What could be a recipe for spiritual life? In any case, it can be helpful if we read the Bible regularly, write down thoughts about what we have read, think about it, pray and finally act.

1. The Very First Recipe for Spiritual Life is to Read the Bible!The Very First Recipe for Spiritual Life is to Read the Bible!

Whoever starts the day with the BIBLE will experience surprises. The Bible is GOD’S WORD. God’s message to you. And it would be best if you read this news. Please don’t add or subtract anything from it! Read the news to you and let it work on you as the parched soil receives fresh rain! Read the Bible constantly, not occasionally but regularly! “Dedicate yourself to reading!” (1 Timothy 4:13)

2. The Second Recipe for Spiritual Life Is to Write It Down!

Another important step is: write it down. Write down everything that moved and amazed you. Write down everything you wouldn’t want to forget: some thought, order, admonition. Write down what you need to fix. But first of all, write down what you should thank God for. Underline everything that is important. Please memorize biblical texts. “Write this down and put it in your ears!” (Exodus 17:14)

3. Think About What You Read!

Step Three: Think about what you read! By reading the Bible, faith is born and deepened. That’s why you can’t leave out thinking about what you’ve read. True faith is not based on feelings; she is in danger of falling under the influence of delusion. Faith without intense thinking has no foundation. You cannot change your mind if you do not think about God, Jesus Christ, the Church, the world, and yourself. “When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me;” (Psalm 73:16)

4. Pray!

As the Word of God, the Bible is not the result of man’s thinking about God but is a word of love that God has directed to you. God reveals himself to people. That is why you can only read it with prayer. To begin with, “Lord, help me to hear Your voice so that I can understand You! Come to me, to my life! ”

After reading: “Thank you for approaching me. Help me to approach You too! Make me willing and ready to apply Your Word properly! ” “At that time Jesus went up into the mountain to pray.” (Luke 6:12)

5. Be Effective!

Read, write, think, and put into action. Without a concrete application of what you have read, the Bible becomes a boring book. Ask yourself: what do I do today? Without obedience to God’s will, your life will be left without dynamics and change; it will remain empty. You cannot separate faith and obedience, for faith will make you sick. The parable Jesus told of the Good Samaritan ends with the words, “Go and do likewise!” (Luke 10:37)

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