. For example, we must teach them the misdeeds of pornographic images. We must teach them the sacred aspect of sex. That they know a well-managed sex life helps to build a better life, a bright future. Let’s talk about sex with our children as part of their education by teaching them not to ruin their lives through the misuse of sex. The seventh commandment of God in all its senses should be carefully taught and instilled in our children.

Public debate is raging today about sex education. One group thinks we need to teach young people that the only way to protect themselves from the risks of sex is abstinence: ” just say no “. Their opponents say that this idea simply cannot work. According to them, whatever the number of times it will be said to them, they will engage in it anyway.

Both groups are right. Of course, young people will never be able to ” just say no” if that’s all we need to tell them. How could they do otherwise when they are bombarded day and night by highly stimulating images and sexual propaganda in the media?

In truth, the control of sex begins where Jesus said he had to start: in our mind. If we let ourselves go each time to the limit – if our plan is to resist only when we are on the verge of disaster – we are certain that we will fail.

This is where the power to choose comes in. Advertising agencies can publish stimulating images, but they cannot force us to watch them or buy their products. Songwriters may include vulgar lyrics in their music, but they cannot force us, against our will, to continue watching obscene videos or television programs once we see where they lead or stay with friends who keep putting pressure on us about false values and stories about their relationships and conquests.

By rendering a living tribute to the Loron Wade Theologian whose writings have enabled us to write this article in part, just like him, I say: I praise God for the seventh commandment of God. He shows that he loves us and takes care to warn us of terrible dangers.

Conclusion on the Seventh Commandment of God: “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery “

If the commandment ” you shall not commit adultery ” was observed and considered worthy, our families and homes will be protected. Society will regain a sense of morality. The education of our children will be facilitated.

For the sick of drugs and tobacco, psychic patients, and many other diseases medicine makes discoveries and advances. Men continue to do their best to make the world happy by trying to fight against certain vices. Unfortunately, the vice of sex remains a scourge that seems to surpass scientific skills. But why? For men do not yet have the teaching of Jesus concerning the seventh commandment of God  ” you shall not commit adultery “.

Everything from the heart, from the individual, will. The violation of the seventh commandment of God who says ” you shall not commit adultery ” has been the cause of many divorces, separations, suicides … And with the arrival of ” the sexual revolution “, it is clear that we are witnessing to the dreadful degradation of manners relative to the use of sex and marriage.

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

Through this article, the preacher Thomson Dablemond wants to talk to someone. Your life seems to ruin by sex? Are you constantly attracted to sexual vice? Has your life been ruined by the misuse of sex? Are you on the weight of sexual addiction? Have you become a prisoner or slave to sexual immorality? We know it, sex has a powerful power! But we have a more powerful God who has the strength to free you from this sexual captivity. God can regenerate your married and sexual life. You only have to admit that you are guilty of the seventh commandment of God who declares: “you shall not commit adultery”. Confess your sins. Claim the blood of the Lamb. Trust in God. Follow the moral principles of sex and marriage. Renounce your old life. It is not yet too late. Everything still depends on your will. The hands of Christ are always strained towards the repentant sinner. God does not reject anyone. Regardless of your past sex life, God still gives you this chance to comply with the seventh commandment on adultery. I have seen people who have been delivered from this hold, in faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Yes, this miracle can also happen in your life, if you become aware of your state by humbly coming to Christ, asking for healing and restoration in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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